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1 Under the Bridge

Favorite song of all time. The Chili Peppers had a lot of big hits that are in my top 5, such as Dani California, Give It Away, Californication and Scar Tissue, but none of the other songs ever came close to how good this one is. It's completely different from the others because it connects to feelings we all have, such as loneliness. The song can, as its lyrics say, take you to the place you love. It's such a mellow, slow, yet hard-hitting, powerful, and thought-provoking tune. This is in the top five for the greatest alternative rock songs of all time, and I think "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana is the only thing that can beat, or at the very least contend with this masterpiece. Simply put, there will never be a song like this one ever again.

I first discovered this song playing Rock Band when I was seven. Haven't stopped listening to this song, or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, since I played this and Californication on Rock Band. It was back when my parents were still together and we were actually happy. Oh, the memories... It's amazing what music can do.

The guitar part that John plays has so much technique in it - he somehow turns just a few chords into an awesome sounding guitar part. Add on a bass like that has a fun but simple beat, a drum beat that keeps a steady beat, and Anthony's singing, you have not just one of the best RHCP songs, but one of the best songs ever.

This song describes RHCP, You probably guessed it would be this song being my number one, I Love this song so much, It really makes me think that music now adays really can't compare to this, Its an awesome song, RHCP can even make a sad song make me happy, This song is beautifully sung and Played, without this song I wouldn't even know Red Hot Chili Peppers, The chorus to this song is so Awesome and It has such a great Meaning!

2 Californication

I always have a favorite RHCP or another: Snow, Under the Bridge, Can't Stop, Give It Away... It depends on my mood, the time of the year, etc.

However, I have a special place in my heart for this masterpiece. No matter which is my favorite song of the moment, I always hear to Californication once a day at the very least. That's because I never get tired of it; it's so well complete that every time you find a different reason to love it: the solo, the vocals, the bass, the guitar, the message, and so on.

Unlike anything the Peppers ever wrote. The intro and verses are haunting as hell, the chorus is really catchy, and the guitar solo is just beautiful. No wonder Flea said this is the best song they ever wrote! No. 1 for me too!

WHAT THE hell is wrong with the top 2 songs, first of all, Californication should be #1, it is their masterpiece. Under the Bridge is not even nearly as good as some of their other songs especially Californication. As for #2 and 3, Otherside and Scar Tissue should be in either of those slots. What in the world...

Before you get all angry that this isn't in my top 3, I Had to base this around my favourites, and I admit and one time in my life this was probably my favourite Chili peppers song, but now after over 300 Listens on my itunes it doesn't really have the same effect, don't get me wrong this is still one of there best!

3 Snow (Hey Oh)

I love this song for so many reasons, not only are the lyrics amazing but the meaning is out of control in the best way possible. It's about the lead singer's drug addiction, but it turns into so much more. Almost as haunting as Californication, but just as beautiful and methodical. Please please go look up the meaning behind the lyrics (of both songs! ), they're so amazing and really make you appreciate the song even more. That's one thing I love about RHCP, they're songs are as meaningful as they are catchy and that's more important than most of us realize. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

This is probably the song I Know for the Awesome playing with a badass riff, definitely One of my favourites without even having to listen to the words, Still the words are awesome, and the lyrics are really outstanding, I Love this song and At First I admit it wasn't nearly in my favourites but now I Think this has really grown on me.

I can understand that Under the Bridge is number 1, it is a classic, their breakthrough and probably the song that most people remember by them. Snow, however, has a great riff which demonstrates how good Frusciante is at guitar playing and an even better bas line.

Not only is the guitar riff amazing, but the bass has a pretty catchy tune as well.

4 Can't Stop

I first listened to this song in 2013 when I was a freshman in High School and have been listening to it ever since. It brings back a lot of good memories for me which is probably why I haven't been able to let it go for almost 3 years now. I am depressed now and this song always makes me wanna go out and live life. If I could have a soundtrack made to my life, this would be the first track. And it would definitely be a killer opening!

Everything that Anthony loves to sing about, he manages to sneak it all into this song. It's the most energetic he has ever been vocally. John's best guitar riff. Come on, no argument there. The buildup, the love song interlude... The backup vocals... The best Red Hot Chili Pepper song.

This song, Has the best intro I've ever heard, Its an awesome chorus and it has some awesome lyrics, This probably there most up beat song, and every time I hear it, it puts a Smile on my face, This is really A great song and if this isn't in your top 10 RHCP songs then I need a reason!

The bass at the beginning is just ridiculous and it flows perfectly into the rest of the song which is AMAZING! Definitely my favorite chili peppers song which is saying something because they have so many good songs

5 Otherside

Otherside. I can't listen to this song without singing along. It's a pure masterpiece, the chorus is amazing, the guitar is amazing, everything about it is. And it all goes together perfectly. It's a mixture of pure genius. I just can't really think of any adjectives that describe how good this song is. Definitely my favorite RHCP song, and probably one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time.

It's strange how so many amazing songs are about something as horrible as drugs and addiction. But it really makes you feel for the people who go through that. Sure many of us look down on addicts for their choices but everyone has their reasons. Its not our place to judge. I never really care for a song unless it has a meaningful message behind it like this.

This song is definitely my favorite. Those deep, sad, thoughtful opening chords set the song. And the chorus is just... Wow. This song has really helped me get through a lot. Being lonely and having your life changed up--"Otherside" helped me get up every morning because it was my alarm-tone.

The Chilis really have quite the selection of amazing songs, making it hard to pick just one, but Otherside has an eerie feel that draws the listener in, and it has all that one looks for in a Chili Pepper song: stunning vocals, deep lyrical meaning, a catchy riff, a great bassline, vocal layering, and an amazing John Frusciante solo.

6 Dani California

I feel that Dani California should be number one on this list. Anthony Kiedis probably wrote the best song that RHCP has recorded so far. He uses his melodic rythum to describe a girl that he claims is wonderful. Also, the chorus can make you so pumped up that you will just want to keep rewinding the song when it is over. Thank you RHCP for giving your fans the song of the century.

Best. Song. Ever. RHCP are possibly the most versatile and amazing bands out there. They of course have Snow (Hey Oh), but with Dani California, it's weird. I almost fell like I am living in the song when I listen to it, you know? Amazing, amazing, amazing. Everything about this song is spectacular and RHCP pushes new boundaries in the world of music, I think.

This is the song that got me into rock, period. I was a preteen in '06 listening to pop and rap, and I was introduced to this song. Now I'm a RHCP fanatic, and when they performed this song here in Alaska last month, I went insane! This song has so much meaning to me and I can jam out to it more than any other RHCP song!

The most awesome song I think is from RHCP. The more I listen, the more I want to hear it. The more I hear it, the better I feel. It's so exciting and its chorus is so cool. I thought it was pretty good

7 Scar Tissue

With an awesome tune and great lyrics, this song is really the song for a chilled out barbeque and a Drink in hand just to relax, Just listen to the playing in this song and you can tell this is really a feel good song, I Remember listening to this song first watching mtv on T.V. and knowing it was RHCP maybe made it even better.

Clearly the best song of them all. Should be 1 or 2. Scar Tissue that I wish you saw.
Come on guys, its about the pain that only you feel and that no one else can understand.
With the birds I share, It's a lonely view.
The lyrics are some of the best I've ever heard. Not to mention the guitar.

This song actually shows Frusciante at the heights of his powers. The solos changes the meaning of 'gut wrenching', especially the last one.
Every time I listen to the last solo I get goosebumps.
Excellent bass line by the best bassist in the world.

I love Dani California, but it is in know way but than this track. This track inspire by Kiedis' overcoming of addiction brought them back to life. Oh, and John Frusciante's three solos bring the entire song together.

8 By the Way

Very underrated tune. It's better than Snow, it's better than Soul to Squeeze, it's better than Can't Stop, hell, it's even better than Otherside. It transitions from smooth yet feel-good, to a total rush of a beat with Kiedis rapping to it. Then you've got arguably the best hook of any Chili Peppers song, besides Under the Bridge, of course. It all fits in
perfectly, and I would probably put it at #6, because I don't think it can compete with Dani California, Give it Away, Californication, Scar Tissue, and definitely not Under The Bridge.

This is honestly the best song. It just shows the RHCP style all in one song. You got their fast paced music style at one point and boom the best melody and chorus ever. So harmonious and yet so sporadic at other points. RHCP songs that are all harmonious mislead listeners to what RHCP songs really are. There really is something great about RHCP where they have so many different styles yet it's their own unique style you can recognize it instantly if you're a fan.

I'm sure a lot of people would of put this higher in there list, but Even though this was the song that really got me into RHCP I Still think its worth 8, It's a great song and has an awesome video, it has a great tune and the lyrics are awesome, it sounds different to quite a few RHCP songs but still doesn't fail to impress me every time I listen to it.

From the moment I heard this song up until now this song has been my favourite song. As a huge fan of Chilli Peppers, I think it shows off all the sides of rhcp (as stated in previous comment) and there is a reason why the album was named after this song. Absolute perfection.

9 Give It Away

I don't like the ending of the song. The singer says "Give it Away Now" 20 times before a drumbeat that is nightmarish to me. The drumbeat at the end is super scary!

"Snow (Hey Oh)" ranked #2?! 8 places higher than Give It Away? What?! That song is utter garbage. Shouldn't even be in the top 30. Seriously what is wrong with people? "Amazing guitar riff"? Not sure if serious. A lot of people/morons with crazy-bad taste. Even "Breaking The Girl" DESTROYS it and that's ranked 27. HTH

What is this doing here!? I was expecting this to be right at the top of the list! This was their first huge hit and still one of their best songs to this day, I still listen to this nowadays.

It's the bands break through song and it deserves to be higher than 8. It should be in the top 3. It's an amazing blend of funk, rap, and rock. It's my favourite Red Hot Chili Peppers song.

10 Wet Sand

This song gives the listener a glance inside Frusciante's soul. There is a steady, mellow spirit but the fire burns beneath. When that fire reaches the surface, there is a euphoric explosion of sound that pulls the listener in by the ears and leaves a piece of Frusciente forever on the listener's soul. And they are better for that. For the listener has seen what it means to be so intensely passionate without sacrificing control. They have seen how pin-like precision at the tiniest level compounds and binds together to form true beauty. And when they next find themselves in turmoil, the piece of Frusciante inside of them will give them strength. They will remember the guitar solo at the end of Wet Sand and understand that perfection is difficult to obtain, and to find it, one must not ever succumb to the challenges they face. If they are lucky, one day they may reach the enlightenment of spirit that they have longed for. One day, they will understand what it means to feel the world as ...more

Easily my #1. This list is kinda lame. Picks some of the more overrated and overplayed songs. What about "Hey", or "Don't Forget Me", or "This Velvet Glove"? Those are the solid ones that are secretly the best songs they've ever done. Don't tell me Scar Tissue, which is so overplayed, is the best song ever. And don't tell me the reason it's overplayed is because it's so good. Once it's overplayed, it loses its luster.

To be honest, this is my personal number one, because the song simply builds itself up through its progression. It's one of the songs in which flea's bassline isn't that in-your-face, but it's doing its job, and you simply hear the song as a whole. The lyrics are genius as you would expect of kiedis, the piano bridge really helps building up the culminating moment of frusciante's solo, and that's why in the end it gives wet sand so much power

The ability John has to put every emotion felt in a song into a guitar solo in maybe 30 seconds is amazing. The band makes words that on paper wouldn't sound like much sound like the most beautiful thing in existance. And they do it best in wet sand. A song that could mean just about anything, but no matter the meaning it touched every single one of us right to the core.

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11 Higher Ground

It's a helluva song! Great riffs, great chorus damn great song! No wonder it was played in the movie The Karate Kid.

They turn a good Stevie Wonder song and turn it into a mouth-dropping funk metal song. Amazing.

Such a great song. Ever since I heard this song on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers the Movie, I thought it was awesome

How is this not in the top 10? Their cover of Stevie Wonder's song is brilliant.

12 Soul to Squeeze

This song always gets overlooked because it wasn't released on an actual album. It was supposed to be on "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" but was delayed and missed the album. It's a fantastic song with great guitar writing by John Frusciante.

Very mellow and solid. Nice guitar riffs, smooth bass, great drums, nice vocals. Overall a perfect song. The big instrumental bridge is a good break in the song, it shows that RHCP really has a lot of musical knowledge on top of their obvious talent.

Besides "breaking the girl" this is their most underrated song. I'd put it top ten no question. I mostly listen to hip hop (the good stuff like lupe, or kanye. Not no ill Wayne) but this band and song are great.

Definitely one of the best songs the RHCP ever wrote. The bass is amazing and flea is probably the best bass player ever. This song isn't really all that Great on John's part, but Flea and Anthony completely make up for that.

13 Around the World

The bass, the guitar, it is said the gods listened to this song and made the earth.. The bass intro in the beginning is fantastic and the guitar during the chorus is just so melodious.. Love this song

This song has everything, it has rapping, amazing hard rock guitar and bass and a great refrern. It one of the best songs I have ever heard. I just can't believe it's only number 17 in that list had the 1st of this top ten.

One of the BEST RHCP songs of all time-great vocals, guitar, drums and bass. Also, the lyrics are deep and really powerful. I love this song! It mos' definitely' deserves a spot in the top 10!

An amazing song with great bass and guitar a perfect harmony. I think that there is no better song on earth and it will be for a very long time.

14 Suck My Kiss

This is one of the greatest songs ever, is has such a funky sound with a wondrous rhythm. This song honestly is so catchy I find myself getting it stuck in my head while running. It has such a raw bass and guitar together that is just mesmerizing.

I adore this song. Funky and catchy, you can sing to this one and dance to it. It is just an incredible song and it is on an incredible album.

How is storm in a teacup not even a contender?! It should be way higher than wet sand and soul to squeeze

Simply amazing song! I mean, the ENERGY in it is breathtaking! One of my favourites, gives me the strenght to get through the day.

15 Don't Forget Me

This song is incredible, you can't compare this song to some of the newer songs, simply because of the fact that it has so much deep emotion to it, that you know comes straight from the heart, especially when you hear some of the live ones such as the one at la Cigale in France, John completely nails in a solo and the intro is superb, seriously this song is amazing..

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever listened to, and certainly one of the best the Chili Peppers have produced; I certainly won't forget it! Anthony Kiedis' vocals here are just effortlessly captivating, and the guitar is excellent - a perfect melding of the simplistic and the breathtaking (the second verse in particular).

To me, this song is just a reminder that if you give up on life, you're giving up on every single thing you've ever known or seen or smelled or cared for. Sometimes fickle situations in our lives will blind us from the bigger picture.

AA amazing! Just can't be described with words... Only one thing to say: FRUSCIANTE. It all just to much, his solo and everything about this hit makes it more than wonderful. Very underestimated, deserves to be on the top 10!

16 Aeroplane

Once OHM and Aeroplane get removed from RHCP'S property rights you could also remove them from this list because they just used to be- rather accidently- RHCP songs. There is no point to refer to them so you can once again realize how "great" and "better" are all other RHCP albums and musicians. Total disgrace.

Honestly...Just remove OHM and songs like aeroplane from RHCP property rights. Not playing live such marvelous songs for 20 years is very offensive to all people with good musical taste.

A great poppy song with an amazing bass lick that gets the song going. The bass and guitar solos are phenomenal as well.

This song is underrated! Fleas bass on this track is really second to none and I love Chad Smith on this one.

17 Venice Queen

I know you said you don't believe,
In God do you still disagree
Now that it's time for you to leave,
G.L.O.R.I.A is love, my friend, my friend.
(Sniffs) This is so amazing. Best ending track to an RHCP album, ever. And this was in memory of Kiedis's deceased drug rehabilitation counselor!

20's much too low for this beautiful, haunting masterpiece. One of the greatest post-millenial rock songs, and quite possibly one of the most beautiful as well. The Slane Castle live version is even better. If you haven't heard it, give it a listen right now. You won't regret it.

Not only my favorite Chili Peppers song, my single favorite song period by any artist ever. There's something about this one that cuts straight to the core of my soul. It's perfect.

Just watch the live in Slane version of this, changed my view on john Frusciante's guitar playing... Truly amazing!

18 Breaking the Girl

What makes this song great is very little related to the lyrics. My favorite Zeppelin song is 'Friends' and I seem to be in the minority with this taste. When I realized that Frusciante pulled inspiration from that same song, it suddenly clicked. That's why this is one of my favorite RHCP songs.

Not only the best RHCP song, but one of the greatest songs ever. The riff is brilliant, the lyrics heartbreaking, the chorus majestic. As close to music perfection as you can get.

Very Under-rated. One of their best songs easily. Looking for a RHCP song to do in our band, and this is a serious contender.

Not only one of the best RHCP songs, one of the best rock songs. Period.

19 I Could Have Lied

This song heals wounds no band-aid in the world could heal. It really is an amazing song, the guitar riff is full of emotion, the lyrics are amazing and the drum beat is just right. Without a doubt, the best Chili Pepper's song out there. Incredible.

The emotion that comes out of John's guitar is so strong. This is certainly my favourite song of the album, probably my favourite song ever. Absolutely heart warming.

Best song they ever made. Almost every song of Blood Sugar Sex Magik is fantastic, but this one is certainly the best. Especially the last chorus with the guitar

Easily one of Frusciante's best solos and for that alone this needs to be way higher than it is. Very heartfelt song.

20 Dark Necessities

Hey, this song is a masterpiece. It is the best song of their last album! One of the best songs of their entire career! "Dark necessities are part of my design" song line just makes you feel the best person in the world. Awesome! Finally I will hear it live! It should at least in top 20. I'm not surprised that it finished at No┬░ 1 on the Rock Airplay (Billboard 200)

This song defeated all other previous songs of RHCP. It is the most perfect song ever composed by RHCP with perfect vibes and perfect mixture of classica and modern style of rock music. Better listen to it and enjoy listening to it like you want to dance with its groove.

Its got that funky bass line and that modern feel of new chili peppers. And it's beautiful. Yeah I miss John, who doesn't? But this is their best song without him since he's been gone

For someone who's not a fan of the band, this song made me get their entire new album and give some earlier songs another chance.Absolutely Fantastic!

21 The Zephyr Song

The most underrated Chili Peppers song ever, This song really puts me in the best mood ever, I Could go on about this song forever, this song really just Explains why I love This band, its an amazing song and The lyrics are probably my favourite of any chilli peppers song, It has a tune which sticks in my head for days, and even after not listening to this for 4 years I Come back to it and all of a sudden I'm singing along, It Is really one of there best, And I wish more people could see this.

The chorus is so chill. I remember first hearing this song on vacation on a Florida beach and instantly became addicted to it. "... And in this perfect weather, we'll find a place together"

I was amazed how it was not even in the top ten. This song defines red hot chili peppers in the perfect way. Its all about the melody. It does lift your spirits.

My favourite song of all the time! Am really surprised not to see this song in the top 3. People should open their ears and recognize real music!

22 Parallel Universe

I can't believe this song didn't reach top ten, for me one of the best songs, the lyrics are very intense. The more you listen to it, the better it gets.

Ok how in the hell is this 24th like come on guys the is easily the 4th best song on Californication!

Vocals. Drums. Guitar. Bass... All perfect which means the song is prefect also...

I can play it on guitar! Awesome song! The vocals are amazing and fleas bass is as always sweet

23 This is the Place

Should definitely be higher. This Is The Place, lyrically, is probably one of the best Red Hot Chili Peppers songs ever. Has an amazing tune with a fantastic baseline and is unbelievably easy to listen to over and over again. Easily top 10 material

One of the greatest, most original Chilis songs ever written. It's actually amazingly underrated. Should easily be in the Top 10.

24 Monarchy of Roses

One of the best/catchiest/most addicting choruses they've written. It sounds even better because it contrasts so strongly wih the dissonant verse. The solo is electrifying. Such a fun song with so much energy.

Great song... The best part of the song is the change in pitch of vocals.. And listen clearly to the guitar riff... Its melodious. The next 50% of song has cherubic tune.

Amazing song... Best on the new album just sounds so good... This just sounds a bit like there old songs, Josh was a good replacement for John

Great song and only reason it's so low cause it's a newer one so hopefully it ll get a higher position in the near future. Very addictive

25 Sir Psycho Sexy

What the heck. This is top 10. You CAN'T be a RHCP fan without this song in your top 10. It's amazing and rocks and fun. Same is true for Midnight- how is Midnight 121?

I'm shocked to see this song so low! For me this the epitome of all things chili peppers. Sex, Slinky melodic funky ass guitar, a badass squelchy bassline and a godly groove. Although probably not as relevant as their other epics (Venice queen and Wet Sand). It stands alone as the best statement of what RHCP stands for from their arguably best era and is always my go to song when showing someone who thinks that the chili peppers are nothing more than their hits.

Just the most suggestive song of all time, and makes you feel like a badass player, and is definitely one of their best along with Under The Bridge, Otherside, Dani California and Venice Queen.

Not to mention they were funk around this time and sounded so sexy.

I gut stop by lady cup in my automobile she says get out and spread your legs and then she tried to cope a feel.
The rest expresses the lifestyle of those true rock idols which really lives or lived over sex drugs funk and rock and roll' amazing outro too.

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