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1 Savior

It's the best song ever to me because it's true and it brings out my heart. It's like God is singing this song. I just wish that more people could know about it.

I can't say how much I love this song. I just love it so much that it's hard to explain. For all you people out there who know this song and know what it means, thank you. It means a lot to me.

I really wish I could meet the band.

Can't bloody beat it. Rise Against are my god. This song is pure genius, and I doubt that I will ever find a song quite like this one.

The lyrics are perfect and the beat is insane! If you don't like this song, go home! And if you don't like Rise Against, you need some serious help because they are without a doubt the best band to ever walk this planet!

2 Prayer of the Refugee

The creepy start bursting into passionate vocals and guitar notes keeps creeping inside my head each time I listen to it. A truly underrated gem in the music industry that hasn't been looked upon the way it should have been.

Savior may have been the first Rise Against song I heard, but this one got me hooked! I swear this is the best work Rise Against has ever done! It always opens my eyes to the world, makes me feel as if I still have a chance.

The first song I heard from Rise Against, and I was in love with this band! Honest lyrics with meaning, great melody, and a lot of power! I got goosebumps when I saw this song live! My all-time favorite Rise Against song!

3 Hero of War

This is just a great song, and it shares with us why we should be thankful for our United States. It's been around my childhood for as long as I remember. This is my favorite song from this album.

It just truly states what war is about and what would happen if we didn't win World War 1 or 2. Would we even be here? Freedom of speech? Freedom of religion? Would that even exist if it weren't for our veterans? That is why I love this song.

You have to know the meaning of the songs to actually enjoy them. If you don't, why even have songs? That is why I LOVE this song. "It's a flag that I trust."

4 The Good Left Undone

I like all of Rise Against's songs. I first discovered Rise Against through a risky purchase of their album "Appeal to Reason" (having only heard "Re-Education"). Since that moment, I've been a die-hard fan.

Though I like all their songs, I will share with you some of my favorites and why I like them, by album, in no particular order.

"Audience of One": An instant favorite from my first listen of "Appeal to Reason." It's still as great now as when I first heard it.

"From Heads Unworthy": I passed over this and many others on my first listen of the album. But after another listen, I took a particular liking to it, especially the pre-chorus.

"The Strength to Go On": One of the ones I passed over. After an intensive listen, I fell in love. "What we are is the sum of a thousand lies. What we know is almost nothing at all. We are, we are, till the day we die. Or until we don't have the strength to go on, till we don't have the strength to go on."

Other songs from "Appeal to Reason" are also great. I just don't have forever to write a review of each one.

"The Sufferer and the Witness": My favorite Rise Against album, and at least top 5 of all time.

"But Tonight We Dance": It took me a while for this one to grow on me. Good change in intensity. I love the verses.

"Drones": Absolutely fantastic. Excellent all over.

"Bricks": Intense. Only 1:10 long, but still great. My favorite part starts 50 seconds in.

"The Good Left Undone": Great meaning, change in tempo, just great.

"Injection", "Prayer of the Refugee", "Behind Closed Doors", "Survive", and "The Approaching Curve" are also great.

Okay, I apologize, I'm getting tired and I'm going to wrap this up rather quickly. From "The Siren Song of the Counter Culture", "Dancing for Rain" is pure perfection, and "Swing Life Away" is their only all-acoustic song, and worth listening to.

From "Endgame" (which I haven't heard all of),... more

5 Satellite

When you've heard this song over 100 times and still love it just the same, maybe even more, you know it's a good song. It's pretty much my favorite Rise Against song, and if it isn't their best, it certainly deserves to be in the top 5.

The song is so epic, it's nearly unbearable! Do yourself a favor and listen to this song as soon as possible. Then show it to your friends. You'll be the most respected person in your group. That's what Satellite can do for you. So to conclude, it's the best Rise Against song there is. No contest.

Satellite is simply their best song. It contains a pessimistic view towards the world and criticizes political and social conditions. Finally, the band stresses the importance of animal rights. Go vegan, yes!

6 Re-Education (Through Labor)

Rise Against, we all salute you!

All their songs are so touchy, and they persuade us to understand the problems that the world is facing today and how we can prevent them. If I want to spend money to listen to a band, it would always be Rise Against and Linkin Park.

I am in love with this song. The guitar riff at the beginning is amazing, and the moment when the music stops and all you can hear is the lead singer's voice makes this song surprising and spectacular. This song is definitely my favorite.

The music of Rise Against stood up for the world. This song tells the truth to the public about how corrupt the government is. It's bands like these that give a song a meaning.

7 Give It All

It is the most inspirational song I have ever heard. It just fills me with a ton of energy. It tells me that I have to completely dedicate myself to the job at hand.

The lyrics are superb, and the music is just phenomenal. Incredible job by Rise Against! Their finest work, in my opinion.

Give It All was the first song I ever heard by Rise Against, and it's up there in my top favorites. It's a very fast song and a really iconic one for the band that just gives you the right amount of adrenaline you need to accomplish anything.

8 Swing Life Away

You can sing along to good songs, but great songs bring emotion to the listener. This song just has so much emotion in the vocals and the guitar. Rise Against is a good band, but this will always be the song I remember them by.

I really love this song. It's calm and refreshing after listening to some of their other songs. It perfectly describes how one should live: loving and carefree.

Who cares if you have a low-paying job? As long as you're making it, you'll be fine. There's probably some deeper meaning in this song, but I like the simple ideas presented. THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER!

9 Injection

Epic. Rise Against in all their glory. Injection is the reason why I fell for Rise Against to begin with. Their songs are like ecstasies, and they mean more than people allow them to mean.

Unlike so many bands and artists who are faulty, Rise Against has proven to ingrain themselves in their music, and I see this most in Injection. I honestly feel that this song is a work of art, and it has become one of my favorite songs of all time. It went from only hearing the name to falling for this group and making it one of my top favorites in music.

10 Ready to Fall

The message and lyrics are just great. The emotion in the vocals is just awesome. All the instruments in the songs come together perfectly.

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11 Survive

This was my favorite song 6 years ago and it's still my favorite by Rise Against.

This song blew the roof off here in Australia when they came last year.

Great message, great lyrics, great energy. Perhaps their most successful song that didn't have a video clip.

Best song by Rise Against, hands down. From the build in the beginning and that riff that Chris lays down, to the lyrically genius verses and Brandon's good-as-ever beats, this song screams perfection.

Fast and amazing song, talking about how to survive in life. For me, it's one of the best. It absolutely shouldn't be off the top 5. If you have never listened to it, please, do yourself a favor and do it.

12 Make It Stop (September's Children)

I've been suicidal, and this song is totally my anthem. It is so moving, and I honestly cry like hell when I listen to it or watch the video. Think of the September children and what this song stands for. The world needs the change that music can bring. Our generation, the teenagers, doesn't listen to lectures and rants. We pay attention to music and what our bands tell us. Truly, it's like a cult. Basically, we need the encouragement of this song and its meanings. The impact suicide has on others is significant enough to try and better the world. No one should have to kill themselves because of bullying.

13 Audience of One

This is one of my favorite songs by Rise Against, along with Prayer of the Refugee, Savior, Re-Education, Satellite, Survive, and Injection, in no particular order. It should at least be in the top ten.

The lyrics of this song are so beautiful, artistic, and meaningful. The rhythm blows my mind every time I hear it. For me, it's by far their best, which is saying a lot.

Just an awesome song, with amazing lyrics that I can relate to. "We ran like vampires from a thousand burning suns"... are you kidding me? That is good stuff.

14 Paper Wings

Not many songs can capture raw emotion, and the few that do tend not to be very successful. However, this is one of those few songs. This song has put into words what so many people live through every day, the struggle in one's mind and heart that nobody seems to understand.

Paper Wings is what you get when you pour out all your emotions and feelings for someone when you just can't take it any longer. And that is why it should be number 1.

I have to respect the top 5. There are some amazing songs there. But this song is what made Rise Against a great band for me.

Pure emotion and energy with amazing drums. Deserves a better place than number 16.

Please vote to increase its popularity.

15 Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The emotion in the voice is amazing. It gives the brilliantly crafted lyrics that much more meaning. I think the reason this and other songs from Siren Song of the Counter Culture aren't higher on the list is that most Rise Against fans haven't heard them. If they all did, these would be higher up.

This, Swing Life Away, Paper Wings, Tip the Scales, and Dancing for Rain are standouts for me. The rest from the album are also great. Of course, I love all Rise Against albums, with The Sufferer and the Witness being my favorite. I just thought Siren Song deserved far more than it's getting.

16 Life Less Frightening

This is definitely my favorite rock song of all time. Can't believe it's so low on the list.

My other favorite songs from Rise Against (not particularly in order) are: Injection, Paper Wings, The Good Left Undone, My Life Inside Your Heart, Dancing For Rain, Worth Dying For, Heaven Knows, Behind Closed Doors, Halfway There, 1000 Good Intentions, Torches, etc.

Anyone new to this band should listen to some of these songs.

How can this be so low? This song rocks! Definitely their best track and everyone should listen to it before they vote. Give It All, Injection, and Help Is on the Way are good songs too.

17 Dancing for Rain

It makes me sad to see this song at such a low spot. If it were more popular, I bet it would be in the top 3, along with Black Masks and Gasoline. It's definitely better than Savior. Whoever hasn't listened to this song yet, do it now!

What?! Number 30?! This should definitely be in the top ten. It has one of Rise Against's best choruses and is my favorite song on Siren Song of the Counter Culture. Everyone, vote for this song!

This song is one of my favorites on Siren Song of the Counter Culture. The rhythm is good, and the lyrics are catchy.

18 Help is on the Way

This needs to be placed way higher! What is it doing languishing here?! The epic intro, beautiful vocals, and the awesome chorus definitely make it one of Rise Against's best of all time. Oh yeah, and the part when he says but they never came is out-of-this-world!

What a message they've sent out to us through this godly song in such a crass and materialistic world that we seem to be living in today!

This song is amazing. So deep, so moving. Made me cry. Should be in the top 3. Seriously, one of their best songs in my opinion. Lyrics are so deep, and they still have the killer drums and guitars signature to Rise Against.

19 Like the Angel

This should be number 1. I'm still shocked they didn't play it, or anything off 'Revolutions per Minute', on their tour recently. Love the new stuff, but that album is hands down the best, and this is the best song on it.

To overlook it entirely is insulting to old fans.

Okay, I admit I didn't think much about what's my favorite song of Rise Against. But as I scrolled down, I was missing something. How come I didn't spot "Like The Angel" yet? Rank 29? That's just way too underrated. This song is one of my favorites!

Probably one of my favorites, starts off nice and slow then goes into full Rise Against mode. Plus, it has a really great solo that gives you an awesome feeling when you hear it.

20 Endgame

This is the song I found after I looked up Rise Against after I heard 'Savior.' It has pretty much been my favorite song of all time now.

You're right, Satellite gives Endgame a run for its money. This is my second favorite song by Rise Against. You guys are great!

One of their best songs, as good as Satellite, definitely should be higher than 20th.

21 Architects

And don't you remember when we were young and we wanted to set the world on fire? Best line in a song I've ever heard and probably will ever hear. This should be at least higher than it is now.

This song is amazing! In my opinion, the best song of the new album. So it really should be in the top 10! Just listen to it a few times, and you will love it.

I can't believe this is not up there in the top tens. Come on, guys! Listen to the lyrics, and you will understand!

22 Heaven Knows

I can listen to this song multiple times and never get tired of it. It has an amazing rock melody and always pumps me up! The storytelling is marvelous. You can actually imagine what he sees and feels!

A fusion of epic '80s hardcore à la Black Flag and Bad Brains with modern punk straight out of The Offspring, this song should definitely reach the top 5 at least.

Should be number 1! This song combines the melodic nature of modern punk with '80s hardcore to make a masterpiece.

23 Everchanging

This song is a melodic and lyrical genius! It's impossible to stop listening to it once you have heard it from start to finish! The overall melodic nature and changing tempo of the song are irresistible! I love the diversity of the lyrics and the song's meaning! It is very, very well written!

The melody of this song is so smooth and flowing! It hangs around in your head all day, but you don't want to get it out! I believe melody is what makes Rise Against who they are, and this song showcases that brilliantly!

I think it's a shame that it's lesser-known! If this song were on, for example, Appeal to Reason, it would have definitely been a single and probably in the top 6 on this list! But because it was on their first album (before they were widely known), most listeners, especially the newer ones, would have never heard this song, and this is a shame!

This song is truly trademark Rise Against, melodic genius, and a song every Rise Against fan can fall in love with! It's a perfect combination of the old and the new for Rise Against and deserves a higher spot on this list! I strongly encourage a listen! One from start to finish, and I guarantee you'll play it again!

24 Behind Closed Doors

This song reminds me to never give up, but instead, 'rise against' any challenge that may come in my way. Truly amazing and inspiring. Plus, this was the first song that introduced me to Rise Against in the first place.

So actually, it's amazing, inspiring, AND sentimental.

We stand no chance to win, but we're not running, we're not running.

Although we have no obligation to stay alive, on broken backs we beg for mercy, we will survive.

This song is about never giving up, no matter what.

This song should be in first place. It's amazing work on the song and the best Rise Against album ever. The Prayer of the Refugee is on Guitar Hero, which is why it's known by everyone. That doesn't mean it's their best song.

25 Drones

Best verse:
The drones all slave away, they're marching overtime.
They serve a faceless creed, they never question why.
Disciples of a god, that neither lives nor breathes.
But we have bills to pay, yeah, we have mouths to feed.

When they played this part live, the entire arena went nuts. It was amazing.

This song has such a great message, and my favorite line by far is, "If strength is born from heartbreak, then mountains I could move." Such a strongly worded song and extremely underrated. It should be higher up there.

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