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1 Talking In Your Sleep

"Talking In Your Sleep" is the biggest hit of The Romantics' career. In fact, it's their only Top-10 hit, and only one other song by them ("One in a Million") even made it to the Top 40. Contrast that with the number of times you've heard The Romantics' "What I Like About You," which only made it to #49.

Written by the band, this song is about a singer who learns his lover's secrets when she reveals them in her sleep. Luckily for the guy, she says lots of nice things about him.

I mean, What I Like About You is a good song and all, but this one is more than just a good song. I think it's a great song, if not a masterpiece. It is by far superior to the first one voted on the list.

2 What I Like About You

The Romantics, so named because they formed on Valentine's Day 1977 in Detroit, have had only two US Top 40 hits. This song, now their best-known, wasn't one of them. It attracted little attention and was only a minor hit when first released in 1980 on their debut album. However, it found new life later in the decade when it became a popular choice for an advertising jingle, particularly for Budweiser beer.

Since then, the song has become a fixture at sporting events, bars, nightclubs, parties, and celebrations of all kinds. It has taken its place as one of the most popular rock anthems of all time.

The Romantics' two Top 40 hits were "Talking In Your Sleep" (#3) and "One In A Million" (#37). Both came in 1983, from their fourth album In Heat.

3 Night Like This

This song is one of my favorites of all time. It's just catchy with well-put-together lyrics and a great effort by these guys during the recording.

I get this one. I think it sounds very decent compared to other mediocre songs here!

I love this song. I didn't even know the title/name, but it's one of my favorite songs ever. Thanks for reconnecting me with this classic.

4 She's Got Everything

This song is a lot better than Rock You Up, which is one of the most lame and boring songs I've heard from The Romantics. I can't understand how it was ranked higher than this one when this is a perfect and entertaining song, and it's brilliant while that other song isn't.

I wouldn't call this song a piece of art, but it is definitely the best The Romantics song ever to me. It's also one of the greatest Power Pop ballads.

Why is this song not number 2 at least?

5 Rock You Up

This is actually a really good and romantic song. I appreciate this kind of oldie.

Not the best song by The Romantics, but it shouldn't be so low on the list. I think it needs a lot more attention from classic rock music fans!

6 Tell It to Carrie

This is the best song from one of their initial albums. It should also be ranked higher.

7 When I Look In Your Eyes

Not a really perfect song, but it is probably The Romantics' best!

The most massive song, in definite terms!

How could we forget about this one? It's such a great song.

8 Spend a Little Love on Me

Spend a bit of attention on this song and put it higher on the list. Please!

9 One In a Million

Absolutely heart-crushing song. This should be number 1.

Amazing song. I wonder why it isn't first on the list.

10 Keep in Touch
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11 Forever Yours

This song will be kept in my heart forever. Such a timeless ballad. I remember when my wife and I spent good moments dancing to this beautiful ballad. Now, after years, I can still feel the same as I did back then.

This song should enter the top 5. It's one of the most danceable songs to me.

One of the best songs by all of them!

12 First In Line

One of their most special songs, if not the most special one.

13 No One Like You
14 Don't You Put Me on Hold

I would vote for Talking in Your Sleep as first, but this song needs more votes. I think it's better.

15 I'm Hip

Best Romantics song by a hundred miles.

16 Test Of Time

Interesting song. It's one of the best. Glad to see it ranked in the top 10, thank God!

17 Hung on You
18 Open Up Your Door
19 Tomboy
20 Got Me Where You Want Me
21 Till I See You Again
22 Mystified

A very basic song, but it should be number 7 or 6.

23 Do Me Any Way You Wanna
24 Love Me to the Max
25 Little White Lies
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