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I just finished Volume 4 and decided to make this list. Can't get enough of the soundtrack from the RWBY series.
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1 Red Like Roses Part 2

This song is almost perfect, in my opinion. Superb intro that always gets me revved up. Brilliant idea to have the RL mother and daughter sing the separate parts of the fictional mother and daughter in the song. And although Jeff's lyrics are always clever, Red Like Roses Part II is a step above even his usual fine quality. This isn't just my favourite RWBY song, it's amongst my favourite modern hard rock songs.

The main character and her relationship with her mother song. It's a heartbreaking song yet it's played like a powerful vow. That Ruby won't forget what has happened to her and no matter what happen, nothing will take the place of her dear mother.

2 Armed and Ready

Honestly for awhile I said Red Like Roses Part II was the best. But when the Volume 4 credits rolled, this song absolutely blew me away! So far Yand and Weiss have both gotten new, updated character themes and both are incredible and in my opinion superior to the originals. This one just has so much more depth to it than I Burn and I love it!

This is from the credits of Volume 4 and this is a Yang song. It's a bold fierce song about getting over the pain that's happened and be ready to move forward.

After a gritty volume, an upbeat song like this was nice to hear in the credits.

3 This Will Be the Day

It is great. Three songs I will listen to while cycling and working out are This Will Be The Day, Caffeine, I'm The One.

This song is pure rock. Why isn't it closer?

4 Time to Say Goodbye

It is the song that immediately comes to my mind when I think of RWBY. I really like how it has a faster tempo, and it's the only opening song I actually know the words to.

The opening song to Volume 2. It has great buildup before everything crashes down and plays out. It's a beautiful song that I would recommend anyone listen to.

Best opening song overall. This is one I always come back to, when I need to get into the RWBY mood.

5 It's My Turn

This song is supposed to be a Weiss song about her relationship with her father. And if you listen to it, it's not a very happy one. It's also have layers of independence and striving for freedom. Casey's singing for this song was excellent.

Weiss songs are best songs, and 'It's My Turn' and 'Path to Isolation' are my favorites.

6 From Shadows

A song about one of the character's named Blake. About her revolution against the oppression and subjugation against her kind. This song has some face melting guitar music and an amazing soft chord at the end and beginning.

I love Blake Belladonna. She's strong in her own, unique way. Yes she gets undermined and her past was tragic, but she is never afraid to speak of her mind. You go girl!

7 I Burn

Shows how strong you are and it does a better job than every other artist out there, even Alan Walker, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and sometimes, Skillet. However, since some of these artists are getting hate for the same thing, and this doesn't I will give it a 8/10, it's still more badass than the other though.

I haven't been able to stop playing this song ever since I discovered it a few Dayan ago. It's so addicting and awesome.

I liked it when this song was used in Yang Xiao Long's Death Battle with Tifa Lockhart.

8 Cold

I can't listen to this song without crying. The deaths of Pyrrha and Penny left holes in me, holes that still sear and burn even though I'm watching Volume 5. I didn't know that Mr. Oum had passed until more than three years later. I started watching RWBY in the summer of 2018, but I didn't know that this show would become such a big part of my personality after watching. Songs like this make you think about your life and lost loved ones. I dedicate this vote to RoosterTeeth studios and the losses of three great individuals. Rest in peace, Pyrrha. Rest in peace, Penny. And most importantly, rest in peace, Monty Oum. I hope all of us RWBY fans will keep moving forward in your name.

9 Mirror Mirror

A very mellow song at the beginning but then shifts into a stronger one. The piano and the melodic singing is what brings this song together. Despite the sad message behind it.

Love the piano and violin. The vocals are excellent too. The song is very emotional and always manages to hit me hard no matter what.

10 This Life is Mine

In my opinion, this is not only the best song, but is also the best Weiss song. It starts out as her asking this mirror that she has confided in (Mirror Mirror, Mirror Mirror Pt. 2), asking if it is listening or if it's even there. Towards the middle of the song, though, the tone shifts to her father, and how he held her back. Then finally, at the end, she states "mirror mirror now we're done," suggesting that her father wasn't the only one that was holding her back, and that it was her own self-image/troubles/ worries, too. This song basically shows how far Weiss has matured throughout the volumes. Also, Casey and Jeff RULE on this song!

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11 All Our Days

A sister song! Unlike Gold, this is more of the older sibling to the younger sibling. How she will always be there to protect and love Ruby no matter who comes and goes in her life. This is a very sentimental song about their relationship.

This is the first song that has ever made me cry. It makes me think of my little sister.

12 I May Fall

The melody and clashing between Jeff and Casey's voices just makes for a beautiful song filled with emotion, it really sucks you in, and when that guitar solo comes all you can think of is, "Why don't I have this on loop? " And to be honest you should, the more you listen to the song the more you hear what the lyrics mean, the more you piece them to stuff outside of the show, and the more you grow to love the song.

Amazing! The two harmonizing is god tier.

13 Indomitable
14 Divide

Villains have the best songs. This is for the main villain in RWBY. This makes Disney villain songs quiver with fear. How children will bleed, faith won't bring victory and how to destroy humanity. Plus the song kind of did come true at the end of the third volume. Do you have the nerve to listen to it?

Straight-up one of the best villain songs of all time.

15 Caffeine

This is on my hype playlist- absolutely amazing! It's also very clever in the way that it combines a lot of hidden references to different caffeinated drinks!

Team CFVY's song which I absolutely love. It really gets the blood pumping. I listened to it on repeat for a week after the first time I heard it. But I think Roosterteeth did an awesome job on all the RWBY songs. One of the best things about the show (besides the amazing weapons) is their unique soundtrack.

16 Bad Luck Charm

I love it because it just shows all of Qrow's layers.

Such an awesome song, it really explains Qrow's character, and how he doesn't want anyone to be hurt by his semblance

Great song for a great character!

17 Die

This show is full of badass songs, but "Die", without a doubt, takes the cake.

18 I’m the One

I'm sorry. But this is the absolute sickest song they have produced, for two of the most badass characters in a badass fight

Get this higher

19 When It Falls

This song perfectly describes everything that happened in Volume 3. The song is catchy and yet very somber. How everything was torn apart. There's a dark message behind it. If you listen to this song, before watching the third volume, then be prepared to see everything fall.

20 Nevermore

Just heard this one and I already think it kicks all kinds of ass

21 Let's Just Live
22 Rising Like the Moon

The fact that it is more poetic than the other ops makes it very worth listening too

23 Boop
24 One Thing

This song is amazing. We can finally understand how neo is feeling

25 Ignite
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