Top Ten Ways Pink Floyd are Better Than Led Zeppelin

I love Zeppelin too but Floyd for me are much better.
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1 Pink Floyd Didn't Steal Music

I agree with the idea of this list and the items originally submitted by the author (I don't know what items will be submitted later). I disagree with zxm - Led Zeppelin didn't have only "partial rip offs". They had many entire rip offs, 100% - whole songs with the music, lyrics and even song titles. Songs that were actually uncredited covers - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, I Can't Quit You, Baby, You Shook Me, In My Time of Dying, Dazed and Confused. Songs with 90% plagiarism are Whole Lotta Love, The Lemon Song, Since I've Been Loving You. And many songs with less shares of ripoffs.

2 David Gilmour is a Better Guitarist Than Jimmy Page

This, by all means, is the most stupid and shallow point of comparison I've seen since the dawn of the internet, Guys you can say that you love pink Floyd Guitar solos more or that you hate led zeppelin I wouldn't mind, But just for the love of God don't ever ever compare any Led Zeppelin member in terms of technicality and instrumental ability with any other band or member that ceased to exist, David Gilmour is Godly there's no denying that but he'll never come close to jimmy page ok it's just like that there's no more to debate.

Stole music yes, Didn't write good lyrics agreed but every member of Led Zeppelin is the God of the instrument he's playing. Shame on you

3 Better Lyrics

I do think Zeppelin had some great writing, but Roger Waters absolutely nailed it with the song writing to a such a degree that I don't think any band could top PF in this regard.

Roger Waters could out-lyric Bob Dylan if he had to.

4 Better Live Shows

You're talking about roger waters' current shows. They did not promote hate, their music just had a political angle to it.

Pink Floyd doesn't put on shows, they give you an experience that borders on the spiritual.

5 More Original and Diverse

No. You don't get this one. Floyd is largely seen as this innovative band and out of their time when in reality they just followed the progressive rock trend at the time. No in the court, no Dark side. You can't say the same for the zeppelin. Floyd did a lot of that trippy stuff while singing some generic lyrics about modern society, which I just don't buy. Sure, they're still better than Zeppelin lyrics but that's about it. Still just my opinion though, I agree with some arguments, but not this one.

Goes without saying. Led Zeppelin massive plagiarism doesn't speak "original". Led Zeppelin level of originality is this: the best cover band of all time.

6 Fewer Songs About Sex

I would agree with this point, even though I do love Led Zeppelin, and they're still one of my favorite bands. When I think of Pink Floyd in think of the very powerful music they made throughout they're career as a band. I don't really think of any love/sex songs. While a lot of led zeppelin's songs are about love/sex for sure.

Yes, Pink Floyd's music is about the entire human experience.

7 More Consistent Album Releases
8 Continued After Losing a Band Member

Yes, but it wasn't the original reason why Jimmy disbanded the band. It was one of the reasons. Jimmy disbanded it because he was strongly addicted to drugs. He had lost a lot of his weight. He barely could play guitar. This was the main reason. So, He got an issue to break the band. However. Robert Plant wasn't interested in the band. He had lost his interest for writing songs with Led Zeppelin. So, out of all four members John Paul Jones was the only member who was actually good. Jimmy, John and Robert all had been troubling with their personal issues. So yes, in this case Pink Floyd wins. Cause when Roger departed, David held his role in the band. He even played bass guitar.

9 Better Songs

Both of these songs are better than everything that Led Zeppelin has ever done.

I prefer High Hopes than all of these songs.

I hope not. Otherwise, people would be pegging them as Floyd wannabes.

10 Popularized Prog Rock

I wouldn't count it as a pro of their's. Cause Led Zeppelin also popularized hard rock. In this case they win. Cause they were more popular.

Pink Floyd is to Progressive Rock what Robert Miles was to Trance. The birthgiver of the genre.

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11 Better Sound Mixing

I think that most of Led Zeppelin's albums had great sound mixing (listen to the layered guitars on Ten Years Gone and Black Dog, or the wild panning effects on Whole Lotta Love, When the Levee Breaks, or What Is and What Should Never Be where the instruments are moving from side to side). There's a lot more detail to a Led Zeppelin mix than you'd think.

You forgot to add it. In my opinion, every prog rock has better sound mixing than most other rock genres. By sound mixing I meant music arrangements. Like all the unique, strange music playing in the back.

12 Better Albums
13 More Powerful Music

This is subjective. There are quite a lot of Zeppelin songs that I think are powerful in terms of sound and emotion (The Rain Song, Ten Years Gone, That's The Way, etc.).

14 More Emotional Music

Definitely the real No1 here.
in my opinion this reason includes the "David is better than Jimmy" reason since I think he was better cause he was more emotional.

15 More Meaningful Songs

All My Love is very dark and meaningful, but Pink Floyd also had meaningful songs as well.

Time, The whole wall album... nothing else.

16 Wider Variety in Sound

yes, Pink Floyd was not afraid to experiment and boldly write very lengthy songs. Also each band member, including Syd in the early years brought something completely different and I know Waters did most of the writing (before he left in '87), early on it was a more balanced contribution.

17 Everyone in Pink Floyd Was a Good Vocalist

Nick Mason only sang lead vocals on two unreleased tunes ("Scream Thy Last Scream" and "The Merry Xmas Song"). His voice actually sounded pretty good (very similar to Syd's voice), so I guess it does count. The only thing is that he otherwise never used his voice - maybe he never considered himself to be a proper singer?

18 Richard Wright Was Better Keyboardist Than John Paul Jones

Both of them were underrated. But when it comes to keyboard, Richard Beats John.

19 Richer Sound
20 Better Singing

It's true that Plant has a good sounding voice but he screams and it gets on my nerves after a while. Not with PF, they don't scream and even when Plant isn't screaming they still have better voices than he does.

Roger's voice is a little abrasive at times but nowhere near Plant's level.

21 Less Obsessed with Drugs

Syd Barrett messed himself in drugs. All of the pink floyd members did drugs, but that didn't hamper their music ability that much. At least not like Jimmy Page. Jimmy Page kept on taking drugs, which made him even worse.

22 Roger Walters Was a Better Bassist Than John Paul Jones
23 Pink Floyd Lasted Longer
24 Better Music Videos
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