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1 Carolus Rex

The Album is just perfect. Evokes so many different emotions and just makes you inspired to keep going. Nothing beats the epic, nostalgic feeling of singing along to 'Long live the king'.

See the white in their eyes, Caroleans are marching on!. The synth is there, however not as much as in Coat of Arms. Probably their most famous album, too.

If I were trapped on an Island and could only take one album with me, to listen to forever. Carolus Rex would be it.

Absolutely amazing album. It has it all. The last album with the original line-up and their best release to date.

2 The Last Stand

My personal favorite album, with songs that didn't introduce me to the band, but I love nonetheless. This album includes some of my favorite songs, like The Last Stand, The Last Battle, and Shiroyama. Also one of their best researched albums, with many accurate details in each compelling story. It also inspired me to do further research into some of the battles described in the album.

The Last Stand (song) is my favorite song off this album. This was the first song I have ever heard (heard it on Sirius).. Listened to this album a 100 times this last month. Now Jamming now to Primo Victoria. Thanks to google play music and their 4 month trial.

The Last Stand has many songs that make you want to join an army of fellow listeners. Also, Blood of Bannockburn is the song I'd play in a zombie apocalypse.

A brilliant album, the best Sabaton album is a tough choice but this one I think, tops the lot. There isn't a weak track.

3 The Art of War

I consider it as the most epic album. Seems like all the pieces are perfectly put into place: the lyrics of the songs, each with its own story but somehow continuing one from each other. The entire album is arranged as an opera masterpiece, with acts sublime defined by Sun Tzu quotes

The Art of war is the best album of Sabaton in my opinion. The quotes from the book 'The Art of War' are geniously braided between the songs. Every quote has a reference to the next song. The songs theirselves are almost all classics. Where Carolus Rex has the problem that the songs standing alone miss this 'epicness', is the Art of war 1 album made by the songs and the total. For me number 1!

Excellently composed, complete with quotes by Chinese war philosopher Sun Tzi, the strong power of songs like Panzerkampf, Ghost Division, and The Price of a Mile creates the emotions felt in war very well.

40:1, Ghost Division, Panzerkampf, The Price of a Mile, and The Cliffs of Gallipoli are all great songs and it is overall a great album.

4 Heroes

Starting off softly and lightly with the muffled singing, then it hits you in the face. Everything about it makes it their second best intro song, after Ghost Division. No bullets fly has great guitars, with a kind of muffled sound at the start. Then comes Smoking Snakes, not a bad song, I just think it's a bit weaker than the others. To Hell and Back is arguably one of Sabatons best songs. Inmate 4859 tells an amazing tale about probably one of the bravest men ever. The only thing that puts it below Art of War in my opinion is The Ballad of Bull, which is the weakest Sabaton song of them all.

Heroes was a bit of a hit or miss album for me. Songs like To Hell and Back and Inmate 4859 were strong, and done incredibly well. Sadly, it included arguably their worst song for me, Ballad of Bull. Not to say it wasn't good, it just could have been better.

You get the adrenaline from the faster songs in this album, making you almost feel as if you are the heroes that the songs describe!

Night witches, No bullets fly, Smoking snakes, Resist & bite, The ballad of Bull, Soldier of 3 armies. All of them 10/10. 7734 re-recorded version is 11/10.

5 Coat of Arms

The emotions when I hear both Wehrmacht and the final solution is probably the strongest emotions out of all their songs. Young men seduced to evil, an innocent people slaughtered, goosebumps and tears have been feelt.

With songs like Wehrmacht and The Final Solution, who doesn't enjoy this album? It has that synthy goodness of old Sabaton, as seen in the intros of Coat of Arms and The Final Solution, at the top of my head.

The Final Solutions is great song. Coat of Arms is my personal favourite. Also Uprising and Aces in Exile are great too

Metal Ripper tips the scales to make this album #1 in my opinion!

6 Primo Victoria
7 Attero Dominatus

Lyrically, their best album (see: Rise of Evil, Nuclear Attack, We Burn, In The Name Of God, Angels Calling, Light In The Black, and every damn song on that album). Plus, when the guitar starts on Angels Calling. HNNGSSsSs YES!

In my opinion, this is the most underrated album on the list. I think it should be at least top three.

By far my favorite album from Sabaton. This is what got me into Sabaton. Also helped a lot in history class :D

8 The Great War

This is the album that introduced me to the band, with some very good hits like The Red Baron, and one of my favorite songs Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Though not everything on the album is the best, it's still well done.

Great album that tells great stories. My personal favourite song is either the Red Baron for its fast paced beat and great riff or Seven Pillars of Wisdom for the same reasons.

Every song is outstanding. Definitely top 4 for me

Very Good, They have had multiple Albums pertaining to World War 2, So its nice to see an album on The Great War

9 Metalizer

Don't get me wrong, Hellrider and Metalizer are some of their best songs, but I don't really like hearing the same songs twice, just in different order.

10 Fist for Fight
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11 The War to End All Wars

An amazing new discovery with Sabaton this time around. Awesome!

Beautifully composed album one of their best.

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