The Ten Best Selling Songs in Austria in 2000

...and eurodance is back! Also a lot of "la la la" choruses.

In general, it feels that at 2000, the evolution towards more urban inspired millennial pop music that has started in 1996 came to a halt in order to continue where 1995 left off. Despite it being the first year of the 2000s, several of these songs have "90s" written all over them.
Source:, Created on 2/18/2019
The Top Ten
1 Anton aus Tirol - Anton & DJ Ötzi

As a young child, I really liked this volksmusik party song. However, this just isn't in any way my style of music anymore, and while I don't mind the song, I don't like it much either. There aren't many genres I can't connect with at all, but volksmusik is one of them.

Peak position: 1
Having spent 10 weeks on top of the charts, the volksmusik dance song is also the biggest number 1 hit of the year.

2 It's My Life - Bon Jovi

It's Bon Jovi. That fact in and of itself means it's a great rock song. Really, I have not heard one song by them I did not like, they always rock hard but remain melodic and Bon Jovi himself has one of the most distinctive singing voices of all time. "It's My Life" is one of their all time classics, and rightfully so.

3 The Spirit of the Hawk - Rednex

I don't think that anyone expected the biggest band of 1995 to come back after a 5 year hiatus and in such a big way. See what I meant in the description when I said that 2000 felt like a continuation of that year rather than of 1999?
"The Spirit of the Hawk" is one of Rednex's best songs, arguably their best one after "Wish You Were Here", even though the album " out! " itself is significantly weaker than its predecessor. It's not as much country as it a dreamy mixture of trance and Native American music that lifts you into the air and makes you fly like the titular hawk. Whippy, who replaced the great Mary Joe (who in turn later released an extremely rare album under the moniker Rednex in 2009 with some complicated legal issues), does a good job singing the vocals with the same trademark style of Rednex. And after the musical disaster that was "A klana Indiana", it's nice someone knows how to combine electronica and Native American music in a tasteful, pleasing way.

4 Freestyler - Bomfunk MC's

Is it hip hop? Is it drum'n'bass? Who the heck cares even? This song is everything someone who was born in the 90s would have considered terribly cool in his youth combined and packed into one track. It's the musical equivalent of the Power Rangers, the Pokémon games or finger skateboards. Okay, I admit, I was only into Pokémon, but the rest is what others of my generation loved too. What is important is that this is the kind of awesomeness we need more of these days, kids. I as an old man say so.

5 Shalala Lala - Vengaboys

I should like Vengaboys, because I like the cartoonish silliness of bubblegum dance a whole lot, and they were the biggest artist of the genre. But the truth is... while I don't dislike them, Toy-Box, Aqua, Daze, Ch! pz, Hit'n'Hide, etc. were simply thrice the fun. Vengaboys feel like the basic starter set in comparison (by the way why are they called boys? There are girls too).

6 Around the World (La La La La La) - A Touch of Class

I love how trance got interpolated into the eurodance over here, and despite being extremely simple in both lyrics and music, it still feels a bit mysterious. Yeah, this is a fine genre contribution. But they were, of course, a one hit wonder. beFour later had a moderate hit with their cover "Magic Melody" in 2007.

7 La Passion - Gigi D'Agostino

One of the best italo disco / eurodance / techno songs ever released. Barely ever has a tune that relies so much on electronics felt so alive. Its vocals are autotuned like crazy, and the instrumental is fully made of bleeping synths, spheric strings in the background and a stomping beat, but holy... the melody (most notably the transition of the key every few lines) and how slowly harmonies and multi-layered vocals come in make your heart flutter like in love. The title is fully accurate. I even forgive the extremely clumsy line "Don't you ever satisfy my soul in any by your side". I have no idea what he means. And I don't give a shtonk.

There are several versions of the song, the one that I listen to most often and that's usually played on the radio is the one lasting for 3:48 minutes.

8 My Heart Goes Boom (La Di Da Da) - French Affair

Can we all agree that this not only sounds like the 90s but the early 90s? Like, somewhere between "Rhythm is a Dancer" and "Mr. Vain"? Just listen to her vocal delivery. She has that special intentionally underwhelming singing style I praised so much in my lists about those years. The song is fine, but not one of my favorites of the genre.

9 Lucky - Britney Spears

I really like Britney's albums from "...Baby One More Time" to "In The Zone". Especially because she was able to be innocent and sweet on one track, seductive and sexual in the next, and vulnerable and melancholic in the one that followed afterwards. She was given some very memorable pop songs to work with, which complemented her voice even if she isn't the technically greatest singer. Instead, she could embody the mood of the song like an actress, and the beats and choruses were timeless fun. Unfortunately, then her producers turned her into a robot.

10 Move Your Body - Eiffel 65

The autotune on Eiffel 65 songs are so extreme and so out of control that it really shouldn't work, but... it does. Gigi D'Agostino used to emphazise the melody, but this here sounds like a vocaloid. Why it still manages to be fun is because it fits the mood. It is used to sound futuristic, like the next level. This is also why Cher sounded so good with autotune. It's not used like a routine - it actually knows that it sounds like a robot from outer space, that why it fascinates on this synthetic italo disco song.