Top 10 Best Eric Church Songs

There's nothing quite like the soulful melodies and storytelling prowess of a truly talented country music artist. One such artist, who has undeniably captured the hearts of fans around the world, is the incomparable Eric Church. Starting out as a singer in dive-bars in his native North Carolina, Eric Church has turned into one of the world's greatest country music artists. A guitarist and singer, his songs range from heartfelt ballads to rocking partying and drinking songs, showcasing his versatility and passion for the genre. With countless chart-topping hits and accolades to his name, Church has solidified his status as a living legend in the world of country music. So, grab your cowboy boots and join us as we dive into the top ten best Eric Church songs that have captured our hearts and made us dance the night away.
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1 Springsteen

Puts a smile on your face.
Funny how a melody sounds like a memory, like a sound track to a July Saturday night.

The heart-felt story of Eric and his old flame at a Springsteen concert. Love it!

2 Drink in My Hand

A rip-roaring fun song to listen to.

3 Talladega

I love that there's a story behind it.

Love the story behind it

4 Give Me Back My Hometown

The Outsiders version of Springsteen. Almost as good, but still a great, 'lighters-up' song.

My hometown is my home pop. 798, I can feel this song running through me.

This song should be in the top 5. I love it!

5 Record Year

I don't know how this is so low, this is one of his few number one radio hits.

6 Smoke a Little Smoke

If I'm gonna listen to a song about smoking it would be this one, I don't smoke though., I'm twelve. And a die hard fan, from mo.

Just a great "sit-there-and-relax" song.

7 Mr. Misunderstood
8 Creepin'

I definitely agree that Springsteen should be number 1, but I don't agree that this should be number 2. I think this should be more like 10 or something.

With a funky rhythm and rock sound, this song is an amazing opener to the album.

I like this song. I'm not that huge of an Eric Church, but this song is awesome!

9 The Outsiders

More southern rock than country, but that's the way I like it. Great reading 'The Outsiders' with this playing in your head.

10 Round Here Buzz

Beginning is so good, I can picture it so well.

The Newcomers

? Heart on Fire
? Desperate Man
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11 Homeboy

This is seriously an amazing song. So sad, but so true and rocking.

Pretty good but not this good.

12 Over When It's Over

A slowly building song, but great at the climax. Love it when it gets stuck in my head!

13 Like Jesus Does

So emotionally charged, so lovely. Glad it was made a single.

I can relate to this...

14 Raise Em' Up

I sing it everyday at school while raising the American Flag.

15 Pledge Allegiance to the Hag
16 Kill a Word
17 Carolina
18 Country Music Jesus
19 Cold One
20 Sinners Like Me

Soft melody and emotionally powerful. Reminds me of my own grandfather.

This is stupid. This beautiful song is #1!

A very long line, for me.

21 Dark Side

It takes a lot to stock me up, but once that hammer drops you don't want to be the one who trays to make me stop.

22 Broke Record

One of the greatest songs off of the Outsiders album. It has a great rhythm that kind of chugs on while arpeggiated guitar chords are played quickly. Top it off with the piano, and it's amazing.

23 That's Damn Rock and Roll

This is my dad's favorite song by Eric Church, so I decided to share my opinion. I think this is a great song!

24 Like a Wrecking Ball
25 Knives of New Orleans

This song is absolutely incredible. Fantastic storytelling and songwriting. Deserves to be much higher.

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