Top Ten Best Christina Shusho Songs

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1 Thamani Ya Wokovu

I have come to like this song so much. It gives me encouragement for my daily endeavors.

Truly speaking, it shows how much God loves us that He gave His son to die in exchange for our salvation. Can you imagine someone giving their life for you to live? The best part is that we do not have to pay anything - it's free!

The song starts with a nice African guitar and beats. It is so relaxing. This makes me love the word of God and His works. Thank you, Shusho, for such a song. Best song ever.

She actually blesses me. She is my best gospel singer.

All the best.

2 Wanifanya Ning'are

Her latest song, and yep, she still has the voice! She looks so beautiful, and the video captures very nice scenes and photography. Wow! This song does not deserve such a low position - it should be higher! My personal favorite.

It talks about God's goodness in our lives. Vote!

I love songs from my sister Christina. May God bless you to keep on praising Him always. Amen.

3 Napenda

Wonderful song. It should be number one. Her voice blends so well with the drums and guitar. I love this song so much. Each time I listen to it, I get goosebumps.

I put the volume to maximum and sing it at the top of my voice. Ah, such relaxing beats.

It's so beautiful for the Lord God Almighty.

4 Wakuabudiwa

One of the best worship songs ever sung.

5 I'm Gonna Work for the Lord

This song is incredible. It should be in the top three. It does not deserve to be this low! Vote, guys!

6 Napokea Kwako

The best declaration song I have ever heard. Hey, listen! Have you lost hope in life? This is the song to listen to! The beats are so calming and relaxing that they leave one assured of good things.

The video, on the other hand, looks good, with an aerial view of them on a bridge. So powerful! And her voice is extremely calming and reassuring. It leaves you feeling closer to God. My personal favorite.

I love this song very, very much.

7 Unikumbuke

Her best worship song and mine too. Thank God for it.

8 Mtetezi Wangu

The best praise song ever.

Her vocal range is so wide, and she sings in a beautiful mezzo-soprano. The great song gets you on your feet - literally. Best praise song ever.

9 Nitayainua

A calming worship song. Many people have not heard it, but it's the best song as she sings alongside the Book of Psalms. The video showcases her among flowers and candles. Such a beautiful video.

You are literally moved to tears by its sound. And yes, her voice blends so well, especially in the chorus. Can't get enough.

10 Bwana Umenichunguza

I love this song. It's really touching.

My favorite worship song ever.

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11 Hapo Mwanzo

This song is inspired by God. I want to teach the Sunday school to present it as a special number one Sunday.

12 Nipe Macho

The song delivers a message to all humanity that we should look into our hearts and strive to be better people. It's about asking God for deliverance from any behavior that might hurt others. I love it!

Wow! Jesus Christ, is this the best rumba gospel song or what? Listen to it!

13 Waranda Randa Mbao Tu

Calming song. Great lyrics. Great message.

Love the song. Great message indeed.

14 Ongoza Hatua Zangu

Huo wimbo adi raha. You have a good idea, and you rely on the Bible. Have full blessings. Amen.

15 Kitu Gani

She was so young when she sang the song, which is evident from her angelic voice. The song is fun to listen to and leaves you closer to God. It should definitely be in the top four.

16 Nangoja
17 Territory
18 Mimi Ni Mali Ya Bwana
19 Nataka Nimjue

I really like this song. In my opinion, it's the best.

20 Mpenzi Wangu Nakupenda
21 Ebenezer
22 Tenda Wema Nenda Zako
23 Relax
24 Mwaka Wa Mavuno
25 She Blesses My Heart
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