Top 10 Surprising Myths In Music History

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1 Paul McCartney is Dead

This rumor is still argued today. It suggests that Paul McCartney was actually killed in a car accident and The Beatles found an exact lookalike. However, it's hard to believe they could find someone so quickly, not to mention that such a tragedy would have likely been witnessed. This rumor should be put to rest.

My father actually remembered this in the 60s, and he truly believed it. When I tried to prove him wrong, he would insist, "This is true!" until he looked it up on Wikipedia.

Even back in the 60s, nobody really believed this.

2 Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful, and the Mars Bar

In this sweet myth, it is rumored that photographers spotted Mick Jagger eating a Mars Bar from Marianne Faithfull's body. Keith Richards clearly stated it wasn't true.

Thank god Brian Jones didn't hear about this. He'd be laughing his ass off.

3 Led Zeppelin and the Mud Shark Incident

Also known as the "Shark Episode," people say that the members of the iconic rock band, Led Zeppelin, were putting pieces of a mud shark in a woman's body against her will. One musician claimed he caught it on footage. However, this was false. It was actually the band's manager who had done the deed, but with a red snapper instead.

4 Mick Jagger and David Bowie Having a Fun Night

In this rumor, it is stated that a woman, believed to be David Bowie's ex, caught Mick Jagger and David Bowie in a sexual encounter. It's still debated today. While some may believe it's a myth, the truth remains uncertain.

Have you seen their music video together? And the photos of Jagger leaning against Bowie? Not to mention they were constantly spotted together without their wives. I would bet $100,000 they had a relationship.

5 Michael Jackson asks to Buy the Elephant Man's Skull

It is said that Michael Jackson, the famous pop singer and dancer, wanted to buy the deformed skull of John Merrick, known as the Elephant Man, who was a scientist with a unique appearance and a kind heart who died over 100 years ago. It was rumored that Jackson would pay over $100,000. However, even if this rumor were true, the Elephant Man's skull is not for sale.

6 Rod Stewart and the Fleet of Navy Seals

This rumor is completely disgusting. It claims that Rod Stewart, vocalist of the song Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?, had his way with a bunch of Navy Seals, consuming their semen. Afterward, he supposedly had to have his stomach pumped to rid himself of all the excess fluid. Needless to say, this wasn't true.

7 Elvis Lives!

Ah yes, you've likely heard this one. Elvis Presley died in 1977 at the young age of 42. But fans just couldn't let him go, could they? They claimed they saw him walking down Main Street or at the store!

8 Gene Simmons' Tongue is a Cow Tongue

Gene Simmons is known for his tongue-waggling in the band KISS. You know, the face-painted rockers? Just kidding, I like KISS. I'm a fan of theirs. But anyway, people looked at Simmons' tongue and claimed that the devil cursed him with a cow's tongue. However, it was then proven that a cow's tongue is much larger than Simmons' tongue.

9 Robert Johnson Sold his Own Soul to the Devil

Robert Johnson, a member of the '27 Club,' died from poisoning. However, some people cried out that he sold his soul to the devil. And surprisingly, they had pretty good reasons. But then again, how could the devil poison someone?

A ridiculous myth. It's just fantasies about deals with the devil.

10 Tupac Shakur is Still Alive
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11 Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain

In 1994, Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the grunge band Nirvana (Smells Like Teen Spirit), was found dead with a gunshot wound through his head. It was claimed that he committed suicide, considering there was a death note beside him. "Or was it?" many Nirvana/Kurt Cobain fans wondered. They then began to point fingers at Courtney Love, although there was not enough evidence. It's most likely Kurt killed himself, as he was depressed.

12 Marilyn Manson Played a Character on The Wonder Years

This was a really stupid one with no foundation in reality. It was simply one of the first experiments in manipulation using social media.

13 Jim Morrison Lives!
14 Several Musicians and Celebrities are Lizard People
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