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1 Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

This is easily the best song of the 2010s so far. Probably the best song of the 21st century. Screw that, it's one of the best songs ever written.

This definitely has some inspiration from the 1967 cannabis-fueled Beatles era.

A masterpiece this song is a trip to another world, one of my favorite song ever

2 Let It Happen

I am surprised nobody has mentioned this song. Amazing song, amazing music. With this type of song, I can bet on them they'll beat all others just like floyd and zepp did in their era!

Best song by Tame Impala, best song of 2015, one of the very best songs of the 2010s and ever. This song is an odyssey. Come on !

Total ear-gasm. The best Tame Impala song - I can't seem to find words to describe this masterpiece.

3 Elephant

The second half of this song is just superbly awesome. Which doesn't mean the first half is bad. The first half is great too. It just shows how great this song is.

4 Apocalypse Dreams

This song is like happiness and euphoria flowing through you. Experiencissng it live in concert was like not even being on this planet anymore

I've never heard a song that feels more like an LSD trip than this.

The single greatest music achievement.

5 The Less I Know the Better

With such great songs Tame Impala will be one of the best bands of the 2010s.

Happy to have this rock/pop song in this decade.

Great music, catchy tune, good vocals.

6 Mind Mischief

This was the first song that I ever heard from tame impala. Love it so much, I never get tired of listening to it

What?! This should most definitely be at least two or three, this song is AMAZING!

The way the vocals pan around the listener is very cool and trippy.

7 Why Won't They Talk to Me?

This song really speaks to me. One of my go to songs, when I feel lonely.

This and "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards". The battle is on.

8 Half Full Glass of Wine

Such an explosive, psychedelic tune! Sounds like Cream on steroids!

This sounds like Cream. What the heck?

Structural this is top 5, it's just a great song with great lyrics and vocals and great instrumentals

9 Solitude is Bliss

Absolutely ridiculous that there's isn't a single song from Innerspeaker in the top 10. The album far less cliche than Currents

10 New Person, Same Old Mistakes

A masterpiece, the entire "Currents" album is such a work of art and this is the perfect song to close it out. That said, everything that Kevin Parker has done is amazing, it is so hard to pick just one song as the best.

17th? You gotta be kidding me. This is one of his best songs! Go listen, because obviously the only reason it's so low is because people haven't heard it apparently.

How is this so low? Masterpiece!

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11 'Cause I'm a Man

Pure bliss. Really hits me in the soul.

12 Expectation

This song was the first of their songs I heard. Hooked me right in.

13 Keep On Lying

Listen to this song during the peak of an acid trip, and you will understand. Each component is meticulously developed, and the end result is masterfully mixed... This song is, in a nutshell, perfect.

14 Yes I'm Changing

I believe one of the best Tame Impala song ever, just love to flow along the awesome thuds and the meaningful lyrics. It deserves to be in Top 10.

15 Sundown Syndrome

So damn underrated. This should be higher, honestly.

Why is this amazing song down here?

16 Ludicity

Raw & original. Ridiculously good.

17 Be Above It
18 Endors Toi
19 It Is Not Meant to Be

This is the best tame impala song!

20 Alter Ego

How is this so low?! This should AT LEAST be top 15-20 let alone 37. A lot of people would put this in the top ten, even NME did

Probably the nearest someone will ever get to 'A Day in the Life'...

Crime against humanity. Best tame impala song.

21 Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?

One of my favorite songs. Will never get tired of it.

22 Eventually

I thought this song will be in top twenties at least. I guess this song isn't that popular since it's ranked so low.
This song is a beautiful good-hearted breakup song. Not many of breakup songs are good-hearted. It has one of the best outros I've ever heard. If you are reading this please give a listen to this song. You won't regret it.

Seriously, this song needs to be top ten at the very least.

23 Nothing That Has Happened So Far Has Been Anything We Could Control

If you go on the Tame Impala subreddit, I guarantee you around 1/3rd of the people will say this is their favorite Tame song. A fan favorite for a reason. Love this song.

This is so great. Everything about it. I just love it so much and it's my favorite song of all time. It's so long and epic

24 The Moment

This has top 10 potential. Highly underrated, probably because of how poppy it is.

This is by far their best song, and easily the best song of 2015.

25 I Don't Really Mind
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