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The Neighbourhood is an American rock band formed in August 2011. The band is composed of vocalist Jesse Rutherford, guitarists Jeremy Freedman and Zach Abels, bassist Mikey Margott, and drummer Bryan Sammis.
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1 Sweater Weather

This song is amazing. I've known this band since I was in the first relationship . He was amazing like this song . He is gone now but this song still exist and remind me that how pretty he was.

I really like how catchy and chilled out this song sounds. This kind of describes beautiful weather in a way whilst looking out at the windows either at home or in a car.

Still in love with the song despite hearing it for like a million times. This song is beyond awesome!

2 Wires

The sound of the song is amazing and catchy. The meaning of the song is nice, and the acoustic version of this is BEAUTIFUL.

Could be the best song by the neighbourhood, I'm really in love with this.

The lyrics are significantly less edgy and more substantial than those of other NBHD songs.

3 Daddy Issues

Why is this 16?!? It should be in the top 10! It's slow, it's sweet, and one of the best songs on "Wiped Out! " Listen to it if you haven't already heard it.

Awesome, I listen it everyday no matter if I'm sad or happy, makes feel high and nostalgic. Really love this stuff!

No song stings like this one does, not a single one. It's on a whole other level of heavy.

4 R.I.P. 2 My Youth

The whole atmosphere of this song is fantastic. The lyrics are deep and have such emotion. And the last two lines before the song's breakdown, "I was naive and hopeful and lost, now I'm aware and driving my thoughts" always gives me chills.

This song needs to be number one! It's one of the greatest song I've ever heard in my entire life.. lyrics, melody, the whole atmosphere that brings every single time... this is a masterpiece!

Wrap me up in channel inside my coffin might go to hell and there ain't no stoping might be a sinner and I night be a saint I like to be proud but smh I'm ashamed.

to be honest it's a great tune

5 Afraid

I have to say, Afraid deserves a higher spot, great lyrics and melody. Also, Lurk places second. $ting is mostly lyrical but melody is a little repetitive.

This song literally describes me when I feel nervous or afraid about something. The lyrics are just somewhat relatable for me.

Afraid > Sweater Weather, please take it to number 1.


I absolutely love this song. It's amazing. "You say that you love me but you act like you don't." It's my fave song.

$TING has its weird vibe and that's why I think it's the best song.

$TING really gets me in a mood that no other song can.

7 Lurk

Also a new song by them and it gives me chills.

The beat is super catchy and dark. I love it

8 Let It Go

I know the others here are good but this song right here is class! It should be no. 1!

Perfect song, perfect video.

Remember what the people said, remember what the people said, what it's said and done, let it go

9 Prey

I love this song so much

Prey should be on top 10

10 Warm

"I'm never's never good enough." This song kills me! The Neighbourhood is known for their original beats and rhythms and this song does not disappoint. The church bell in the end gets me every time. I truly love every single song of The Neighbourhood's.

I love warm! I also love how the first few times I was listening to it I was thinking about where I use to live in Cali. Memories

I was obsessed with this song for a period.

The Contenders
11 Single

Definitely up there with sweater weather and wires, why so low?

Such a sweet and cute song. Catchy and lot different to what type of songs the Nbhd usually do, but an amazing song

Really? So low? His plea to Dave is so heartfelt

12 Cry Baby

My favorite song by them and my favorite song in general, why is this at 23? "I know I'll fall in love with you baby, yea that's just what I'll do" uggghhh great song & so catchy

This is my all-time favorite the nbhd song and my favorite song in general. The music, the lyrics, the singing, just everything about this song is perfect.

I want to scream this song out loud. Its lyrics are so relatable and intimate.

13 Female Robbery

The beginning always kills me. I think I found hell... I think I found something.

Okay, for me, this is the best song by the NBD. This deserves to be in the top 3.

Should definitely be at the top.

14 The Beach

The heeell guys this song is so god damn amazing, catchy as hell, and manages to be so sad but soothing and calm at the same time! Probably their best for me!

This song is so emotional, and Jessie's voice sounds amazing on it. Definitely in my top three.

This song is literally the best The Neighbourhood song! So emotional and catchy!

15 Honest

I have never seen this movie, but the song is excellent, and I can imagine the theme of the film.

"I hope you find a way to be yourself someday"
Hits me every time I listen to it!

Best song on this list hands down. Favorite song by them.

16 24/7
17 A Little Death

Love this song, why is it not higher?

This song is everything. Listen to it!

This should be so much higher!

18 Wiped Out!

Good great song

19 Baby Came Home 2 / Valentines

This song is hands down the most beautiful song they've ever created, next to "Warm."

20 W.D.Y.W.F.M.?

Why is this so far down... Probably the best song... Better than Afraid and Sweater Weather!

This is my personal favorite track. Don't know why it's 13.

I love this song! Disappointed it's so low, though.

21 Flawless

This always gonna reminds me of my crush, and I always wanna cry and tell him that I love him, when I'm listening to this song. But I won't tell him, because it's hopeless. This song is always gonna be ours, even if he don't know about it. I'm Hungarian, so my English is far from perfect sorry.

This song is awesome and the type of song that you'll never get bored with even if you play it for like gazillion times. come on IT DESERVES TOP 10!

Flawless inspired me so much to write my own music and stories, I can't believe it's not higher!

22 West Coast

It is so personal being from the West Coast. Though it is also so thought provoking as I compare the comparisons of the sky and ocean through the lyrics.

This song is absolutely groovy & deserves a top ten spot.

Come on, this should be way higher! West Coast is one of my favorites

23 You Get Me So High

I do not know this feeling, but it captures the essence.

Very underrated song, one of my favorites!

24 Cherry Flavoured
25 Alleyways

This is such an amazing song, it should be at least in the top 10!

Oh, I love this song but shoot I was about to make this list.

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