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The Rasmus has an impressive discography that spans decades, from their humble beginnings in the late '90s to international stardom in the 2000s. With albums like "Dead Letters" and "Hide from the Sun," the band has shown their ability to craft songs that resonate across a broad spectrum of emotions. Songs that can pump you up, make you reflect, or even bring a tear to your eye. We're talking about hits that have not only dominated Finnish charts but have also made waves internationally - yeah, "In The Shadows," we're looking at you.
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1 In the Shadows

Wicked song. Absolutely amazing guitar chords used for a catchy and undoubtedly underrated song. It is one of my favorite songs.

It's the song that first got me hooked onto The Rasmus and still manages to keep me hooked on their music.

Best Rasmus song. They should keep making songs like Dead Letters and Hide from the Sun.

2 Livin' in a World Without You

I think the best of The Rasmus is Livin' in a World Without You. I've been listening to this song since I was 13 (now I'm 21), along with In The Shadows, Dancer In The Dark, First Day Of My Life, Ten Black Roses, Still Standing, and Liquid. Just believe me, Livin' in a World Without You is better than all of these.

1. Livin' in a World Without You
2. Ten Black Roses
3. Still Standing

Very good song for venting your anger over someone, if you know what I mean. It feels like The Rasmus wants to get back at someone with this song. Definitely deserves to be among the best.

3 Sail Away

One of my favorite songs of all time! Incredible! It really touches my senses!

4 Guilty
5 Justify

Incredible song. You don't find many songs like this that address unborn love, because it's an odd thing to write about. However, The Rasmus does it so well. I love all their music, but this has to be my favorite.

It's their best song! Such perfect lyrics, such awesome music! Rasmus needs our support!

This song is awesome. Only God knows that I would die for this song.

6 No Fear

I love this band so much and I always will. I heard this one once on the radio and I was so shocked. I went on YouTube and started listening to their other songs as well and I just fell in love with them.

They are so underrated it hurts, but at the same time it's great. They are my little secret. The Rasmus has, by the way, some of the best fans in the world. They all are so committed and supportive.

I really love to be part of them. Lauri is extremely humble as well, as is the rest of the group. Right now I'm just so happy to finally see them live this year. I can't wait to hear especially this song. It means so much to me.

7 Lucifer's Angel

Really great song, dark. First song that got me hooked to The Rasmus. Totally listen to it. You won't regret it.

Great song, great lyrics, something different from the other songs of The Rasmus, but my favorite.

It's really an amazing one! Love it.

8 Ten Black Roses

Keep going like this. Everyone will give you roses.

If you again make a song like this, everyone will give you 1,000 black roses. Killer stuff.

9 Immortal
10 First Day of My Life

Definitely one of their finest songs. This one made me fall in love with the band.

This song is definitely one of the top tens, in my opinion! It's really amazing. Just listen, and you will understand me, I swear!

Listen to the intro. It should definitely be in the top 5.

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11 Ghost of Love

Great lyrics. Great music, as always. The Rasmus is the best. I just love all of its songs, but this one has something special in it. Just can't stop listening.

It's their best work, definitely. This song is one of the most impulsive songs that I've ever known.

12 Shot
13 Keep Your Heart Broken

Hey, Keep Your Heart Broken deserves a place in the top 5, at least. Just listen to its composition, music, and lyrics. Please vote.

The best song of The Rasmus. Love it!

14 Not Like the Other Girls

It's one of their most meaningful songs. It's sweet and inspiring.

15 Stranger

This song is definitely one of the best of The Rasmus. Beautiful lyrics with a great end.

My favorite song of this amazing band. It should be in the first position. It makes me feel very fine, like a drug, man!

16 I'm a Mess
17 Night After Night (Out of the Shadows)

This is for sure the best The Rasmus song.

I think this song has a beautiful melody, and I like the lyrics of the chorus very much.

18 Open my Eyes
19 Last Waltz
20 October & April

This song is so underrated. Nobody knows it. Otherwise, it would be one of the top 3 for sure. It's one of their best songs!

21 Time to Burn

I haven't heard a lot of The Rasmus' songs, but how is this one #26? That's all I need to say here.

22 Save Me Once Again

Oh! Really amazing song I have ever heard. Lyrics, music - all perfect.

23 Lost and Lonely
24 Wonderman
25 F-F-F-Falling

Amazing and funny. Heard them in Hamburg 2017. I think everyone shouted along to this killer song. Dedicated fan from Denmark.

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