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1 Good Vibrations

Brian wanted to give the world good vibes and he succeeded beautifully with this masterpiece. It's one of the best songs ever written.

I read a comment that said this was the Beach Boys version of Bohemian Rhapsody, but really, Bohemian Rhapsody was the Queen version of Good Vibrations.

This song has so much more structure and interesting sounds then God Only Knows. Just feel it needs to be #1.

I would honestly consider it a candidate for being the greatest song off all time!

2 God Only Knows

I have warm memories as a child listening to this great song and thought that it was the greatest thing I've ever listened to. Now it's a song I would play in the car during a date.

It always comes down to Good Vibrations or God Only Knows. I'll go with God. If Good Vibrations was included on Pet Sounds it would probably be the best pop album ever.

Though Good Vibrations is probably the most famous song from the Beach Boys, God Only Knows is one of the most beautiful songs ever written.

One of the most beautiful songs of all time. Good Vibrations is nice but God Only Knows truly touches the heart.

3 Wouldn't It Be Nice

Should be #1 for sure. I mean it's a classic. It was featured in so many movies. It's iconic, and it's a beautiful song. So it should be #1. In my opinion

Those opening chimes at the beginning...that wistful bit of melancholy you feel as you listen to it...THE perfect song on a day in late August as summer is ending watching a beautiful girl walking along the beach with a bit of autumn chill creeping in!

Wouldn't It Be Nice is easily the obvious choice here. Good Vibrations is a good song (no pun intended), but it is the cliche choice for number 1.

top three are:

1. Wouldn't It Be Nice
2. I Get Around
3. Kokomo

I'd love to wake up to this song every morning. It's just so amazing. Most definitely deserves number one spot.

4 I Get Around

I love this one it always makes me happy and gives me such a great feeling because it makes me think of all the times I was watching " Look Who's Talking" with my mom.

The Beach Boys walked into a bar and said: "Round round, get a round, I get a round"...

Such energizing song. It's great!

Great 60's pop tune.

5 California Girls

One of the greatest songs of all time, especially since I live in California and near the beach where they truly are the best honeys in the world.

So happy, upbeat, and just overall an amazing song and just so happens to be my most favorite song of all time.

6 Surfin' U.S.A.

WOW so under-rated. It should be easy in the top ten. Its easily in my top 3. Great song, common guys rate it up!

:0 So great, it's amazing!

7 Kokomo

I am 16 and I LOVE the Beach Boys. With a pure pride and joy. I know every last word to every single song. This mean I am committed to really decide a good song. This song, and many others on this list are AMAZING! However, this one frosts the cake by far. Its light and upbeat and it really gets your imagination go wild!

Brilliant song, a timeless classic! Vocals are flawless, and instrumental harmony impeccable! Molto bene, or as the Italians say, Molto bene! KOKOMO! Gracias...

Their best and their most famous! It's perfect to here it at summer, under the moon! Really nice! Enjoy this song ladies and gentlemen!

Ugh my absolute favorite and kinda sad to see people dog on this song for no reason. It feels like the perfect vacation song honestly for cruise goers

8 Surf's Up

How the hell is Kokomo above Surf's Up? Mike Love trying to be relevant vs. Brian Wilson on his absolute musical peak creating harmonies far beyond human?
This is just sad. Though I wouldn't agree, I'm fine with Good Vibrations, God Only Knows, Wouldn't It Be Nice, and California Girls being above this one, but Kokomo? What is wrong with this list?

Such a great song how is this number?! Piano is amazing.

I'm so glad to see it in the top ten where it belongs.

9 Fun, Fun, Fun

Catchy, quick and fun, fun fun!

10 Sloop John B.

Lyrics crafted off an American Folk song, but if we are being fair minimal of the Beach Boys music remains pertinent in terms of lyric meaning. The tune and construction a far more important - which makes it top 3 (in my opinion of course).

Powerful song, impeccable instrumentation throughout... Mike Love's vocals in the middle are the weak spot, though what do you expect.

My favourite. I know the lyrics are basic but the tune is irresistible. A timeless classic

One of the best on the Pet Sounds album.

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? Summer of Love
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11 Don't Worry Baby

I get tearful every time I hear this. So beautifully sung and makes me think of Summer. *Sigh*

Those high notes are something that only Brian would be able to hit.

Their very best if you ask me. Paul McCartney said it too.

The best song of Beach Boys.

12 Surfin' Safari

Dude, this is my REAL introduction to The Beach Boys, I mean, from Hawaii to the shores of Peru, this song definitely have Good Vibrations in here.

It's just a happy little ditty! I dunno, but somehow it's my favorite Beach Boys tune!

Awesome song. Love it

13 Heroes and Villains

It sounds great and it's a perfect song, but doesn't seem as experimental as some of the other stuff. Just a great song.

It's different from all the others. It has a little something that makes it more than a song. It's an experience.

Excellent it's like a psychedelic barbershop quartet.

God only knows is overrated. this is brian wilsons secound favorite beach boys, and I can't help but agree. it's like an entire album is contained in this song

14 Darlin'

Grew up listening to this song blasting in the car while I sat in my car seat, grew up having my dad sing this to me. My favorite Beach Boys song, hands down.!

How on earth can this song be so far off the top 5 songs I've no idea. Personally I love this song a lot.

My personal favorite, I have no idea why this song was not in top 10

15 Help Me, Rhonda

My "go to" song for Karaoke. A happy sing-a-long song. I'm a baseball PA announcer & often play it for 7th-inning stretch. It has such universal appeal & is so much fun that everyone's singing along. Great job, Alan!

A phenomenal job on lead vocals by Al Jardine!

Should be higher!

I love this song

16 You Still Believe In Me

Excellent vocals, especially in the outro, a psychedelic journey, this has to be one of the greats. The trouble is, pet sounds created so many epic songs.

Really underrated, even among fans. It's definitely in my top ten--maybe even five.

So much underrated!
An explosion of perfect sounds...

The best song on Pet Sounds in my opinion.

17 Surfer Girl

A pure classic. listened to it over and over during my tween years in Santa Cruz. Got my first kiss from my "girlfriend" at the Friday night dance.

Nice song. Should be higher!

18 Barbara Ann

I love the song because it reminds me of my best friend's Aunt.
It's also uplifting feel good song.

How on Earth is this so low? I figured that it had to be top 5-7 since it was so darn popular.

I love to dance to this song. I also like Wouldn't It Be Nice, Kokomo, Good Vibrations, and Luittle Saint Nick.

Reminds me of the girl I dated, Barbara Ann Buckler...

19 All I Wanna Do
20 Do It Again

What! How can this be ranked so low. It should be 2nd just behind Good Vibrations.

Great song with best hook of any of their recordings.

Simple but effective.

21 Somewhere Near Japan
22 In My Room
23 Little Saint Nick
24 Forever

How can this song be so under-rated? This song has to be the greatest love song ever written.Mesmerising vocals by Dennis Wilson and a very godly harmony vocals in this song.Even Brian Wilson admits that this son has the best harmony in all of the Beach Boys songs.

This song is incredibly beautiful! Dennis Wilson (R.I.P.) has a great voice. So much emotion and tenderness in this song. The only 'bad' thing is that its not long enough

Should be much higher!

25 The Warmth of the Sun

JFK was assassinated as Brian Wilson and Mike Love were writing this song. It took on a whole new meaning.

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