Top Ten Best Things About Dimash Kudaibergen

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1 He has a great voice

I love everything about him and what he represents. His commitment, his passion, his dedication to his Dears and music, and his message of love within his music.

His angelic and haunting voice will penetrate even the toughest of hearts and can bring a cold, tough man to tears. I listen and watch him every day and can never get enough. He's got it all. Truly the light of my life, and I am sure many others feel the same way.

Thank you, Dimash, for being you and sharing your beauty with all of us. Much love and respect from San Jose, California.

2 He is from Kazakhstan

Because he is proud of his country, people know a lot about Kazakhstan through him.

3 He is talented

He is not only a fantastic singer, but he is also a very talented actor, composer, and multi-instrumentalist. Very talented!

He is the most talented singer of all time, and nobody comes even close.

Immensely talented, I'll add. Superhuman singing abilities.

4 He doesn't use autotune

Like vocal coach Ken Tamplin said, "I think he's really an alien. In a world of autotune, this guy is just killing it."

Dimash doesn't need autotune because he's got the so-called perfect pitch, aka absolute pitch. Only 0.01% of people have it. He was only 5 years old when he told a piano was out of tune.

5 His vocal range is incredible

6 octaves and 3 notes, ladies and gents! From A1 to D8. He sounds mind-blowing from top to bottom of his entire range. No break. His voice is rich and beautiful from his baritone lows to his bird-like soprano notes.

6 His vocal technique is unbelievable

Like Drew Barrymore admitted, she thought there were at least 8 to 10 people singing and couldn't believe this was all happening from one person!

7 His live performances are awesome

He is so consistent and brilliant live. I got interested in him in March 2019. I'm writing this on May 30, and I'm still checking out only his live performances.

Incredibly captivating performer live.

8 His personality is awesome

I was looking for kindness in the list. This is the closest option. He is amazingly kind and promotes a message of peace and union with others regardless of their nation.

He promotes important values to our world, like inner spirituality and morals instead of fame and money. Being human before being a singer or teacher.

Not only his voice but also his personality are some of the best things to ever grace this earth.

Love his personality. Fame didn't seem to negatively affect him. I respect his talent and respect him as a person.

9 His pitch is perfect

I keep analyzing his voice (only live performances so far), and his perfect pitch, even live, amazes me. I already know that his absolutely perfect pitch was noticed when he was 5 years old. At 5, he told a piano was out of tune and was able to reproduce notes with perfect pitch, aka absolute pitch.

So that's a natural ability. He's exceptionally gifted. Only 0.01% of people have perfect pitch, but not all of them are singers. We don't have many chances to hear a singer with perfect pitch in a human lifespan.

10 He is well educated and has good manners.
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11 He has been taught music since he was 5

And it shows all the time. He turned 25 in 2019. So, 20 years of training.

12 He can sing in more than one language
13 He plays many musical instruments

Piano, dombra, drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, marimba, bayan, and cello.

At the age of six, in 2000, he won the national piano contest Aynalayin. His grandfather is a dombra player (dombra is a folk string instrument). I watched a video with Dimash playing it live (Dimash Kudaibergen - ADAI), and I liked it so much that, believe it or not, I began headbanging to it.

I think that playing drums helped him a lot with singing the 2019 song "Ogni Pietra [Olympico]." This is an opera song written for him, and it's very rhythmic, with a strong, fast-paced beat that is typical for rock/metal and not for opera.

A typical opera singer would struggle with that rhythm, but not Dimash because he plays rock beats on the drums. From what I've seen (drum solos, live), I think he really loves the drums. So he has both melody and rhythm.

14 He likes children and respects the elders

"Children are angels and they shouldn't cry" - Dimash Kudaibergen.

He quit the "World's Best" competition in the US in 2019 to give kids a chance to fulfill their dreams and win $1 million. I think Dimash was about to win, so why did he sacrifice himself? Because a true man doesn't compete against kids - a true man helps kids fulfill their dreams. What Dimash did was a class act of selflessness and self-sacrifice.

15 He covered the Power Rangers theme
16 He is very charismatic
17 He has a cool name
18 He has nice hair
19 He became famous through a TV show
20 He makes his haters go wild with rage

It seems like "Dimash Derangement Syndrome."

His haters seem like somebody with road rage.

21 He is a great role model

As of 2019, he still is. He said he doesn't want to become a "star-head," which is great. But show business is a dirty place, so we'll see. He's nice, yet he's got a strong character, and there is hope.

22 He is very elegant and stylish

Dimash is the most elegant and stylish singer! He looks like a supermodel! He is one of the most handsome male singers!

23 He is noble

He is a very noble man, brought up in the best traditions of a good society!

24 He is patriot of his homeland

He loves his homeland - Kazakhstan, and he loves his national culture very much.

25 He is gorgeous
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