Top 10 Best Pantera Songs

The list is self-explanatory. These are the best Pantera songs ever! Rest in peace, Dime.
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1 Cemetery Gates - Cowboys from Hell

The riffs are amazing, and the one-take improv solo is breathtaking. This song is essential for any metalhead, much like everything else Pantera produced. Rest in peace, Dimebag. We miss you.

Anselmo's mesmerizing vocals define the song. Dimebag's guitar work includes what may be one of the greatest guitar solos of all time.

Simply amazing. I always get the chills when I listen to it, but the good kind.

2 Cowboys from Hell - Cowboys from Hell

I love all Pantera. They are awesome, but I think that since this is the song that made them break into the mainstream, it should be number one. Also, this song is just kick-ass. The second-best guitar solo by Dimebag, the first being Walk, but everything else, such as the riff and the vocals, are so much better.

Dimebag... Amazing guitar riffs and solo. Pantera rules. Simply a masterpiece. Simply awesome.

Nothing better than this song. Too bad they're no longer around, damn selfish fan that took Dimebag away from us.

3 Walk - Vulgar Display of Power

Cemetery Gates and Cowboys from Hell are well justified in their spot in their own right, but there is something about Walk that sets the tone for the band itself. The attitude, the slamming guitar riff, and Phil's vocals make it my personal favorite, and it's the song that got me into Pantera in the first place.

The distorted riff is simple yet incredibly catchy. The lyrics are relatable, conveying an important message. This is, for me, Pantera's best work.

The intro is unbelievably awesome, and the solo is incredible. The vocals are great. Every time I hear this song, it pumps me up. It deserves to be number one!

4 Floods - The Great Southern Trendkill

Floods is the best song by Pantera, in my opinion. It has a chilling vibe but also captures you and takes you for a ride. It hits you with a chilling intro, then tells you a chilling story through and through. Afterwards, you get hit with the first part of a very powerful breakdown (surprisingly, I only saw one comment on it), then a serenading solo that leads to the second part of the breakdown, and it finally finishes off with the outro, which is the best part of the song.

Make this number 1! It's perfection at its best. The clean, twangy guitars in the intro and the vocals just make it magic to hear. It's written in stone that you shall have an eargasm while listening to it, and the solo is the BEST I've ever heard! Dimebag went full amazing there!

Rest in Peace.

5 5 Minutes Alone - Far Beyond Driven

Don't bother searching for a heavier, grimier song than this. Easily the best riff, and one of the best choruses you will ever hear from Pantera. It needs to be higher. It definitely deserves to.

One of the heaviest and greatest songs you will ever listen to. I literally want to mosh every time I hear it.

One of the heaviest songs of all time. It gets me pumped to do whatever it is, whether it's running or tying my shoes!

6 Mouth for War - Vulgar Display of Power

I love it. I crank my stereo up so loud that the cops always tell me to turn the music down. I tell them to leave me alone and crank it up some more. Thanks, Pantera, your music makes me feel unstoppable. Rock on. Damage.

This song pumps me up every time I listen to it. It's a brutal song, easily one of Pantera's best works. Dimebag's solo is amazing.

I'm so glad this song is the first to play on the Vulgar Display of Power album. It gets me pumped whenever I listen to it.

7 I'm Broken - Far Beyond Driven

"Too young for one's conclusion
The lifestyle won
Such values you taught your son
That's how
Look at me now
I'm broken!"

Phil and Dime equal perfection.

This was the first song I heard using the Scream Vocal Method. I don't think it gets much better than this! Long live Diamond Darrell!

My favorite Pantera riff. The groove mixes well with Phil's powerful vocals.

8 Domination - Cowboys from Hell

Hands down, one of the best songs in the history of metal. Each part of it is a masterpiece on its own. The killer riff, Anselmo's fierce vocal delivery, and great lyrics (Binds are like steel and manipulate the will to be... Soon we'll forget as there's nothing else left to destroy), an amazing rhythm section by Rex and Vinnie, and that mind-blowing, finger-breaking solo from Dime. And after all that, witnessing the heaviest and most brutal piece of audio man has ever made: that sick breakdown. The live in Moscow version can easily be crowned as one of the best metal performances in history, not if it's said to be the best.

R.I.P. Dimebag, your genius, creativity, and virtuosity will be remembered forever.

9 F****** Hostile - Vulgar Display of Power

How is this number 13? This song has everything Pantera is good at: killer grooves, thrashy tone, insane vocals, and an awesome instrumental. To me, this is a defining Pantera song and should be placed way higher than 13. In my opinion, it should be in the top 5.

Pure rage and power. It stimulates your heavy metal senses and still kicks every other band's asses!

In only four seconds you feel the power and rage!

10 This Love - Vulgar Display of Power

Yes. This is my favorite, alongside Cemetery Gates. The people here have excellent taste in music. I love the entire song from beginning to end. The frontman, Phil, commands respect.

I absolutely love it when a song takes it slow and with such feeling, and then BAM, they hit you with some sick heavy riff!

The amazing drumbeat starts from low to high, making the headbangers' party go crazy.

The Contenders
11 Hollow - Vulgar Display of Power

You posers want to look tough by voting for all the heavy stuff. If you even paid attention to the lyrics and how Phil screams this song out, this song would be number one. It's got the heart, and the courage to say, "Hey, I'm allowed to cry too. My best friend is dying here, and there's nothing I can do about it." It's not about the heavy riffs, even though Pantera was the heaviest out there. It's about how the music grabs you, and if Hollow doesn't grab you, you're just another poser.

This might be my favorite Pantera song. It's a deeply emotional and moving track. I'm drawn to any song that starts off slow and then explodes into high energy.

12 Revolution is My Name - Reinventing the Steel

This is the greatest song on their greatest album. I own all 9 albums plus the live album. The intro is awesome, there are tons of killer riffs, 2 great solos, and some of Phil's best vocals of his career. I love the switch from yelling to screaming to singing. It's a brilliant song and great live too.

This song has to be ranked higher. It epitomizes Dimebag. The lyrics resonate deeply with any metalhead, and the song overall is just amazing. Pantera has many other good songs, but this one stands out as the best.

The breakdown solo just has the perfect combination of screaming guitar and thunderous bass.

13 A New Level - Vulgar Display of Power

This is a tough list to do. I love them all, but I remember when this album came out. I wish they were still tearing it up. I saw Far Beyond Driven at the panel room in Chicago when I was younger. Them and Slayer have the greatest moshes. Pantera is the greatest ever. Rest in Peace, Dime. We miss you.

Probably Pantera's most complex song, which is probably why it was rarely played live. The bass line is beyond sick.

One of Dime's most chaotic solos is in this song. Also, the main riff is crushing.

14 Drag the Waters - The Great Southern Trendkill

Killer song through and through! The best off the Southern Trendkill album, classic Pantera!

This is their best song. Number one, please.

15 Slaughtered - Far Beyond Driven

I listened through all of Pantera's albums in one very long sitting. There was one song that stood above the rest: "Slaughtered." The opening riff/verse is like a jackhammer, the chorus riff is like a chainsaw, and the interlude is like being surrounded and shot at by a firing squad armed with a vast assortment of different guns. There is no solo, and for this song alone, that's a good thing. This is basically the Texas Chainsaw Massacre the song.

This has always been my second favorite Pantera song, right behind Hostile. I can't understand why it's so unrecognized by fans. It features the best chorus by far!

16 Becoming - Far Beyond Driven

That drumming has got to get anyone headbanging in their living room!

Thirty-one, are you serious?! This needs to be in the top 10!

17 The Sleep - Cowboys from Hell

People keep voting for hit songs that were accepted on MTV. That doesn't mean these songs are their best songs. Listen to the structure of this song, the melodic intro, the amazing solo, the deep lyrics about responsibility...

This song showcases Phil's powerful and dynamic vocals. The rest of the band members are clearly the best at what they do and continue to resonate with true metalheads today. It's an amazing song.

Underrated song off the album. It has a chilling acoustic riff in the intro, as well as one of Dimebag's best guitar solos ever!

18 Suicide Note Pt. II - The Great Southern Trendkill

Maybe one of the greatest songs in history. It deserves at least top 3.

19 Primal Concrete Sledge - Cowboys from Hell

Easily one of the top five songs. It features super fast shredding, ripping vocals, and just an awesome overall rhythm. Why is it rated so low?

This song transformed me from a Pantera detractor to a devoted fan. The drumming groove is ingenious, and Dime's riffing, especially in the breakdown, is brilliant.

Pantera's most underrated song. Deserves a top 5 spot.

20 Psycho Holiday - Cowboys from Hell

Awesome opening and continuing riff. The vocals work really well with the groove and flow. It's an easily overlooked song.

This song is so amazing and crazy! Only maniacs can write things like this.

Amazing song! The riff and vocals are epic.
My top 3:

1. Cowboys From Hell
2. Walk
3. Psycho Holiday

21 Use My Third Arm - Far Beyond Driven

What a truly epic metal song. It's so heavy and hard-hitting, yet so underrated. If you haven't heard it yet, I suggest you check it out immediately. Plus, the ending is part of the unreleased song Piss. What a great song.

Very underrated song. True metal in this song and it never fails to get my head banging.

This should be in the top ten. People will always call this an "honorable mention," but really it beats out most of the current top ten.

22 The Art of Shredding - Cowboys from Hell

Are you kidding me? I just don't understand why people don't appreciate this song. It may not be Walk or Cowboys from Hell, but it surely ranks in the top ten.

Best drumming of Vinnie Paul here.

23 Rise - Vulgar Display of Power

This track is definitely one of their most underrated. The solo is particularly outstanding - truly one of the most kickass moments in music.

Great rhythms and groovy riffing!

24 Regular People (Conceit) - Vulgar Display of Power

Of all the Pantera songs, and there are a lot of them, this one has the lyrics, the message, and the heavy riffs that go perfectly together. If you are a Pantera fan, then you know the very first note of this song invokes what this band is all about.

25 10's - The Great Southern Trendkill

The most underrated song. Vulgar Display of Power was their best album, but whoever said it was their only good album is on crack. The list should look like this: 1) 10's, 2) Shedding Skin, 3) Cowboys from Hell, 4) Cemetery Gates, 5) This Love, 6) Domination, 7) Walk, 8) A New Level, 9) Death Rattle, 10) I'm Broken. But it's just my opinion. All their songs are badass.

I'm surprised this song was actually used in Dragon Ball Z at one point. It's probably a song to introduce anime fans to metal, if you ask.

Onto the song itself. It's pretty good, and it's a showcase for Anselmo's vocal range. I also like Dime's cranky guitars in the solos.

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