Top 10 Best Arctic Monkeys Songs

I understand that all Arctic Monkeys songs are awesome, but here is the top 10. Please vote and comment.
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1 Do I Wanna Know?

Absolute brilliance by the Monkeys. Gotta love that riffing trademark of theirs that runs throughout the song. This song is a brilliant example of it. It brings up images of black and white footage with lots of cigar smoke in the air and the smell of brandy.

I can listen to it on repeat and not get tired of it. I read about this song in a book and it introduced me to their brilliance. The song is outstanding. The lyrics are beautiful. The instrumentals are easily recognizable and completely unique. Awesome song.

2 Fluorescent Adolescent

I love this song. It's too bad for people who live in the US, including me, who never heard of this song until 2013. That's when Arctic Monkeys finally broke through the US market, exposing the band's earlier catalog to US citizens.

"Do I Wanna Know?" is a good song, but it is not their best. I feel "Fluorescent Adolescent" is more worthy of being Arctic Monkeys' best song over "Do I Wanna Know?" Some might argue that Arctic Monkeys have better songs than "Fluorescent Adolescent," but in my opinion, "Fluorescent Adolescent" is the greatest Arctic Monkeys song of all time. Anyways, that's all I have to say. Goodbye.

3 R U Mine?

Awesome tune. It's an impossible task choosing my favorite Arctic's track, but this one is still really fresh. It's amazing to know that they are still producing quality tunes six years after WPSIATWIN!

Both the lyrics and the delivery are perfect on this song. The new album is quality. I just listened to it.

Such a catchy chorus and just an overall great song! It's up there as one of their best, I believe, but there are many amazing Arctic Monkeys songs for it to contend with! I think it should be in the top 5!

As much as I love Arctic Monkeys, Suck It and See didn't quite live up to their standards. This was quite a refreshing tune after something as terrible as Brick by Brick.

4 A Certain Romance

By far their best song. The lyrics are easily relatable, the guitar interplay is genius, with every riff and chord fitting together like puzzle pieces. Not to mention, it's the greatest album closing song of all time. I've never listened to an album that feels more complete by the end than Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not.

This song embodies everything that truly represents Arctic Monkeys. It opens with the power of I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor, then takes you through powerful storytelling similar to the likes of Mardy Bum, and concludes with an extremely intense ending. It has everything. Their best song by far.

5 I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor

An absolute stunner and a quality song. I got all my friends hooked on Arctic Monkeys after introducing them to this song.

Not only is the beat infectious, but the lyrics are as well. Even after all these years, it has remained my favorite song of theirs. I hope they continue to make music for many more years.

This song, primarily composed of drums, guitar, and vocals, is incredibly powerful to me. The only way I can describe this song is that it makes you want to look good on the dancefloor, meaning it compels you to dance and rock out.

6 505

The ability to create a song with only two chords that doesn't get boring for over four minutes alone makes for a top 10 song. Indeed, it's a very catchy, well-written, and overall well-made song that you'll be humming long after it ends. Great job, guys.

I can't believe it's not number 1. This is their best song, hands down. Everything about it is perfect: the lyrics, rhythm, guitar, drums - everything. The last part ALWAYS gives me chills. I saw them live last year, and I almost died when they performed it.

How is this not number one? Not only is it easily their best song, but it is also one of my favorites of all time. I have a shirt with the lyrics, and, you guessed it, that's what my account name is about.

7 Crying Lightning

Crying Lightning is one of the best rock songs in modern times. The chorus is one of the best in rock history, and its emotional depth rivals that of Stairway to Heaven. This song undergoes various changes, making it a clear masterpiece. I'm worried that Alex might not write a better song than this.

This is an absolutely brilliant song! It's only overlooked because it was on Humbug, but seriously, this is an amazing song that deserves to be in the top 5!

How is this only #9? "Crying Lightning" is definitely the highlight of "Humbug." It's so subtly alluring with its memorable riffs that resonate deeply.

"And your pastimes consisted of the strange, twisted, and deranged, and I hate that little game you had called... CRYING LIGHTNING..."

8 Mardy Bum

Mardy Bum was the first Arctic Monkeys song I heard and it instantly captivated me. Its smooth lyrics, chord progression, and tone make it truly beautiful. It's a shame that it remains an underrated song.

I love the strumming patterns and the lyrics! It's a classic tune by a legendary band. I saw them headline Friday night at Glastonbury in a particular year and their performance that night was stellar!

I'm not sure when I first heard Mardy Bum, but it was my initial exposure to Arctic Monkeys and it definitely got me hooked! The guitar parts and rhythms are so catchy and perfectly encapsulate the band's sound and talent.

9 When the Sun Goes Down

Such an epic song! One of their best for sure. I love how it starts slow but then becomes very aggressive. The sample here isn't the real deal. If you want the real experience of When the Sun Goes Down, play the entire song. Every moment is pure gold!

The first song I ever heard from them was When the Sun Goes Down. At first, in the initial seconds, I thought it was some Brit folk. However, after giving it a chance, it blew me away. I was instantly hooked on the AM and have been since that day.

I wouldn't say 505 and Do Me a Favour are garbage, but I have to admit, neither of those two should even be in the top 20. When the Sun Goes Down is my personal favorite, and I do believe it's one of their best.

10 Brianstorm

Some time ago, I didn't know much about the Arctic Monkeys until I heard this song in a friend's car. I was taken aback and asked, "Dude, what's the name of this song? It's awesome!" This song introduced me to their music. It's easily in the top 3 for me.

Brianstorm accentuates everything wonderful about Favourite Worst Nightmare and the Arctic Monkeys as a band. This song transitioned them from a great band influenced by others to an influential band in their own right.

It's a big tune and exudes swag. I would award a Nobel Prize to anyone who can find an individual with ears, under the age of 95, who doesn't like this song.

The Contenders
11 Dance Little Liar

Simply the best Arctic Monkeys track. The lyrics are epic. This should be number 1. The bass solo is epic, and the drums are awesome. Alex Turner is awesome.

The best Arctic Monkeys song. Everything is incredible in this song: bass, drums, guitar, voice, lyrics. It should be number 1, without any doubts.

I was torn between this song, The View from the Afternoon, Balaclava, and Arabella.

12 Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?

The first song of AM that I listened to, and I'm instantly hooked on the band. I've been a fan since then. It's one of the best songs of AM and my personal favorite of all time!

This was the first song I listened to by the Arctic Monkeys, and I became instantly addicted to them. Not sure why this isn't in the top 5, but it should be!

I've always been obsessed with this song since the first time I heard it. It's got to be my favorite Arctic Monkeys song and definitely their longest titled one.

13 Cornerstone

For me, A Certain Romance and Cornerstone are the band's best, despite the fact that I love almost every song by them. But Cornerstone is just top-notch perfect. Rarely do the chord progression, the guitar riffs, the bass line, the drums, the voice, and the lyrics fit so perfectly.

Alex Turner tells a story through his song about the quest to find his lost love in such a masterful way that it leaves me marveling. It is full of romance, love, misery, humor, and despite being a love ballad, the song does not shy away from taking a slightly dirty yet funny twist at the end. I think this song is extremely underrated, and I am glad that the band is playing it live again.

14 From the Ritz to the Rubble

Again, a song that firmly established AM's strengths as a band in their ability to progress a song. It's like a machine gun of lyrics rolling off Turner's tongue for the first verse that lasts a solid minute. Then it moves into an explosive chorus, followed by a bridge, amazing guitar riffs, and stellar drumming.

Never a disappointment. Dance Little Liar, R U Mine, and this song are tied for my favorite AM songs.

Alex Turner perfectly paints the picture of a lads' night out on a Saturday night in town here. With the line Behind the go through to the bit that you pay, you somehow exactly know what he means.

15 Do Me a Favour

This one, like 505, showcases the best of Arctic Monkeys' qualities: Alex's voice, that bass, those drums. And it just grooves. It gives you both the mellower side and, by the end, the louder, spittier side of the band.

Such a powerful song. The lyrics are amazing. They really portray a sad scene well. Plus, the music is amazing. And Alex's voice just sells it.

16 Teddy Picker

I loved the second album, my favorite by the Monkeys. However, I feel Brianstorm is getting too many votes. Yes, it's great, but it doesn't need that many. 505 and Teddy Picker deserve more votes, as do Leave Before the Lights Come On, Do Me A Favour, and Old Yellow Bricks.

I love the contrast between the verses and the chorus. It makes me want to sing along, and I love listening to it over and over again. This and Mardy Bum are probably a tie for me.

This should at least be in the top 5! It's much better than the other two overrated singles. This is genuine Indie Rock!

17 Arabella

Awesome song. The best in AM. Everything is perfect, and the lyrics are some of the best of all time: "And when she needs shelter from reality, she takes a dip in my daydreams."

One of the best songs from Arctic Monkeys. It's a really groovy track that hits you smoothly and enters your favorite song list.

Amazing song! Great lyrics, great guitar solo, and some of the best drumming out there!

18 Pretty Visitors

Why are only the most well-known songs in the top ten? This deserves to be there!

Most awesome song ever. 101? What? Go listen to the song! NOW!

98? You people probably never heard Pretty Visitors.

19 Stop the World I Wanna Get Off with You

Why would anybody like this song?

1. It's relatable.
2. It has groovy beats.
3. It has an awesome tune.
4. It's incredibly catchy.
5. It's relatable.

What more do you want?

It's a tragedy that this slips through the net for a lot of people as it just missed out on being on AM.

Brilliant song, very well crafted and never gets old. My favorite indeed!

20 Fake Tales of San Francisco

This song is full of energy. I've been a fan of this band since the first time I heard this song. Every time I listen to this song, I find the energy to do whatever I need to do.

The voice is great. It sounds really natural. The drums and guitar give power to the song, and during the chorus, the voices of the entire band add something to the song that I cannot explain, making it so exciting. "I'm not from New York City, I'm from... Anywhere..." Thanks, Arctic Monkeys!

Maybe people think the beginning's kind of weak. That's the only thing I can think of as to why this isn't at least in the top ten. The ending is awesome, and the lyrics are pretty powerful in that sort of backstreet, British way.

21 Library Pictures

This is one of their catchiest and greatest songs. I don't know why this isn't in the top ten.

22 If You Were There, Beware

It's in Favourite Worst Nightmare but sounds so Humbug. Very underrated, but very cool at the same time.

This song deserves to be in the top ten list.

23 The View from the Afternoon

This is the first song of the first album, and it's awesome. Alex Turner said, "This is one of the last songs written for the album. There's nothing clever about it. It's just about anticipating the evening, finding comfort in familiarity, and knowing you're bound to send a daft message or something before the sun comes up. I think I've stopped doing that now."

I'm not sure if this is necessarily my favorite (too many great songs!) but I think it deserves my vote. Everything in it, both music and vocals, is pure emotion. Such an awesome song!

24 Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair

This song is by far my favorite! I know the songs from their first record are considered the best, but this song is truly amazing.

This song is by far my favorite among the others like Arabella. Ranking it at #30 is too low.

25 Riot Van

Though short, this song is a rare show of the beautifully soft and smooth lyrics and tunes that set it aside from the usual all-guns-blazing guitar and drums. This style is shown in other songs such as 'Mardy Bum,' '505,' and 'The Only Ones Who Know,' which all to this day remain in high regard with fans.

The witty and wistful lyrics of their lives as teenagers on the streets toying with police, no cares for adult life. This song to this day remains one of their best written and beautiful songs.

I love how he acts clueless about the drinking age.

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