Top 10 Best Native American Rap Artists

Native rappers make a great deal of social-political commentary on numerous issues from racism, to political corruptions and social injustice.
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1 City Natives

City Natives is a canadian aboriginal based group consisting of four members: Beaatz, IllFundz, Gearl & BnE. Originating from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, all four members whom are closely affiliated with one another, decided to form what they consider as an "unstoppable" alliance. Individually, they all possess certain styles and aspects of the hip-hop industry. From underground to mainstream, they have combined their talents together to provide an original and unique style of music that differentiates them from other artists. As solo artists, they've all built a solid resume for themselves over the years as well as gained numerous fans through-out all of Canada. Working together, the group found themselves nominated for Aboriginal Recording Of The Year through the East Coast Music Awards of 2013. Without a debut album, they've certainly done well for themselves and continue to represent their people as well pursue the dreams they've set out to fulfill. With your continuous support ...more

I'm so proud of these young men. Their music touches so many people in so many different ways. Their lyrics comes from their hearts and you can tell when you listen to the words. I'm one proud Mom of one of these guys but I'm also proud of each and everyone of them that brings their own unique talent out. !

They speak from the heart. The passion comes out in the lyrics. They represent the east coast with extreme presents. No joke. They should be national. International. Doing shows with a member of the Wu Tang Clan. They are for real. Recgnize.

I know BnE and from what I see the boys his with got a lot of grind and I don't see a problem with this group of natives making it too the top. lots of success to the city natives and congratulations with all your success. Keep it real! WESTSIDE for life!

2 Beat Vandalz

They are amazing at what they do. From the bars they spit, to their ability to get a crowd hyped. These guys are the full package. While sticking to hip hops true art forms! Go Beat Vandalz!

I voted because they are selfless artists. Their drive begins with their love for music, and also members of the group use their gifts to help those in need.

They have a great sound and a big following will be the next to go on the road and hit it BIG.

I have listened to them when they first started... Awesome!

3 Halfsmoked

Awesome to have Native rappers... And I especially like how you have your wife Lucille included in your music. I sincerely hope the people in the villages will be able to see performances live.

Halfsmoked is a talented Native rapper who has been featured on Alaska statewide television specials and has music available on YouTube, ITunes and Soundcloud.

I have worked with Halfsmoked since he was a teenager. Dedication and creativity have always been his strong points. He is the real deal and speaks from his heart.

I've doing music with smoke and he's awesome... he puts energy in who ever he spit with... he's like my lil bro but on the real he's tight... and I have major love and respect for my natives... Big up 2 my Seminole Indians in Florida

4 Geno

Very Well Known in White Mountain Apache Tribe! Always reppin' the Apache Tribe! Very Humble Dude and Music is Banging

5 R.E.D.D.

Niawenkowa R.E.D.D. For representing our Mohawk nation, teching our children to grow up with out drugs and alcohol sharing your talent with us! Showing our next generation how to make a honest living with out evil! Andy

REDD is going straight to the top this year!
Keep up the good work fellas! Keep killin it!

Still waiting to get one of those exclusive CD's but anything you guys have done is awesome... Keep Reppin your Rez guys... , Stuart

Love you guys... Lets everyone vote and help my brothers make the top ten.

6 StenJoddi

My man is very talented and very determined to challenge himself to become better and better with each album he has. I'm very proud of this man, he deserves to be on top!

He's a great rapper and really came from the bottom and from nothing like he raps about so Joddi just keep it real and never forget where you came from.

This dude is flat out the dopest out today and could easily compete at the professional level if giving the right backing...I'm watching in anticipation for him to rise above em all! #Tattoomuzik

Been around quite awhile. Always representing his music, great person in real life laugh out loud! Real passion for his wrk!

7 Red Cloud

RedCloud is By far the best Freestyler I have ever met! Hands down the King of the battle rap game, creative & a master in all his flows and skills. Very theatrical lyrics he puts down. He's comes highly recommended! Don't miss out!

Red Cloud, hands down the illest freestyle rapper ever. Heard his stuff and was hooked. He's doing a lot for himself as well as the rest of lightning cloud. He has my vote.

I've known him since the beginning, the boy cannot be stopped, he takes on all challengers and buries them where they stand.

These other artists have their fans explaining who they are! Laugh out loud! If you have to explain, you aren't number 1... RedCloud all day!

8 54 Hundred

Apacheland artist that speaks of the struggle and brings a sound that can only be called Arizona..

This native real with his...

9 Shawdi

CONGRATULATIONS Nephew this is a well deserved Accomplishment for you so proud to know grip a lot had a part in building your career.

Grip a lot Records

Grip a lot Spell It Right Or Keep It Off Your Fingers laugh out loud

10 Supaman

Supa Man is Native Hip Hop! There is no question about his Native Heritage. The lyrics are fresh and rez! No other rapper says I'm from the rez and I still point with my lips. That's keeping it real rez. If you want positivity. He has that as there are not cuss words in his music and he is good family Christian man. Drug and alcohol free. Preaching the word of God. Don't get no better then that! Much Blessings to Supa Man!

He is the best! He is not afraid to share his heritage or his belief in God the Father. Supaman is one of a kind. Our native kids need his type of good energy.. Thanks to his family for allowing him to share with us all..

Supaman gets it! He speaks the truth from experience. He tells it like it is. I love how he raps about Heavenly Father and unity for all. Hands down, he's the # 1 American Indian Hip Hop artist.

Always uplifting. Supaman uses humor and truth to entertain and bring hope and honor to our people. Not only is he the best rapper but he is also the best fancy dance.

The Contenders
11 King Blizz

King Blizz definitely has some bangers and brings that mainstream sound and flavor. Smooth rhymes and killa tracks. Arizona freshman, expect to hear more from this cat.

Dope song the best out now check put my boy king Blizz money & power

That's my 1 vote

12 Ashkii Lee

Ashkii lee have my baby

Illest kid around

One of the realest

Real as they come

13 J-Rez

Okay first I like to say keep up the good woe bro. Second we have to go up big hills and small hills. Third be your self and have fun all the time man. Fourth keep making them beats and rhymes we will make it to the top together. Tahoo! Annie! Quay! Much love. Oh yeah as that the fifth one? Laugh out loud

"Lovin' the motivation inspiration vibrations, ripplin' cross the Nation, proud to call you my relaation JREZ's time he ain't wastin', like a salmon, up stream he may be facin', no he don't need be racin', for this shift in his situation, is the sustained appropriation of this gift we call LIFE. Best wishes because, don't know if you know, but you continue to inspire, INDspire, us Natives to acquire and transpire the visions and hopes of the prohpetic 8th Fire! " JREZ... Gchi miigwetch.. it's epic.

J-Rez is probably my fave out of any Nish Artist. Its inspiring to see a member of the community telling a story of an everyday aboriginal. His presence is humbling as well as motivating.

J-Rez is the future of hip-hop, bringing indigenous cultural issues to the fore-front of mainstream music. Biggie reincarnated, Notorious N.8.V.

14 Luscious

Talented Alaskan Native rapper & singer; married to Halfsmoked

15 FBI (F***** Badass Indians)
16 Deuces

Grip a lot Records

17 Maniac: The Siouxpernatural

One of the only Native MCs to make harder, darker hip-hop, super lyrical

Music from the heart!

18 Bigg Ceaser

All the way my. Friend.

19 Brandis B. Knudsen

Hailing from South Dakota, one of the quickest rising Native American artists in the industry with his self-titled debut album featuring Hopsin, Spice 1, G. Baby Prince of G-Unit West, and platinum producer Lex Lucazi recording sales across five different countries and having been nominated for five music awards.

His remake of Redbone's "Come and Get Your Love" will be a classic single!

His self-titled debut album B. of Dakota South Records is a classic!

Best there is! Good luck B!

20 Shining Soul

My boy alex been @ it ever since!

21 Apache Savage
22 K-Town Villain

I produce this guy, he's dedicated, speaks his mind and isn't about getting to the mainstream, all about the underground and keeping it real hip hop

23 Fred Benz

Enjoy the music keep your head up and keep going with the music

24 War Party
25 Crook Nation
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