Top Ten Primus Songs

They're my favorite so I thought I would make this list.
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1 My Name is Mud

The raw, simplistic, contagiousness of the bass line combined with the unabashed cold-bloodedness of the lyrics makes this one hauntingly legendary.

This is a classic. The bass at the beginning is one of the best ever in the history of music.

The groove with that bass line and the drums, as well as the messed-up lyrics, make it magical!

2 Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

How is this not better than John the Fisherman? Like seriously, it's amazing! I heard it a long time ago though.

3 Tommy the Cat

Les Claypool's bass playing on this song is fantastic on its own, but one of life's great mysteries is how he plays and sings it at the same time.

Incredible song. And it's even more amazing live with the extended guitar and bass solos, and always going into an epic jam!

A masterpiece of nonsense that is challenging to understand, let alone learn to play. A true example of the madness of Primus.

4 John the Fisherman
5 Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

Fun, obscure, upbeat, nonsensical, quirky. This song is the best song to cheer anyone up.

Strange western influences in this song. Larry LaLonde is very underrated!

Beaver is just too quick. Grabbed me by my kiwis, now I ain't pissed for a week.

6 Too Many Puppies

This song is so good that Korn had to copy the intro. I love this song because even though the metaphor may seem silly, it perfectly conveys his message.

Too many puppies are being shot in the dark.

7 American Life

Look, I'm not a Primus fan and I don't like their music, but I can't deny that this is a good song. It's got everything from the killer bass to the guitar shred and the lyrics. This is the only Primus track I like, and it's for a good reason.

It doesn't sound like Primus, but it's a perfect song. The vocals, the bass, and the guitar solos in the background. Soft and powerful. Amazing.

Just a flawless track overall. I could listen to it all day and not be annoyed by it. My favorite Primus song!


It's catchy, and it demonstrates how awesome Les Claypool is, and how down-to-earth he is compared to other artists out there.

9 Those Damned Blue Collared Tweekers

You have to listen to it live to fully appreciate it! One of the overlooked songs compared to their most well-known hits, but still one of the best.

The best Primus song in my opinion. Les Claypool plays the bass amazingly in this song. Larry LaLonde and Tim Alexander play their instruments amazingly as well. I believe this song and Bob are the two quintessential Primus songs.

10 Mr. Krinkle

Really couldn't choose one song to vote for, but this is one of my favorites and cannot be down here. Old Primus is the best.

Yeah, it's really amazing, though I do prefer American Life. Plus, the music video... damn.

The guitar that kicks in at 3:40 over the bass riff is as good as it gets.

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11 Shake Hands with Beef

Anyone who plays bass can hear this line and appreciate it. Easy to learn, hard to master. Still trying to figure it out.

Great dull bass, love it. Primus really does have quite an acquired taste. Marmite, if you will.

I don't like many songs by them (so far), but this one is amazing. The bassline is one of the best I've ever heard.

12 Fish On

Tasty banjo intro, then a nice groove with light lyrics about fishing. After this part, a long, excellent bass solo follows. This song finishes with a repetition of the chorus. They really nailed it, as usual.

Someone said that this could be interpreted as waking up on your boat (the soft banjo), then turning on the motor and starting your day fishing (harsh low bass sound of the verses, with lyrics about fishing), then catching a big fish (sounds of fishing right before the solo), then struggling with that heavy fish (crazy bass solo with lots of slides, as if the fish were being pulled up and pulling down). But it's finally thumped at the end (bass thump), and everyone is happy (repetition of the chorus). It's a nice interpretation. Primus is a musical genius.

13 Professor Nutbutter's House of Treats
14 The Toys Go Winding Down

Amazing song. Highlights everyone well.

15 Southbound Pachyderm
16 Mr. Know It All

"And whatever rhymes with eloquent" is one of my favorite out-of-context lyrics.

17 Lacquer Head

Such a unique and solid bass line, combined with a very climactic chorus, make this a favorite Primus song in my book. Not to mention the high-speed bass solo after the first chorus. An impressive composition overall.

This song is so catchy. I mean, they all are, but right now, I'd give this #1. Also, the video rules.

Sweet funk in the verses, sweet metal guitar in the chorus. What's not to like?

18 Frizzle Fry

This is one of the coolest songs I've ever heard performed live. In my opinion, the song is too short. I want more!

19 My Friend Fats
20 Over the Electric Grapevine

Clearly underrated on this website!

21 Welcome to This World
22 Here Come the Bastards

My personal favorite song by Primus. It's amazing!

23 Moron TV

Personally, my favorite song of "Primus 2.0" - Super catchy, true to Primus, but still progressing.

24 Is It Luck?

This is one of the best, fastest, most confusing riffs. Surprised this is not on the list.

25 To Defy the Laws of Tradition

Needs to be higher simply due to the pure funkiness of this song.

Not my favorite, but it's so low I had to vote for it. Such a good song.

In my opinion, definitely LaLonde's best work. It's just such a groovin' song.

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