Top 10 Turnpike Troubadours Songs

Top 10 list of best songs by the Red Dirt Country artists from Oklahoma, The Turnpike Troubadours.
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1 The Bird Hunters

Turnpike are amazing storytellers with their lyrics. They don't need a music video because you can picture everything in your head. I've always loved this song, from the first YouTube recordings of them testing it out live with only Evan playing, to the version they put on the record. The 4th of July part and then Nixie coming in with the awesome fiddle just after is incredible.

2 7 & 7

Very catchy tune and great lyrics. This is one of their more popular songs for a reason. It made it onto Monday Night Football, which is kind of crazy.

3 Gin, Smoke, Lies

They took a song about birds, literally this song is about birds, and turned it into a very cool song that most people probably think is about a girl cheating on her man. The drumbeat on this song is really cool and reminds me of We Will Rock You.

4 Diamonds & Gasoline

Beautiful song on acoustic, and Evan hits it out of the park with his singing. I get goosebumps every time I listen to it. That's how good it is. They usually play this as their encore with just Evan on stage with his guitar.

5 Before the Devil Knows We're Dead

Maybe Turnpike's fastest song, other than Doreen. Kyle Nix on the fiddle here is absolutely incredible. This song is about living free and fast, as we all should strive to do.

6 Every Girl

Probably their most catchy song, so you have to include it in the top ten. You can't help but tap your foot along to the beat.

7 Bossier City

I like both the Bossier City album version of this song and the remake on Turnpike Troubadours. Another catchy tune that definitely has a heavy country feeling to it.

8 Long Hot Summer Day

I don't think this should be too high in the top ten because it's not their original song. It's for sure the best version of it and perhaps their most well-known song, despite it being a cover. Evan does a great job on the harmonica.

9 The Mercury

I included this in the top ten because it is a very good song, and it also showcases Turnpike's ability to change things up. This sounds very different than anything on "Diamonds & Gasoline." I'd actually classify it as a rock song, not a country one.

A true Turnpike fan would also recognize that this song is about two characters from two different previous albums (Jimmy from "The Funeral" and Lorrie from "Good Lord Lorrie"). I think it's so cool how they did that.

10 Southeastern Son

Easily Turnpike's most underrated song. It starts out very slow, but right at halfway, it picks up in a big way. I wish they'd play this live every once in a while. It's so good. Give the whole song a listen and you'll see.

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11 Easton and Main
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