Top Ten Most Underrated Trivium Songs

This list is not about how good the songs are, but how underrated they are. Any songs that are on the top ten for the "Best Trivium Songs" list are disqualified.
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1 Like Callisto to a Star In Heaven

Nothing will ever beat the finale of this song: three riffs that have nothing to do with each other all played at the same time. Yet somehow, it still works, and works well. Very surprising song that should definitely be one of the songs Trivium is recognized for.

This thrasher from the Shogun record is widely regarded as one of the band's most underrated songs.

2 To Burn the Eye

This 7-minute song from Ember doesn't get nearly the attention it deserves. While their debut was rough around the edges, it's still a good record, and this is a good song.

3 Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies

Originally on Ember to Inferno, this song was re-recorded for Ascendancy. It's one of their heaviest songs ever and also has one of the catchiest choruses of any Trivium song.

4 Forsake Not the Dream

While many of the songs from In Waves are very popular, this one isn't as much. It's one of the heaviest songs on that album and is filled with guitar craziness.

This track is fantastic. I didn't realize its power until two weeks of listening to the album. It just grew on me into one of Trivium's best tracks. This track is an example of what could have been if they had maintained the same style as Ascendancy.

5 Requiem

Another track from Ember, Requiem has thrashy riffs and a catchy chorus.

In my opinion, one of their best songs ever.

6 The Deceived

Similar to Blinding Tears, this song was originally on their debut, then re-recorded for their second album. It's blisteringly fast one minute and soft and melodic the next.

Downright melodic, but still totally heavy. Fantastic song!

7 Detonation

The first single from Trivium's third album is often overlooked. This may be because many fans dislike that album, or because more popular songs like Anthem (We Are the Fire) overshadow it. This song is heavy and deserves a listen.

8 Torn Between Scylla and Charybdis

This epic song from Shogun is usually overlooked due to the more famous songs like Down From the Sky. This song is heavy yet melodic, with a killer intro and some great guitar and bass solos.

9 The Crusade

This instrumental song does get plenty of recognition from fans, but not nearly enough. With heavy riffs and mind-blowing shredding, it's easy to see why.

10 Pillars of Serpents

One more song off Ember to finish the list. Thrashy, brutal, unrelenting. It's pretty underrated, considering it's the first song from the first album.

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11 Caustic Are the Ties That Bind

My favorite Trivium song! The best slow and melodic part they've ever done. Easily the best song on In Waves. When driving, I can't help but play it over and over again.

12 Shattering the Skies Above

This song is the perfect blend of Trivium. This is the sound you would get if you combined Ember, Ascendancy, The Crusade, and Shogun together. The chorus has so much life in it. Into the Mouth of Hell We March, Shattering the Skies Above, and Shogun are songs that carry energy throughout and showcase their creative genius to its fullest potential.

Easily one of their heaviest songs. The riff is unreal, making this one of their hidden gems for sure.

13 Through Blood and Dirt and Bone

This song is really intense and definitely worth the listen from Vengeance Falls (2013).

14 When All Light Dies

I forgot to add this to the list. It deserves to be on there. Let's vote this up, guys!

15 Departure
16 Broken One
17 This World Can't Tear Us Apart

So underrated. Such a beautiful song.

18 Upon the Shores
19 All of These Yesterdays
20 Suffocating Sight
21 Shogun
22 Breathe in the Flames
23 The Wretchedness Inside
24 Insurrection
25 And Sadness Will Sear
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