Top 10 Verbal Delirium Songs

As with their Greek origins, it should be no surprise the crossover prog band Verbal Delirium does not get much attention even from general communities of prog fans. Alas, here I am, as I claim them to be one of my favorite modern prog bands, and one of the most underrated of the decade. Although, I can understand why they get little attention, as even though they've been active for almost 20 years they've only ever released two albums as of now, both in the 2010s.

That doesn't stop me from appreciating their sound and library. Otherwise, I wouldn't be making such a list now. This is a list of what I consider the best songs from this heavily obscure progressive band. Hopefully the list can broaden your taste in music a little more.
The Top Ten
1 Dancing Generation

Certainly an adventurous and daring song, it's bound to get you moving one way or another when you hear it. Heck, this is the song that got me into the band in the first place.

2 Fear

At 13 minutes, this is their longest song. It certainly holds a much more emotional feel than its title may suggest. As is going to be a common trend with VD songs mentioned, this song can be seen as quite dark or somber, accompanied by a saddening feeling.

3 The Scene Remains

This song fits perfectly in a drama/action-type movie. It flows so well and has great transitions through different sections. Each section effectively gives off a sad, happy, or intense feel.

4 The Decayed Reflection

The combination of instrumentals in this song is a little odd, but for a crossover progressive band, this can generally be excused. I find this to be quite a fun song as it progresses second by second.

5 Images from a Grey World

This song has a combination of numerous different musical sounds and feelings. Considering the band is crossover prog, it should be no surprise that this works out beautifully. Elements from symphonic prog, jazz, and the futuristic all come together to make one amazing tune.

6 So Close and Yet So Far Away

Coming from the album of the same name, So Close and Yet So Far Away is a tune with a great adventurous feeling to it. This vibe obviously makes the song a lot more enjoyable and can even potentially get you through a hard time.

7 Lullaby

As I mentioned, this song is one of their darker tunes, as the title could possibly suggest. Yet at the same time, I find it to be a very emotional tune, one with a lot of potential meaning behind it.

8 In Memory

I suppose this song is somewhat fitting for Halloween, as it has the dark/somber vibe that's common within VD songs. Alas, even if it sounds somewhat unnerving, it's still a fun song to listen to.

9 Reprise

This song is one powerfully emotional song. I think the combination of the piano and the beautiful vocals works so well and makes for one incredible song to listen to.

10 Erased

This song is another dark and emotional one, which certainly resonates with the general feel of the album. Plus, that guitar solo is great. It's just amazing. It's as if the guitar is truly expressing emotions within its sound.

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11 Verbal Delirium
12 Sudden Winter
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