Top 10 Best Vocaloid Pairings and Ships

I'm surprised that nobody made this list yet. Well, guess I'm the first. Vote for you favourite pairing people! And add to the list! You guys can add unofficial vocaloids, utauloids and mirrored vocaloids (like mikuo and luki) as well!
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1 Meiko x Kaito

I love this ship so much <33
KAITO X MEIKO (KaiMei) is the best pair ever. I love their duets, especially the "on the rock" song (you should probably check it out), it's just perfect. Their voice is just made for each other and perfectly matched.

In my opinion this is is the best ship with kaito. The miku x kaito is good but I don't feel anything, I don't know where is the spark of the ship and I feel it's kinda overused and boring. but when I see this ship I feel that they match just too much. And also, don't take this too seriously, it's just an opinion

2 Gakupo Kamui x Luka Megurine

This ship is so cute! Their voices.. The way they look together... There is not a big age difference from what I know of too.

I'm not sure why, but I just see them as a cute couple. Their voices are so well toghether.

3 Miku Hatsune x Len Kagamine

LenKu... I used to hate this ship but not anymore. Len and Miku compliment their voices very well, and I would like to see more original songs in the future. I'm not a big fan of LenKu covers from the Len and Rin songs, but Suki Kirai was the only one I enjoyed.

They did not have any moments from Project Diva, as people said. All they did was sat next to each other in the DECORATOR opening, and walked past each other in the Look This Way, Baby opening.

They also look adorable and I love the height and age difference between them. They are only two years apart and Len is shorter than Miku by one inch.

4 Hatsune Mikuo x Gumi Megpoid
5 Dell Honne x Haku Yowane

I just think their cute together.

6 Kagamine Len x Akita Neru
7 Kagamine Rin x Kagamine Len

Rin x Len is my oxygen.

First of, their relationship is unconfirmed. Yeesus people, yeesus.

I ship it not because it's popular, but because it's the main reason why I got interested into the fandom in the first place. It makes me a lot happy during my tough times..

Their voices sound so beautiful together like two souls are becoming one (although they are mirror images) and they can be portrayed in different relationships when you see them as lovers.

I love their duets so much, their voices perfectly blend with each other. I'm way too in love with this pairing that it's taking my whole life away,

8 Kaito x Miku Hatsune

Kaito and Miku are the most popular ship out there. I don't care if you ship Kaito and Meiko. Meiko is just a side character and her voice is so plain. I never knew she existed until I saw her name out of nowhere. If they really did get together I feel like Kaito will steal the spotlight and Meiko will be nothing but a shadow. But Miku? She's the most popular vocaloid out there! Forget about anyone not getting noticed, both Miku and Kaito are popular unlike Meiko who's probably just going to get in Kaito's way. This happens in real life. If you're not popular enough or not good enough, you won't make as much money. It seems Like Meiko will be asking Kaito for money.

9 Miku Hatsune x Luka Megurine

Miku and Luka sound amazing together. Though in most songs Miku's voice often overpowers Luka's, when tuned right, it sounds beautiful! Take Suki Kirai for example, in my opinion, it was a lot better sounding than the original with Len and Rin. Luka's lower voice mixes well with Miku's high pitching under the right circumstances. Even though Luka is quite a few years older than Miku, it's only by 5 years, and there are a ton of ships out there that could be worse. It's a wonderful ship, and I truly believe if any of the ships could've been canon, it would've been this. Magnet, for example, was a great duet between Miku and Luka. I cannot express just how much passion I have for this ship.

10 Kaito x Len Kagamine

This ship is beautiful. Now you may say that the age gap is a turn off. But let's just look at the laws in Japan seeing how that's where they're from. Oh look, the age of consent in Japan is 13. LEN IS AT THE AGE OF CONSENT. Now I'm not saying this would fly in America. But since it's legal in their home country I'm fine with it. They also look very cute together and sound nice. SO WHY IS KYOTERU X YUKI ABOVE THIS? You can't even make the argument that Yuki is at consent. SHE IS 9. And before you say age doesn't matter the reason those laws exist is because it can actually hurt the child. So age does matter on some level. Even if Yuki was a boy I would still have a problem. Another reason I ship Kailen so much is because they just look good together. So yeah, this ship is great.

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11 Kaito x Luka Megurine

I love this ship a lot. Their voices go together, and...they just look like the best couple. I tried to understand why people ship Luka and Gakupo or Kaito and Meiko...but I just don't really see it. Their personalities don't really click if you know what I mean. I wish this ship was more prevalent. I still respect those who ship Kaito and Meiko or Luka and Gakupo, but I'm down with THIS amazing ship. Plus, I don't know if it's just me, but blue and pink are like...a good representation of a good male and female couple. I dunno that's probably just me. But either way, this is my favorite vocaloid ship.

12 Hatsune Miku x Kagamine Rin

I think they are absalutely adorable together! Their voices go together so well, the project dive intro of miku and rin, OMG SO CUTE! There is so many songs of miku and rin being cute together!

Between al the miku ships, this one I think it's the one that fits the most. Like- it is almost canon in the PD series

13 Kaito x Gakupo Kamui

Kaito is literally a twink. I cannot see him being straight at all. Also Gakupo and Kaito are really cute together to be honest

They would seem like really close BFFs, who would eventually be gay for one another.

14 Gumi x Rin

This is so so cute. Their most popular headcanon personalities match so well and so do their designs and voices. Don't judge the ship because it's yuri. That's stupid.

I think they'd be super cute together, with they had a lot more songs together

15 Len Kagamine x Gumi
16 Gakupo Kamui x Gumi
17 Oliver x Fukase

I really like the thought of these 2 together. Their designs go well together and both are unique. Their voices go really well when tuned well. hAha one eyed lovers-

Too cute. Their voices are do beautiful together, and their designs go together quite well. One eyed lovers are awesome

18 Big Al x Sweet Ann
19 Ia x Yukari

I don't ship it, but I can see it working out okay. I just like IA x Teto and Yukari x Flower more.

20 Rei Kagene x Rin Kagamine

I randomly picked this but when I searched rei I thought he would be nice with rin

21 Utatane Piko x Vflower

OMG this is the best ship in my life! Like, it's a great combination with a girly boy and a boyish girl, or a girly guy and a mature woman. Either way, they are absolutely adorable. Also being a part of the meme squad is a reason why as well. Plus, they sound so good together when they sing! :3

I really like this ship! I like it mostly because well, piko can be seen as a feminine boy while V flower can be seen as a masculine female breaking gender norms. I really adore this ship for this reason. Not only that but they're part of the meme squad :)

22 Meiko x Megurine Luka

So underrated. I think they are perfect for each other and deserves way more love

23 Gumi x IA
24 Kagamine Rin x Oliver
25 Piko Utatane x Rin Kagamine
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