Top Ten Weirdest Songs That Topped The Austrian Charts

Ever since they were first recorded in 1964, many wonderful songs from all around the globe and of all genres have topped the Austrian charts. Songs that - for the most part - became classics that stayed with the people for the decades to come.

But some of the songs stood out more than others - mostly because of their weirdness. "Weird" in this case doesn't necessarily mean bad. It just means unusual, maybe bewildering at first, and definitely not for everyone.

As with every other kind of song, these bizarre tunes can be really awesome, silly or rubbish. This list contains trash as much as borderline masterpieces. But what they have in common is that they'll definitely leave an impression on you.
The Top Ten
1 Schweigeminute (Traiskirchen) - Raoul Haspel

This is just one minute of silence.

It was bought out of protest against the Austrian migration policy. The same year, Die Ärzte's 1993 anti-nazi song "Schrei nach Liebe" also topped the German and Austrian charts because of the same reason.

2 Uiiii tuat des weh! - A klana Indiana

Apart from being musically weak... this is song is about a Native American whose genitals hurt because of different reasons in every verse - including taking too much viagra, accidentally shooting "it" and getting oral sex from a woman who has eaten spicy.

3 Hey Bro! - Marco Wagner & Dave Brown

The premise of the song is that Dave Brown asks Marco Wagner stupid questions with an obvious answer (e.g. "are you singing? "), and Wagner replying with bizarre cynical answers. That's a strange concept in and of itself but... just listen to the audio sample for more info about the chorus.

While it's obviously a very silly trash song, it's kind of catchy, I can't deny.

4 Snuggle Song (German Version) - Schnuffel Bunny

"Kuschel Song" in German, but the lyrics are remotely the same, only in another language.

Really, if this wasn't performed in a childlike chipmunk voice... this would actually sound very good as a dancable love song. It's soft and sweet, yet has a good beat.

5 Bring Me Edelweiss - Edelweiss

The idea of combining ABBA's "SOS" with hip hop and yodelling is just extremely weird. This Austrian band uses a lot of tongue in cheek Austrian steteotypes. This is not the typical music of Austria. That being said, this is arguably the greatest song on this list, not to say it'd get my full score.

I've heard of this song before - it's one of the most eclectic songs ever made. But it somehow works. At least it's musically funny/entertaining.

6 Maschen-Draht-Zaun - Stefan Raab

It's a country song about a chain link fence.

Stefan Raab is a popular and very funny German comedian, and the song is purely humorous.

The words "Maschendrahtzaun" ("chain link fence") and "Knallerbsenstrauch" ("snowberry bush") are the only German words in the otherwise English language song. They are dialog samples from a German court show called "Richterin Barbara Salesch". Knowing that, you might find this song funny as well. Go ahead, give it a listen.

7 Der Ur-Ur-Enkel von Frankenstein - Frank Zander

Forget Geto Boys. I am pretty sure THIS is the first horrorcore song. Ever. It's somewhat rapped, and it's from the mid-70s, a few years before hip hop was even remotely a thing with "Rapper's Delight".
Its title translates to "The Great-Great-Grandson of Frankenstein", and it's about exactly that. He's much like his ancestor, building living creatures out of body parts. It's a bit like Insane Clown Posse in German and much earlier, really.

8 Raumschiff Edelweiss - Edelweiss

With their second big hit, Edelweiss turned the "Star Trek" theme song into a strange yet addictive banger (The German title of the 60s show was "Raumschiff Enterprise"). Much like with their first chart topper, there's yodelling and rapping, but you can hear that in the meantime eurodance flooded the European market. The tone is less hip hop-ish and more techno-ish.

September 13th to 19th, then again from September 27th to October 17th, 1992.

9 Old Pop In an Oak - Rednex

Rednex were a huge deal in Austria in the mid-90s and early 2000s. They had four chart toppers from two albums, amd a couple of moderate hits in between. "Cotton Eye Joe" was a (European version of a) country song about a love triangle, "Wish You Were Here" one of the greatest 90s ballads and "The Spirit of the Hawk" a magical crossover between traditional Native American elements and pop.
But "Old Pop in an Oak" was a really strange case, and felt a little like a style parody. Like much of the "Sex & Violins" album, its sound consists of fiddles and synthetic banjos, but its lyrics are beyond strange: the singers' mother chases their father up an oak after he grilled (or tried to? ) her pet skunk Garth. Musically, a great song. Lyrically, drugs can be the only answer.

10 I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred

Yeah, you probably know this song as well, as it was a worldwide number one hit. But still, doesn't it sound ridiculous to you how hard he tries to sound sexy and how unsexy this ultimately makes him sound?

The Contenders
11 Barbra Streisand - Duck Sauce

This song is just an ever looping sample of Boney M's "Gotta Go Home" with a few more moderk drums and a person randomly saying "Barbra Streisand" in between. While "Ui tuat des weh! " is the worst track on this list, this one easily passes as the most unoriginal one that actually qualifies as a song.

12 We No Speak Americano - Yolanda Be Cool

Nothing weird about the premise of the song, it just has one of the strangest drops I have ever heard.

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