Top 10 Worst Albums of 2022

Here are the most horrendous album releases in the year 2022.

NOTE: Do not add any releases that have not come out yet. Wait until the release date.
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1 Bad Reputation - Kid Rock

It's Kid Rock, need I say more? Fine I will, Kid Trash put out quite possibly his worst album yet and is still being all conservative and dumb and spits all his awful views in this album.

That album is definitely the strongest contender for worst album of the year so far. All of the songs are so annoying and clichéd they sound like parodies or some drunken boomer at a bar ranting about how the modern world, millennials or Covid-19 measures suck and how life was better before over a backing band playing covers of Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Aerosmith, Rod Stewart or Trace Adkins. In other words, that album is basically unlikable and will sure make Kid Rock go from icon to laughing stock. And besides, not only did it not get a critic score on Album of the Year , but it bombed extremely hard on the Billboard 200 (#128). Considering his previous albums have all charted within the top 10 (since 1998's Devil Without a Cause), it's a gigantic disappointment and shows how Kid Rock ridiculed himself by declaring himself "uncancelable". Karma definitely hit Kid Rock... very hard!

2 God Did - DJ Khaled

As always, it's DJ Khaled making DJ Khaled with the same old artists and the same old ad-libs. As one of his hit songs says, "no new friends". There may be a few good songs here and there such as the title track, which has a fire verse by Jay-Z, but overall, nothing changes, there's a lack of hits and I think DJ Parody Khaled should just fade into irrelevancy for good.

3 Mainstream Sellout - Machine Gun Kelly

Ugh, I never cared for him and this album just wasn't good. Tickets to my downfall was decent but after his Numb and Aerials covers, I lost all faith that the album would be good. Not even Travis Barker (drummer of my favorite band) could save this travesty and oh my god, EMO GIRL SUCKS!

Tickets to My Downfall was pretty fresh-sounding, but this new album by MGK is very tame in comparison and relies on every pop-punk cliché in the book. This pop-punk revival fad could die out as fast as it came.

4 2 Alivë - Yeat

3/10 Yeat makes weird sounds, and the beats sound like a ripoff of Playboi Carti. Who even let these lame rappers like Yeat become mainstream?

Get this album (or any bad album) to #1 now. DS4Ever is actually decent and doesn't deserve to be at #1.

5 DS4Ever - Gunna

Another awful auto-tuned Southern rapper. How did this along with Encanto even beat Dawn FM by The Weeknd to peak at number 1 on the Billboard 200 in the first place.

4/10 Not one of his better albums, but it's still boring.

To be fair, it's 1 of his better albums. But it's still sloggy and boring.

6 Will of the People - Muse

I was very skeptical about the album considering the contrasted quality of each song that came before, and all I can say is that this album is disappointing. Muse's music has always been over the top most of the time, but now they sound like they've become parodies of themselves. Not only are the lyrics clichéd and desperately edgy or melodramatic, but the band's Queen pastiches are more annoying than ever, the Marilyn Manson ripoff in the title track is cringe-inducing and tone-deaf (did they not hear about the allegations against Manson?) and the production is mostly overblown. If you thought Simulation Theory was their worst album, then you were probably wrong.

7 Cowboy Tears - Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree's first album was good, but this new album is really disappointing. The production borrows too much on 90s nostalgia, which makes most songs sound outdated, and Oliver Tree's vocals are too one-dimensional and try too hard to sound quirky.

The deluxe edition of the album is surprisingly better than the standard album. Oliver Tree is finally finding his way again.

8 X - Ken Carson

0/10 This album should be deleted from existence. No one wants to hear this crap. The beats are trash, the vocals are trash, and almost all of the songs sound the same.

Good lord this is awful. I already don't like Playboi carti much and destroy lonely's album was meh but this album is terrible. The beats are ass and at least 4 songs sound almost identical. 1/10

9 Elevation - Black Eyed Peas

Ranked #5 worst album of 2022 by Anthony Fantano, even though he hasn't even listened to it.

Yet again, it's the Black Eyed Peas hopping on the latest trends and taking on the cheapest elements of modern music. After exploring reggaeton on their previous album Translation, they take on eurodance, likely inspired by Beyoncé's Renaissance. While there may be a few good songs that will get people going on the dancefloor ("Simply the Best" is better than expected), the album is mostly gimmicky and hollow as the BEPs tend to be. They also try to harken back to their 2009-11 sound on "Don't You Worry", which features David Guetta (cue the nostalgia factor?) and Shakira (who's AutoTuned vocals make her unrecognizable). Despite the song being too outdated by today's standards, it still managed to become a hit in various European countries.

Their female singer J. Rey Soul even tries to provide her own take on "My Humps" in "Double D'z", which falls completely flat with its reference to Adam Levine's DMs during the hook, is super annoying and doesn't have the guilty pleasure value of the former, showing yet again that J. Rey Soul doesn't have Fergie's charisma. Speaking of Fergie, her "PUT YOUR HAAAAAAANDS IN THE AIR" vocal part on "Boom Boom Pow" has been sampled for the hook of "In the Air". It's just as lazy as it is exploitative. Sure Fergie was very important to you guys, but can you just leave her out of this and move on?

When it comes to the lyrics, brought to you by and his cronies, they are, as usual, filled with lazy punchlines that sound like one-liners from a second-rate adult cartoon ("Here come the hot stepper/I walk like I'm on fuego/Red hot chili pepper/Baby give it away, give it away, yo", "We stay in sync, no bye bye"). The Black Eyed Peas need to stop making soulless mainstream music if they want to keep their credibility.

10 Mamaru - RuPaul

I didn't think the drag queen RuPaul would release such an atrocious album.
It's just a mess that insults straight and LGBTQ+ people's tastes in music and ruins the quality of hyperpop, making it sound even worse.
Plus, it sounds like he's trying to do some tricks to brainwash listeners into his schemes like whatever he came up with.
The melodies (if there are any) are just an annoying mess and make you want to change the station first thing.
Worst album by RuPaul because it sucks bows.

Seriously like knives to the ears.

The Contenders
11 Breezy - Chris Brown

I haven't even listened to that album but it doesn't even have a critic score on Album of the Year, which is a clear sign it's going to suck.

12 Colors - YoungBoy Never Broke Again
13 Country Stuff the Album - Walker Hayes
14 Nostylist - Destroy Lonely

2/10 Boring, lifeless album with low quality beats and awful vocals. Just compare that to Lucki's boring, awful Flawless Like Me album which is flawed in so many ways.

It's not really a good album, lone is very sloggy but the production is not bad most of the time. Nothing really good though and duds outshine the good songs. 4/10

15 Ethereal - $not

Another bland and unfocused album by a rapper who blatantly lacks personality.

3/10 Lame, boring album lacking any creativity and art. I'm so glad he fell off.

16 Hate Über Alles - Kreator
17 Honestly Nevermind - Drake

This album's so boring and trash. Logic's Vinyl Days is better (they were released the same day).

Probably 1 of Drake's worst albums.

18 Its Only Me - Lil Baby

4/10 Lil Baby is a decent rapper, but this album is not hitting in the right spot.

19 Diabolical - Destruction
20 Iridesense - BigBabyGucci

We have Lil Baby, DaBaby, and BabyTron into the rap game. Why do we need another "Baby" rapper named BigBabyGucci?

Wow, how many rappers with the name "Baby" are there? Only heard of Lil Baby and DaBaby.

21 On to Better Things - Iann Dior
22 Lyfe - Yeat

3/10 It's probably just a filler album.

23 Transparency - Twin Atlantic
24 Donda 2 - Kanye West

I haven't listened to this album, but I can easily say it's Ye's weakest project to date.

25 The Last Slimeto - Youngboy Never Broke Again

Slimeto? Okay is this a word or what? I have no idea...

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