Top 10 Worst Songs of 2022

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1 Twinkle Twinkle Little Bitch - Leah Kate

Just another immature faux-pop-punk song made by an Olivia Rodrigo wannabe. "10 Things I Hate About You" was already average, immature and unoriginal enough, but this song just confirms that this singer has no personality whatsoever and is just an opportunist. At least "abcdefu" is catchy, but this is not. It's also disturbing to know that Leah Kate is approximately 10 years older than Gayle and still manages to make music that's even more immature than the latter's.

The lyrics in this song are immature and asinine. It sounds like it was written by a child who knew cursing. This song and her others are just absurd. She is like 30 and makes songs like this.

Here comes another Olivia Rodrigo wannabe. The lyrics of this song are extremely offensive and I think that this is even worse than than abcdefu. It sounds like she's trying so hard to be OR but falls flat on her face. This probably mainstream pop punk at its worst. Plus she ruined a classic nursery rhyme here. I watched Anthony Fantono's review on this song and said it's the worst Tiktok song of all time and I actually agree with him. He also said that Olivia's influence is not having the best results.

So from what I've heard... this girl is in her 30s?

EDIT: She is 30 years old. This sounds like something a 12 year old who just learned how to curse would make. Wow...

2 Gine - 6ix9ine

One question: how is the Skittles man not in jail and why is he making such terrible, obnoxious and annoying songs that I want to rip my own ears off and have them for breakfast (a little too far but that's what I feel like every time I hear this Skittle-haired pedophile, he sucks at making music and should've just stopped making music in 2019. Just goes to show how bad Snitch9ine the Skittle Man is getting over the years.

- KelseyPower

It's obvious by that picture that it's going to be a disaster of a song. Normally, you shouldn't judge a song by it's cover, but it's excusable this time because it's 6ix9ine.

Another lifeless song by Snitch9ine. It's just him yelling his guts out and dropping n-bombs over an unremarkable trap beat and a vaguely creepy John Carpenter-esque piano riff. I'm really glad a lot of people who were "fans" of his music finally kicked him to the curb last year. This song is tanking and for good reason.

I haven't even listened to this song and I have no plan to listen to it, but I still think it sucks and I don't think this needs any explanation. It's gonna tank for sure. A lot of people who were "fans" of his "music" finally grew a brain last year.

3 Betty (Get Money) - Yung Gravy

Rick Astley just sued Yung Gravy over this song, claiming his voice was "nearly indistinguishably" imitated on "Betty (Get Money)".

This has to be the worst sampling of "Never Gonna Give You Up", ever!

Don't mind the chorus but other than that the song is pretty rubbish

4 Booty Dancer - Tyga

Another awful song from Tyga. The lyrics are pretty bad and repetitive too. Hopefully Tyga fades into irrelevancy and never make another hit.

The title of the song and the fact that it's by Tyga is enough to make me not want to listen to this song, everything Tyga puts out is either obnoxious, annoying, incredibly sexist, boring, bland or just plain bad.

How the heck is Tyga still popular?

5 Down Bad - Amouranth

This song is so bad that I honestly think this makes Jake Paul's "It's Everyday Bro" look like a masterpiece. The lyrics are horrible, and I don't think Amouranth had any musical experience prior to this.

The production on this track is terrible, and the rapping sounds like that chick talking on "#Selfie". It's also very sad to read that Amouranth made this song because she had an abusive husband.

Just your average bad rap song by a big name Youtuber who has very little to no experience on rapping or making music beforehand. Nothing more to say here. Moving on.

6 Phuckboi Rejects - Royal & the Serpent

This should be no.1 and higher than any Yung Lambo songs. This song is completely abysmal. Sounds like a dying whale. So whiny and annoying.

I really hate this song that it's on the top of my remix, it makes "Iffy" sound like a masterpiece.

Damn, this song sucks so hard! It's basically a trashier version of Gayle.

After listening to the sample, I can agree. This song is cringe.

7 Smile - RuPaul

So much AutoTune it gives me a headache.

This song doesn't make me smile.

8 Iffy - Chris Brown

Just another lame song made by Chris Brown, he should just stop making music already because most of his songs 2014-present are bad, his pre-2014 stuff (even after he assault Rihanna, but that's the worst thing he ever did) was somewhat decent, but this song is just screaming TikTok to me.

Another uncreative song made by Chris Clown. When will he finally stop urinating on popular music?

This should be above any Yung Lambo songs. Yung Lambo is just a troll.

Wait, he's back? Please no!

9 Staying Alive - DJ Khaled

Such a terrible interpolation of The Bee Gees on this dull track that's gonna be forgotten as fast as it came out. DJ Parody Khaled is hopefully already fading into irrelevancy with his new album which is just as dull.

Say what you will about Betty (Get Money) but at least that was an entertaining and fun song that actually did something with it's sample. This is just another below average DJ Khaled and Drake collab song with a boring and dull beat and Drake phoning his verse in yet again with a very bad intropolation of the Bee Gees classic chorus on the hook. Even Lil Baby's guest verse couldn't save this song.

10 Amazing Call - Yung Lambo & Hood Guy

This song is just a troll. Please don't take it seriously. This is just a joke.

This is actually garbage

Troll song, what else to say?

What am I listening to

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? BB - Homixide Gang
? Made My Day - Lucki
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11 I'm Good (Blue) - David Guetta & Bebe Rexha

This derivative pile of crap was ranked #7 worst song of 2022 by Anthony Fantano. Thank you! Now I just want to beg radio stations to stop playing this song for the sake of humanity.

Another basic EDM song with a lazy all-over-the-place sample of a well-known tune and Bebe Rexha sounding as bored as ever. I hope this song won't be a hit.
Edit: Unfortunately it's becoming a hit on TikTok and on the charts.

This makes the original "I'm Blue" look like Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

It is just a lazy sample of "I'm Blue" by Eiffel 65.

12 New World Order - Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun

Fantano ranked this song #2 on his list of the worst songs of 2022. I haven't even listened to it but I still think it sucks because it was made by Tommy the MacDonald Clown and another idiot.

13 Mona Lisa - Lil Pump

God...Lil Pump fell off so hard and this song with Soulja Boy proves it.

This has the picture of Mona Lisa. Why are you disrespecting this?

I thought Lil Pump was no longer a thing by 2020...

I thought we left this guy back in 2018.

14 10 Things I Hate About You - Leah Kate

Oh no!
Oh hell no!
This is basiclly Leah Kate's first single, and it sounds horrible!
Sure, it doesn't sound worse than TTLB per say, but it's still terrible, and I've listened to this song too many times that it's overplayed and getting worse every hour it plays.
Okay, first off, Leah Kate sounds like an Olivia Rodrigo wannabe, and that's obviously a bad sign, her vocals are whiny in this song, the lyrics are terrible and makes it a bad breakup song, the instrumental tries too hard to be considered pop-punk, it's just bad.
As PieGuyRulz likes to say, this is a Scum song. This song is annoying, stupid, incredibly boring and a waste of time.

It's definitely not as bad as TTLB, but it's still one of the worst of 2022. Leah Kate definitely sounds like an Olivia Rodrigo wannabe and the lyrics are super immature. Also, you know what? I'll give out 10 things I hate about this song.
10. It's very childish.
9. Autotuned and annoying vocals.
8. It sounds like fake pop punk.
7. Offensive lyrics.
6. Another annoying breakup song.
5. It also sounds like it was written for Tiktok
4. Judging by the song title, I already knew this was gonna be bad and it 100% was!
3. Super whiny vocals.
2. The lyrics are very immature, even more immature than abcdefu. What's worse is that Leah Kate is almost a decade older than Gayle.
1. It definitely sounds like an Olivia Rodrigo clone. I can also agree than Leah Kate is the worst OR clone yet.

15 G.O.A.T. - The Notorious B.I.G.

Tbh why release projects and songs from deceased artists? This song just has a dull beat and lyrics. This song shouldn't be made in the first place. Just let the Notorious B.I.G. rest and people should stop releasing posthumous projects.

I think posthumous releases need to stop ngl. The Notorious BIG has been dead for years and yet this year, his label decided to drop this posthumous song which has really bad mixing. People really need to stop creating atrociously mixed and unfinished projects from dead artists in general, because this just isn't it. It's like insulting someone's grave when they are dead.

When will people realize that making unfinished projects from dead artists isn't anything original? And I also highly doubt that Biggie would ever make a song like this.

Get this song above "Unholy" now! It deserves to be at least in the top 10. It's a song that simply should not exist. Whoever allowed this to be released needs to be fired.

16 Lovesick - Maroon 5

Annoying song with a bland beat and Adam Levine belting out like a decaying goat. It was just released as a radio single in some countries but it's gonna tank for sure.

Yet another mainstream pop song with Adams dog whistle voice.

This is plain boring

17 I'm Back - Lil Pump

Another atrocity from Lil Pump. As usual, the lyrics are pretty generic (like most modern rap lyrics) and awful and Anthony Fantano didn't like this track either. And no, it doesn't look like you're back, Lil Pump. It looks like people forgot that you existed. He should stay in 2018 and 2018 only.

Yet another generic and impersonal song by Lilliam Pumpernickel. Let's leave him back to the late 2010s already.

18 Community D**k - Rae Sremmurd

This has to be the worst song of the year. That jingle bells interpolation in the chorus, that damn squeaking bed noise from currents, the off key nature of the chorus melody and the productions and the bad verses really make this song a strong contender.

19 Jiggle Jiggle - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

Wow, this song is awful, this song literally sounds like some cringy parody of a song I haven't even heard of, the instrumental is garbage, the rapping doesn't match the instrumental, and the AUTOTUNE! THE FRICKING AUTOTUNE!, the autotune in this song is unbearable! It sounds like some male Siri/Amazon Alexa/Microsoft Cortana ripoff just woke up from a eight day long nap! It's that awful! And the worst part about this song is that it was made popular on Tiktok, TIKTOK!, no wonder those immature teens don't know good music, because it's just sad that they haven't heard of actually good bands like Queen, Metallica, Radiohead, The Used or Led Zeppelin, but instead they listen to mostly soon-to-be one hit wonders like this song and other crappy songs (except for "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac, which is a good song.)

Overall, I give this song a -35/10 star rating because it's just awful, definitely one of the worst songs of 2022.

KelseyPower out!

It's that bad, the voice doesn't match with the sound.

Can't believe this was studio recorded. Stupid tiktok always making stupid stuff popular.

Is that song even real? This is cringy and the AutoTune is poorly mixed.

20 Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta - Lil Shordie Scott
21 Emo Girl - Machine Gun Kelly & Willow

This song needs to be higher on this list. The lyrics are so perverted and degrading they seem to have been written by a 15-year-old while MGK is 32. It also sounds like a bad Good Charlotte song.

This should be WAY higher, like in the top 3. MGK is 32 years old but is acting like he's a teenage emo. One of the worst songs on an album with TERRIBLE production and whiny songs.

Why is MGK suddenly pop-punk now?

I hate this song

22 Permanence - David Guetta & Morten

Big room house is out of style, and David Guetta doesn't seem to get it.

23 MidWorld - Yung Lambo
24 High - The Chainsmokers

Wait, The Chainsmokers are back? The same guys who ruined EDM in the 2010s with godawful songs like "Closer", "Selfie", "Everybody Hates Me" and "Something Just Like This"?, really?.
Anyways, this song is so bland and forgettable that I actually forgot about it one day after I first heard it, the chorus is just boring and the lyrics are just completely forgettable.
I can't believe the Chainsmokers came back this year, the first time I heard this was in March 2022, now it's June 17, 2022 and I feel like I just heard this song even if I listened to it 4 months ago.
This song is just a total bore and extremely forgettable, but hey, it's the Chainsmokers, they make every song they make bad on purpose and they get worser every year.
KelseyPower out.

No one asked TCS to come back, especially after they killed EDM in the late 2010s. This song just sounds like a demo that was rejected by The Kid Laroi. The beat and the guitar are generic, Drew Taggart's vocals are horrendously drowned in AutoTune and the lyrics are as immature as any other TCS song. Let's just leave the Chainsmokers back in 2018 already.

25 Honest - Justin Bieber

Who told Justin Bieber to make a mumble rap song? Didn't that trend die about two years ago? Justin is barely even trying on this song. Congratulations Justin, you managed to make a song worse than "Baby" and "Yummy" combined.

I was curious so I listened to the sample. Is this seriously Justin Bieber doing this kind of music? I know his hate is blown up, but this sounds boring and uninspired. Generic as hell too. This will fall into obscurity soon

This song really sucks. This song makes Baby and Yummy sound like masterpiece.

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