Top 10 Worst Songs of 2022

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1 Twinkle Twinkle Little Bitch - Leah Kate

Not just the worst song of 2022, the worst song ever! TTLB is like a gross fanart of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. What else? It is offensive.

She ruined a nursery rhyme, and I saw kids listen to this instead of the nursery rhyme. Now kids are doomed because of this song! God, I dread this song so much.

Just another immature, faux-pop-punk song made by an Olivia Rodrigo wannabe. "10 Things I Hate About You" was already average, immature, and unoriginal enough, but this song just confirms that this singer has no personality whatsoever and is just an opportunist.

At least "abcdefu" is catchy, but this is not. It's also disturbing to know that Leah Kate is approximately 10 years older than Gayle and still manages to make music that's even more immature than the latter's.

2 Betty (Get Money) - Yung Gravy

Get this song above "I'm Good (Blue)" now. Its sample of "Never Gonna Give You Up" is definitely a bigger offender than "I'm Good (Blue)." Plus, Rick Astley sued Yung Gravy for impersonating him.

More cringe comedic rap. Not even funny. The rickroll is so outdated and overused, and the song's composition is lazy and non-energizing.

Rick Astley just sued Yung Gravy over this song, claiming his voice was "nearly indistinguishable" on "Betty (Get Money)."

3 Booty Dancer - Tyga

Another awful song from Tyga. The lyrics are pretty bad and repetitive too. Hopefully, Tyga fades into irrelevancy and never makes another hit.

How the heck is Tyga still popular?

The title of the song and the fact that it's by Tyga is enough to make me not want to listen to this song. Everything Tyga puts out is either obnoxious, annoying, incredibly sexist, boring, bland, or just plain bad.

- KelseyPower

4 Mona Lisa - Lil Pump

God, Lil Pump fell off so hard, and this song with Soulja Boy proves it.

This has the picture of Mona Lisa. Why are you disrespecting this?

I thought Lil Pump was no longer a thing by 2020...

5 Staying Alive - DJ Khaled

Another generic track with Drake on the vocals, talking about how "people wanted him to die" even though he grew up doing Degrassi at 15. DJ Khaled - swing and a miss.

Such a terrible interpolation of The Bee Gees on this dull track that's going to be forgotten as fast as it came out.

DJ Parody Khaled is hopefully already fading into irrelevancy with his new album, which is just as dull.

Say what you will about Betty (Get Money), but at least that was an entertaining and fun song that actually did something with its sample. This is just another below-average DJ Khaled and Drake collab song with a boring and dull beat, and Drake phoning his verse in yet again with a very bad interpolation of the Bee Gees classic chorus on the hook. Even Lil Baby's guest verse couldn't save this song.

6 I'm Good (Blue) - David Guetta & Bebe Rexha

People, for heaven's sake, stop making interpolations of popular Top 40 songs and turning them into trash.

This makes the original "I'm Blue" look like Beethoven's 5th Symphony.

It is just a lazy sample of "I'm Blue" by Eiffel 65.

7 10 Things I Hate About You - Leah Kate

Oh no! Oh hell no! This is basically Leah Kate's first single, and it sounds horrible! Sure, it doesn't sound worse than TTLB per se, but it's still terrible.

I've listened to this song too many times. It's overplayed and getting worse every hour it plays.

Okay, first off, Leah Kate sounds like an Olivia Rodrigo wannabe, and that's obviously a bad sign. Her vocals are whiny in this song, and the lyrics are terrible, making it a bad breakup song. The instrumental tries too hard to be considered pop-punk. It's just bad.

As PieGuyRulz likes to say, this is a Scum song. This song is annoying, stupid, incredibly boring, and a waste of time.


8 Down Bad - Amouranth

This song is so bad that I honestly think it makes Jake Paul's "It's Everyday Bro" look like a masterpiece. The lyrics are horrible, and I don't think Amouranth had any musical experience prior to this.

The production on this track is terrible, and the rapping sounds like that chick talking on "#Selfie." It's also very sad to read that Amouranth made this song because she had an abusive husband.

Just your average bad rap song by a big-name YouTuber who has very little to no experience in rapping or making music beforehand. Nothing more to say here. Moving on.

9 Iffy - Chris Brown

Generic garbage from Chris Brown. By the way, what is wrong with the audio on this track? The vocals and surrounding chords and melody are dulled, but the bass is loud. Horrible production.

Just another lame song made by Chris Brown. He should just stop making music already because most of his songs from 2014 to the present are bad.

His pre-2014 stuff (even after he assaulted Rihanna, but that's the worst thing he ever did) was somewhat decent, but this song is just screaming TikTok to me.

- KelseyPower

Another uncreative song made by Chris Clown. When will he finally stop urinating on popular music?

10 Smile - RuPaul

So much Auto-Tune it gives me a headache.

This song doesn't make me smile.

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11 Phuckboi Rejects - Royal & the Serpent

Complete garbage. It was promising at the start. I thought I was going to get some decent 2000s pop-punk throwback, but instead, the chorus was cacophonous throw-up.

This should be No. 1 and higher than any Yung Lambo songs. This song is completely abysmal. It sounds like a dying whale. So whiny and annoying.

I really hate this song so much that it's at the top of my list. It makes "Iffy" sound like a masterpiece.

12 Gine - 6ix9ine

One question: How is the Skittles man not in jail, and why is he making such terrible, obnoxious, and annoying songs that I want to rip my own ears off and have them for breakfast? (A little too far, but that's what I feel like every time I hear this Skittle-haired pedophile.)

He sucks at making music and should've just stopped making music in 2019. Just goes to show how bad Snitch9ine, the Skittle Man, is getting over the years.

- KelseyPower

Another lifeless song by Snitch9ine. It's just him yelling his guts out and dropping N-bombs over an unremarkable trap beat and a vaguely creepy John Carpenter-esque piano riff.

I'm really glad a lot of people who were "fans" of his music finally kicked him to the curb last year. This song is tanking, and for good reason.

13 New World Order - Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun

Fantano ranked this song #2 on his list of the worst songs of 2022. I haven't even listened to it, but I still think it sucks because it was made by Tommy the MacDonald Clown and another idiot.

14 Unholy - Sam Smith & Kim Petras

This very song itself and the 2023 Grammy performance of this song are just prime examples of how music is no longer like it used to be. It is THAT bad, and I mean HORRIBLE.

Sam Smith really thought he went so hard with this song, but it is incredibly unoriginal. And Kim Petras' line was the worst line I have ever heard. Music these days is just full of untalented artists. They're not worth listening to. Can he PLEASE go back to making his boring music so I can just not hear from this guy anymore?

15 We the People - Kid Rock

Ranked #3 worst song of 2022 by Anthony Fantano, and it's totally normal because this song sucks so damn hard.

Another atrocious song made by Kid Rock. Much worse than "Don't Tell Me How To Live."

16 Amazing Call - Yung Lambo & Hood Guy

This song is just a troll. Please don't take it seriously. It's just a joke.

17 Emo Girl - Machine Gun Kelly & Willow

This song needs to be higher on this list. The lyrics are so perverted and degrading they seem to have been written by a 15-year-old, while MGK is 32. It also sounds like a bad Good Charlotte song.

This should be WAY higher, like in the top 3. MGK is 32 years old but acts like he's a teenage emo. It's one of the worst songs on an album with TERRIBLE production and whiny songs.

At least this is getting the backlash it deserves from the comment section.

18 Community D**k - Rae Sremmurd

This has to be the worst song of the year. The Jingle Bells interpolation in the chorus, that annoying squeaking bed noise from Currents, the off-key nature of the chorus melody, the production, and the bad verses really make this song a strong contender.

19 Lovesick - Maroon 5

An annoying song with a bland beat and Adam Levine belting out like a decaying goat. It was just released as a radio single in some countries, but it's going to tank for sure.

Yet another mainstream pop song with Adam's dog whistle voice.

20 Circo Loco - Drake & 21 Savage

Ironically, I could barely recognize what this song sampled until the end of its actual sample.

21 G.O.A.T. - The Notorious B.I.G.

Honestly, labels should REALLY stop releasing posthumous projects and songs from deceased artists. I feel like it's very disrespectful, and it's also a middle finger to the artist as well. Biggie and 2Pac must be rolling in their graves.

I think posthumous releases need to stop, not gonna lie. The Notorious B.I.G. has been dead for years, and yet this year, his label decided to drop this posthumous song, which has really bad mixing.

People really need to stop creating atrociously mixed and unfinished projects from dead artists in general, because this just isn't it. It's like insulting someone's grave when they are dead.

22 I'm Back - Lil Pump

Another atrocity from Lil Pump. As usual, the lyrics are pretty generic (like most modern rap lyrics) and awful, and Anthony Fantano didn't like this track either. And no, it doesn't look like you're back, Lil Pump. It looks like people forgot that you existed.

He should stay in 2018 and 2018 only.

Yet another generic and impersonal song by Lilliam Pumpernickel. Let's leave him back in the late 2010s already.

23 Jiggle Jiggle - Duke & Jones & Louis Theroux

Wow, this song is awful. It sounds like some cringey parody of a song I haven't even heard of.

The instrumental is garbage, the rapping doesn't match the instrumental, and the autotune! The freaking autotune! The autotune in this song is unbearable. It sounds like some male Siri/Amazon Alexa/Microsoft Cortana ripoff just woke up from an eight-day-long nap. It's that awful!

The worst part about this song is that it was made popular on TikTok. TikTok! No wonder those immature teens don't know good music. It's just sad that they haven't heard of actually good bands like Queen, Metallica, Radiohead, The Used, or Led Zeppelin. Instead, they listen to mostly soon-to-be one-hit wonders like this song and other crappy songs (except for "Dreams" by Fleetwood Mac, which is a good song).

Overall, I give this song a -35/10 star rating because it's just awful, definitely one of the worst songs of 2022.

KelseyPower out!

24 Rocking a Cardigan in Atlanta - Lil Shordie Scott
25 Made You Look - Meghan Trainor

I hate this song so much. It's like the Kidz Bop version of itself, especially with that awkward I MADE YOU LOOK at the end of the chorus, which sounds straight out of something Kidz Bop would write.

It's like All About That Bass, but worse. The lyrics are basically her flexing luxury stuff but with some body empowerment message that I fail to see over an either grating or barely existent backing track. Meghan normally isn't too bad, but this song I find to be pretty terrible.

I like most of Meghan Trainor's music, but this song is garbage.

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