Best Albums of 2022

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1 Dawn FM - The Weeknd

You know we're not even halfway done with 2022 at the time of typing this & we have plenty of more albums ahead. As many albums as have been released, there's plenty more ahead to anticipate.

Expensive body of work

2 Ants from Up There - Black Country, New Road

The best album of 2022 so far! The instrumentations are very rich and diverse. The vocals are great too. If you like art rock with jazzy influences, you will definitely love this record!

I was expecting this to be number 1.

Amazing, easily #1

3 Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers - Kendrick Lamar

Another impressive album by Kendrick that was totally worth the 5 years of wait. Kendrick's narrative always manages to touch the listener's deepest feelings. I love how this album discusses fatherhood and family. The guest features are also carefully chosen and always on point. Thank you Kendrick for bringing one of the absolute best albums of 2022. It will end up high on a lot of mid-year and year-end lists for sure.

4 Melt My Eyez See Your Future - Denzel Curry

Another great album by one of the most underrated rappers ever!

5 Glitch Princess - Yeule
6 Once Twice Melody - Beach House

An excellent return for Beach House. Definitely one of their best albums.

7 Caprisongs - FKA Twigs
8 Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe in You - Big Thief
9 PEP - Lights
10 Requiem - Korn
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11 Aethiopes - Billy Woods

If you like jazz-influenced hip hop, you'll love this record.

12 Unlimited Love - Red Hot Chili Peppers

A great return for the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They could've become a watered-down version of themselves, but they still kick ass after all these years. It was totally worth the wait!

13 Brightside - The Lumineers
14 Crash - Charli XCX

While this obviously doesn't break any new ground the way her earlier albums did. She still knows pop better than almost anyone else working and this album shows it.

15 Zeit - Rammstein
16 Dance Fever - Florence + the Machine
17 Darklife - Death's Dynamic Shroud

Dam good unique electronic sounds.

18 Final Advent - Dynazty
19 The End, So Far - Slipknot
20 The Phoenix - Grey Daze
21 Transparency - Twin Atlantic
22 Never Let Me Go - Placebo
23 Planet Zero - Shinedown
24 If the Sky Came Down - Lost Society
25 Being Funny in a Foreign Language - The 1975

Jack Antonoff did a great job producing this album, which is way more consistent and way less bloated than Notes on a Conditional Form.

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