Top Ten Best Zayn Malik Songs

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1 Dusk Till Dawn

One of the most beautiful songs from him. It takes me to another word. So unique the texture and the taste that it leaves for your ears is unmatchless. So much range in this vocal can be observed. The best

He is the vocal legend of this century. He got that pitch many solo artists can't reach.. All those notes are remarkable and undoubtedly anyone could possibly make. As he is really talented & experimental he can sing any genre I suppose..

It is a good song (even though I really prefer like I would). all I can say is that it has it all in it and it is the best 1D solo song ever

2 Pillowtalk

Pillowtalk is good. But zayn's greatest song and by far is Golden.

Listen to it folks.
You won't regret.

This song is the greatest song in R&B genre.

Zayn totally changed his 'boy bandish' image with this song. Truly awesome

3 I Don't Wanna Live Forever

This song is actually so much better than to be the 7th, at least it deserves 3rd place.

This should be on the #1 place. This song is truly amazing.

Best song with emotions.

4 Like I Would

Just listen to the beginning. So unique. He hits his climax at the middle, and finishes strong. A masterpiece. He's singing 3 octaves the whole song as well as incorporating that smokey texture of his voice into the song.

I think people bash all the other Zayn songs (especially Like I Would, my favorite Zayn song) in favor of the boring, uncatchy, 1D-like Pillowtalk!

This song along with the rest of the songs in this album is what R&B my favorite genre! This song is so nice. I shared this with girlfriend and yeah... :D

5 Lucozade
6 Drunk

He is so awesome...its hard to think he was in 1D with this music...but I love 1D who thinks zayn is better doing his own solo music because I do

7 Rear View

Should be in the Top 3.
This is a masterpiece by Zayn.

I love this song so much

Very mature lyrics

8 Let Me

This song deserves the top spot. Really amazing song!

This song is fantastic. End of.

Best song of zayn

9 Wrong

The words hardly mean something. But the way he sings with such feeling and desperation... You feel as if he's telling the story of your life! This song is not just tune and rhymes, its art, and a masterpiece at that.

10 Truth
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11 It's You

What how is lucozade above this? zayn ain't human... he like some beautiful singing alien with the vocal range of god

Really heart touching, one of the best of Zayn ,should be in top five

This 1 is the best 1

12 Befour

This is the best song of Mr. Zayn Malik

13 Borderz
14 Blue
15 Entertainer

I love this one so much

A really nice song

The best song of Zayn, the third best song ever, and the best song of 2018

16 There You Are
17 She

Best song of zayn

18 Cruel

Best Zayn song there

19 Fool for You

Should be in top 10

Literally the best song of his definitely should be in top 10 no doubt about it

20 Golden

This song is gold. So beautiful. So underrated.

Abs--lutely love it.

21 A Whole New World

Zayn's voice sounds so dreamy in this song.

22 Still Got Time
23 Sour Diesel
24 Tonight

Amazing song! Powerful lyrics.

This song made me cry

25 Bright
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