Top Ten Reasons Why Megadeth is Better Than Metallica

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1 Megadeth never got bad like Metallica

Actually, they were bad when they started. Peace Sells and their debut album sucked. So far, So good and So what was decent. It was only after the release of Rust in Peace did Megadeth finally became better than Metallica.

Cryptic Writings, TWNAH, and Dystopia are all good albums. 13, Risk, and Super Collider are weak but great compared to half of Metallica's discography.

They both have bad albums, both of these lists are some of the most biased pieces of trash I've ever seen on this site.

Cryptic Writings Risk and Super Collider are really bad

2 Megadeth has better lyrics

Tied for me. I love both bands equally.

3 Lars Ulrich is a terrible drummer

That's the thing I agree.

4 Metallica is overrated, Megadeth is underrated

Both are Overrated but Metallica at least didn't make Pop songs like Megadeth did on Risk

5 Dave Mustaine has a better voice than James Hetfield

Even Chad Kroeger can sing AND play guitar better than that overrated pile of crap James Hetfield.

Dave Mustaine is better than James Hetfield because James Hetfield has a terrible voice and I swear to god always screams "AAAH" obnoxiously and he just sucks. Dave Mustaine actually tries and James just screams. Metallica is garbage, anyway. The entirety of Garage Inc. is just trash. Their cover of Overkill by Motörhead is an insult to the entire genre of metal. James is trying to do Lemmy's voice, but James Hetfield already sucks at singing James Hetfield, so his vocals are at an all time low here.

Megadeth has better lyrics, too. "Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams? " Really? I know it's about drugs, but it's just so stupid and simple. Megadeth, on the other hand, actually has decent lyrics. "Welcome to our fortress tall. We'll take some time to show you around. Impossible to break these walls, for you see the steel is much too strong. (Guitar solo)".

My main gripe with Metallica is not even that the music sucks. It's that James Hetfield and Lars Ulrivh are ...more

6 Megadeth has better solos and guitar work than Metallica does.

Metallica just overuses wah-wah and power chords nowadays.

7 Megadeth always had better songs than Metallica

I wouldn't say that's true. Metallica had way better '80s Songs than Megadeth, but Megadeth's '90s, 2000s, 2010s stuff are far better than than Metallica's '90s and 21st century stuff.

I think it balances out, but I do like my favorite Metallica song more than my favorite Megadeth song. But Megadeth is more consistent.

8 Megadeth had better album covers
9 Megadeth released more albums than Metallica

Quality > Quantity, but honestly I like Megadeth more.

10 James Hetfield missed his son's first birthday to hunt tigers in Siberia
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11 Metallica has no good members
12 Dave Mustaine guest starred on the TV Show Duck Dodgers

This was my introduction to metal as a kid though.

Not a reason, but I do agree that was awesome.

13 Megadeth has a mascot
14 Megadeth never made a Black Album.

Countdown To Extinction And Cryptic Writings were similar to Black Album but still showed some Thrash Roots. Megadeth just experimented for a bit. Metallica from point on just went into relying off hit singles.

15 Metallica released Lulu

LuLu is far worse than Risk and Super Collider. Super Collider has 2 good songs and risk has one. LuLu? Zero.
I like both bands equally though...

16 Metallica sued Napster
17 Metallica's fans are sometimes psychos
18 David Ellefson is one of the best bass players in the world.
19 Megadeth made better albums than Metallica
20 Dave Mustaine wrote all of Metallica's good songs
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