Top Ten Statements About Music

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1 There is a genre for everyone.

The gerne for everyone is classical music. Listen to melodic, not atonal music, classical music is very melodic. After a party, amusement park, waterpark, or a playground, listen to classical music to calm you down. If you listen to more rock, you will get all hyper.

That's why music is the one thing everybody loves! Ranging from soft to loud, melodic to atonal, every lyrical topic you can think of is covered in at least one genre or another. And we defend our genres very firmly.

I don't really know music at all, but that also means I generally enjoy at least some aspect of each genre.

2 Popularity doesn't always mean an artist is "better".

This one's in support of underground music, which deserves a shout-out. The tricks artists use to make more money doesn't ensure that their music is necessarily superior. That's why I always try to listen to new music with an open mind. It's all about opinion - if you like popular, then that's your thing. If not, well, that's also okay.

I have actually said this many times on different music lists and many people probably didn't like it (because fans of the popular bands always prevail, in every genre).

Honestly, this should be number 1. Especially now-a-days.

3 Every genre has both good and bad artists.

So you can't basically hate on a whole genre for certain artists. Hate those certain artists, not the genre itself.

Because no matter how good the best of the style is, there's always someone else doing the same thing, the wrong way.

Yes, some genres just have more bad artists than good artists.

4 Everybody has their own opinion.

I'm a metalhead. Let me say this - most of us are asses, especially to each other. Arguing about what's "true" and what's "poser". Then we go and pick on pop and rap. I'm getting really sick of it. Seems like that's what any genre fans do now - being total elitists and acting like they're superior because of their music. You like metal? Go listen to metal. You like One Direction? Go listen to One Direction. You got a weird fetish for smooth jazz? Whatever, just go listen to smooth jazz. Just don't be a jerk.

However, if you like or hate on something for stupid reasons, your opinion is deemed questionable. We learn from asking for inquiry from other people's opinions.

5 The simpler the music, the more commercially viable it is.

Survey-tested and true. The average person prefers simple music. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just the way it is. You can either continue to positively support your favorite artist, or you can complain about them not getting big, like a total idiot.

I couldn't agree more - it's based on my own experience. This statement also sounds very logical.

Example - Madonna sold more copies than Judas Priest. But is Madonna a better singer than Rob Halford? No. Ask any vocal coach if you don't trust me.

It is a pity that people generally don't look out for innovation in music. I do, and that's how I find music I enjoy consistently. Those that don't are stuck on that annoying pop song on repeat, and then one that is little different.

6 A song's lyrics cannot force you to do something.
7 Modern music would not exist without classical music.

I love classical music! I could listen to the Nutcracker all day. Easily my favorite piece! Tchaikovsky's greatest masterpiece! And he has to be my favorite composer as well!

Moonlight Sonata is another piece I enjoy. Although Ludwig Van himself found it quite overrated, it's still a beautiful piece of music that can be played throughout the whole piece on a simple piano.

In the Hall of the Mountain King is my 2nd favorite piece. The suspense it builds between each section of the short piece really makes the climax all the better. 10/10!

8 People get offended over music too easily.

I was sitting next to my sister in the car one day - I was listening to music, and she glanced at my phone quickly, and saw the graphic violent title of a Cannibal Corpse song I was listening to. She was offended, and I understand why. But I had to explain to her that music is art, and everyone interprets it differently. I don't support or condone said acts described in that song, but I enjoy that music - I can like a violent song without being a violent person. It's no different than watching a violent movie. And America sure does love its violent movies...

9 Older music is not always better than newer music.

There are some pretty damn good artists out there today, in all genres. The average person stops listening to new music at around age 30. So it's natural for the older people to look down on what the youngsters are listening to. But one is not better than the other.

Would I rather listen to Pink Floyd than Ariana Grande? Yes, of course.
Would I rather listen to Electus than ABBA? No question.

Number 1 song in 1969 is Sugar, Sugar by The Archies. Not Rolling Stones. The Beatles didn't even cracks top 20.

10 There are people who like the bands you hate, so think before you say stuff.

I didn't put this on the list, but I gave it a vote. The best way to express distaste for an artist/band/singer, is just simply say, "I don't like them." No need to start acting like your opinion is fact.

And that's why you back yourself up with logical reasons when you hate something. If you get questioned for it, you still have to get ready to defend yourself logically and validly.

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11 There actually are people who like Nickleback.

Nothing is wrong with nickelback. They are talented than those rapping / hip hop idiots out there. the song If today is your last day.

To be honest, I used to like them.

12 Music is not about appearance

I kinda think it depends on the genre. I guess boy bands, for instance, have to be cute to be big. So when Directioners obsess over how adorable 1D is, it's because...well, they're a boy band! They're supposed to be cute, it's the whole point. I personally agree with the statement in question, as I don't even know what most of my bands on my phone look like. There is, however, a certain extent to which how an artist is presented effects their career.

Directioners always deny this.

13 There is no such thing as a better music genre

Depends there are genres you can like more than others although there is no such thing as an objectively better genre. I think the difference between this and songs is that you can have a song everyone agrees is trash but not really a whole genre.

14 Any genre can encourage bad behavior

People say that pop and rap music influences bad behavior. While this is true sometimes, metal can influence that kind of behavior as well. Satanic black metal is an example of this.

15 Video game music isn't necessarily inferior to mainstream music

I know this sounds ridiculous, but some Pokemon background music is really awesome. Especially the music in Black 2 on the Village Bridge. I used to go to that place solely to go to all of the musicians and hear the place light up in harmonies.

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team's boss soundtracks. 'enough said.

16 All music is subjective
17 Bands/artists do not save lives. You save your life
18 Death metal isn't supposed to make you angry

A lot of people think death metal is all angry but some of it isn't meant to be angry. An example of this? Studies show that dogs are able to express happy feelings through growling (which is called the play growl). I know this is a weird example and it has nothing to do with death metal but it's just my views on certain growls.

It's true. Also, not all death growls are angry - Chuck Schuldiner growls sound rather sad to me, there's a lot of pain in his growls.
And I like the SYLFan1234 example - dog growls studies may explain certain things in death metal.

19 Some music takes more talent than others
20 More talent doesn't equal better music
21 Listening to satanic music doesn't make you satanic

I agree with this one cause listening to music (whether it's actually satanic or not) doesn't make you a satanist at all. Music doesn't play any part in religion. For example, Grand Theft Auto is a game filled with violence and sexuality. It's not a sin to play that kind of game, but it is a sin to go out and actually do that kind of stuff. If you're a Christian and you believe in God, you would know that sin starts in your mind first. You would also know that Jesus searches your mind and deeds to judge. As long as you're not causing any trouble then you're fine.

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