Top 10 Zubeen Garg Songs

Its the top 10 songs list of the Assamese/Bengali/Bollywood singer Zubeen Garg. Songs may be Assamese, Hindi, Bengali or any other language he had sung
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1 Mayabini

It's such a beautiful song, but I'm unable to find the Assamese version of this song anywhere. It's not available on any of the major music streaming apps.

It's one of the best songs made by Zubeen Garg. Lyrics, composition, everything is just magical.

All-time favourite song. We are mesmerized by the lyrics of the song and your melody too.

2 Mon Jai

Mon Jai. It's one of the best compositions by Zubeen Garg. Zubeen's voice is purely magical.

I love this song. This song is very suitable and heart-touching. And I love you infinitely, Zubeen.

Hits straight into your heart.

3 Kar Porokh
4 Xunere Hojua Poja

The knight of Assamese culture... Zubeen is a living legend. Hats off to him for his thoughtful lyrics and melodious voice. Of all those bests, this song is my favorite.

It's another nice hit by Zubeen. Awesome lyrics and touches the soul of every Assamese person.

When I hear this song, I feel more and more energy. Zubeen is not just a singer. He is a man with humanity.

5 Diya Ghurai Diya

Man, believe me. This song is pure magic. Superb lyrics. This song is a mixture of Assamese and English lyrics.

Very meaningful song. So, I love this song very much.

6 Endhar Hobo Nuaru

It is my favourite song.

7 Roi Roi Binale
8 Maya Mathu Maya
9 Ya Ali

This is a Bollywood hit by Zubeen from the movie Gangster and music by Pritam. It's truly a magical song.

10 Pakhi Pakhi Aei Mon
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11 Din Jole Rati Jole

This song touches the souls of all lovers, especially Zubeen's fans.

Very romantic song and awesome cinematography. Well done, Zubeen Da. You are the best.

Awesome song of Mission China composed by Zubeen.

12 Janu Janu
13 Piya Re
14 Bhulotu Nasaba Tumi
15 Every Morning Comes with a Rising Sun

This is an English track by Zubeen Garg. Sung by Zubeen and Joi Barua, composition and lyrics by Zubeen himself. Believe me, this song deserves a Grammy. Superb lyrics. Excellent song.

16 Gaane Ki Aane
17 Tumi Suwa Jetiya
18 Atiya Ase Mathu
19 Subah Subah
20 Jantra
21 Majulir Ejoni Suali
22 Kobita Kenekoi Likhe
23 Ahe Ba Nahe
24 Borokha Jetiya Naame
25 Morilong Morilong Lagi Jai
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