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TheFatRat is a glitch-hop/chipstep electronic artist, beginning in 2011-2012, but only breaking through with Unity in 2015. I feel that he's very underrated, with better blending, production, and drops than most other electronic artists. His songs are incredibly catchy, and have tremendous amounts of work put into them, as well as being perfect for background music in video games, videos, reading books, sports, etc. Here is my list for his best songs. Feel free to contribute aswell, and listen to any of his tracks that you haven't heard. This list was pretty hard for me to make.
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1 Monody

You know what I love about his songs? They strike something in your heart whenever you listen to them. They make you want to keep listening and never stop. They send chills up your spine with their beautiful melodies, and in my opinion TheFatRat is the best digital musician of all time. This is by far his best song, and it has the most feeling, the most story, the most EVERYTHING to it

Monody should be number one.
When I hear this I always go to an epic adventure. Honestly this is the best music I ever heard. I listen this like every day.
Also Monody is under rated because of those other crappy dubsteps. Thanks for reading. Hope you have a good day.

2 Xenogenesis

This song makes the background feels very intense and exciting. I like putting it as the background music in competitive situations.

3 Unity

The best one in my opinion, the energy, the very few lyrics, this is what I think of when I say TheFatRat! The beat drop is the best thing!

This song is probably one of TheFatRat's most popular songs. Nonetheless, this song deserves top 5!

The bass drop after the new lyrics is just amazing!

4 Time Lapse

Just wow. I love this song! Great beat, it's a good length and that beat drop in the middle is the best beat drop I've ever heard!

The music is so good! I love the beat to it and it makes me want to dance. If someone played this song randomly I would start dancing XD!

5 Fly Away

Should be number one... Best song ever me and my boyfriend love it!

6 Windfall

This song is very creative and less repetitive. When it gets to the main, loud part, the music changes. Also it's just a good piece without vocals, which is relaxing when I sometimes don't want to be distracted by lyrics.

I'm apparently the 1% who chose this, but it is so chill and makes me happy. For sure my favorite. Jackpot my close second though.

This song is awesome I feel like the beat is a pattern it calms me down. I like dancing to it has the perect mix of calm and energetic this should be in the top five (at least) I enjoy it so much I love dancing to it I like the beat my family enjoys it too this really is the percect song

7 Close To the Sun

Beautiful lyrics, great vocals, Origin but much better! He's been working on it for 6+ years, really shows!

Great vocals, one of my favorite songs.

8 The Calling

The beat drop is one of the best ones I've heard!

Love the lyrics, especially in the verses.

9 No No No

Even though this song doesn't have very original lyrics, it manages to still be a very fun song to listen to. It has a good beat and I'd definitely recommend it!

10 Jackpot

Just an amazing song overall. How could you not like this song? My only complain is that it is too short. I wish it was twice as long! #1 by far!

Also, why the hell is Jackpot 12? It should be top 3 or something!

This. Is. It. The song that you'd expect in a RPG game.

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11 Elegy

Made me felt better after an elegy...

12 Chosen

This song has a nice calm beat to it. The lyrics are good, and I'd recommend this song!

13 Mayday

Never gets boring, and is energizing in the middle of the night to keep myself going.

AMAZING leadup to the chorus. I could listen to it on repeat several times without getting tired of it!

14 Rise Up

Feel-good songs like this always make me feel better.

15 Never Be Alone
16 Stronger
17 Epic
18 Electrified

The best fatrat song by far. After this comes stronger, rise up, close to the sun and then xenogenesis.

19 Oblivion

Though I absolutely love every song, oblivion is my favorite because of the imagery it creates in my head. It's so peaceful at the top of the mountain, and then the beat drops and a huge dance party starts.

This song totally throws you off. It starts with calm lyrics and then throws you into an awesome beat that you weren't expecting!

20 Prelude

Great song! Should be in the top 5!

21 Infinite Power
22 We are the Dream (Thefatrat Remix)
23 Do Be Do Be Do
24 Dancing Naked
25 Levels (Thefatrat Remix)
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