Facts About Brony Influence

bobbythebrony So as you all know, I am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and one thing I've heard haters say is that Bronies force other people into the fandom. I'll would just like to explain why this is mostly false.

Let's start with my friend Moses. When we first started hanging out in November 2013, something happened. He asked me to watch a Pokemon movie with him and I really didn't want to so I made a proposition. I told him I would watch it with him if he watch a MLP episode with me. Afterwards, he said he didn't know what to think of it. Sometime later, he asked me if we could watch another episode and we did. He is now a fan of the show and contrary to stereotypes, he became a fan on his own accord. There was no forcing.

Next is my sister. I have a lesbian sister in Georgia who is almost 30 years old and we met for the first time some months ago. When we met, she asked me if I liked unicorns cause of a Facebook picture. I explained to her about the show and why I like it. She said it sounded interesting and I haven't seen her since. A few weeks later, I see her liking pony pages on Facebook. I don't know if she is a pegasister but it's highly likely. Just like Moses, I didn't force the show on her. It was her curiosity.

Next we have my friend Steven. We first met when we were working together in Shelbyville. First off, I just wanna state the fact that there were four bronies, besides myself, and a pegasister who were also working there and they were bronies before I met them. We would watch the show at lunch and one day, Steven asked if he could watch too and he did. The next day, he tells me that he is now a brony. Just like my sister, it was curiosity and not forcing.

Lastly we have my former girlfriend Katie. She also came to work there and on her first day, she watched a pony video with us. Eventually we started dating, and I get a text from her one day stating that she was watching the show and later when I come to her house, I see her watching tv through the window. Guess what she was watching. It rhymes with Guy Wittle Stony. Just like the previous ones, it was her own curiosity.

That's about it I guess. I also had another girlfriend who watched the show with me and liked it but I haven't seen her in two years. My friend Mary would also watch it with me. She also liked a Sunset Shimmer page on Facebook and created a Pony fan group on Facebook. If she is a fan, there was no forcing. Got it?

In conclusion, you might wanna ask me why I'm a brony in the first place. The answer is simply that I don't know. If you were to tell me before I became a brony at age seventeen in 2012, that I would like My Little Pony, I would've smacked the color off you. Why? It's My Little Pony. When it started in the 1980s, it was frou frou, girly, and intended for young girls, but then comes Lauren Faust. She made a show and when that show premiered in October 2010, teenage boys and young men all over the world suddenly cut the bulls***, showed some balls, and came flat out and said, "I like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". It's beautiful in a bizarre way.

Well that's it. I thank you for reading and I'll see you next time. Auf Wiedersehan.


Wow, this was a pretty good blog m8, - visitor

Thank you - bobbythebrony

Seriously? Just because you don't force the show on other people doesn't mean that a good majority of Bronies don't do it. Most Bornies have ponies as their profile pic; most ponify every other franchise imaginable; and most even have created whole entire conventions for them. I just can't avoid it! I'm sorry, but MLP is being forced down our throats. At least anti-bronies aren't forcing Bronies to stop watching MLP, albeit Bronies should be ridiculed for obsessing over a little girls show. So please, grow up and do something adult, because this Brony internet subculture is creepy and perverted. I wouldn't be surprised if people started watching Care Bears or Barney. - visitor

The point was that not ALL bronies force their opinions now go away - bobbythebrony

True. But still, kinda strange to like a little girl's show, you know? - visitor

True. But still, kinda strange to like a little girl's show, you know? - visitor

Yeah sure whatever you say - bobbythebrony

Shelbyville? Was that in Texas? If so, then I saw their marching band perform at the state marching contest - SirSkeletorThe3rd

No Tennessee - bobbythebrony