Top 10 Most Narcissistic Songs of All Time

These songs take "self-empowerment" to a new level.

The Top Ten Most Narcissistic Songs of All Time

1 I Am a God - Kanye West

Does sound quite narcissistic to be honest, but I guess you can't judge a song by the title... - Flowersocks2137

Kanye is an ass

Sure I have self-respect and give myself a 12/10 rating but I never said I was a god. I don't even have an SIXTEENTH of all that narcissism. Damn. - AlphaQ

I think this song is heavily misunderstood listen to Kanye talk about the meaning of this song then come back and say it's narcissistic.

2 Me Too - Meghan Trainor

I actually don't think this she wrote this meaning people literally wanted to be HER. My take on it is any girl singing it is basically saying "I'm awesome. Why should I want to be like someone else when I can be me" It is like of narcissistic as a general song but I don't think she meant it in a Kanye West "I'm literally the best thing ever" type of way. Just my take.

Meghan Trainor had like three songs that were ok from her first album so then she comes back thinks everyone loves her. This song is annoying. No one wants to be her. I think this song should be called "How to make everyone who has ever heard of you hate you."

This song is basically about people wanting to be her. I personally don't want to be a bad pop star who's songs are faker than Kim Kardashian

This song is so annoying. It has a bad beat. This is probably one of the most narcissist songs I have ever heard. It is about her thinking everyone wants to be her. I do not want to be her and most people don't either-AnimeDrawer85

3 No - Meghan Trainor

I think Me too is more of a playful song, but this one sounds serious, Kanye is simply crazy but Meghan is really full of herself

The Bart Baker parody is much better! - NightmareIsHere_

This song makes Kanye West look self-hating.

Not to mention, this song Is practically Meghan's point of view as If every single boy wants to date her. And she constantly says 'no' to make her look like a girl with high standards - MLPFan

4 Best Rapper Alive - Lil Wayne

This is narcissistic by definition, but hey, he had proof to back up his claim. - SwagFlicks

That's what he thinks

*slaps knee*
*laughs hysterically* - Sop

5 Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae) - Silento
6 Hot Problems - Double Take

How are they "hot girls" when they look fake? No offense. But I agree with TheEvilNuggetCookie. "Just kidding, we're perfect" That sounds rude! These girls are narcissistic and basically make people look bad to make theirselves look good. - MLPFan

I hate this song, worst song ever. Like A Princess is even worse. These girls cannot sing and they are so full of themselves-AnimeDrawer85

This isn't really a song._.

7 7 Years - Lukas Graham
8 I Love Kanye - Kanye West
9 Focus - Ariana Grande

What could you say about this song other than "narcissistic"? Poor composition? - seafowlomicron

This song is so overplayed. The chorus is unbearable. Why does Ariana Grande want people to focus on her? -AnimeDrawer85

My narcissistic friend loves her music.

Let's be honest people. ariana grande isn't worth focusing on.

10 This is Why I'm Hot - Mims

This is why you're a one hit wonder.

"This is why I'm hot / I ain't gotta rap / I could sell a mill saying nothing on the track"
So he basically says: "I am lazy and don't want to do anything. But I am such a great person they would buy everything by me - even if it's literally nothing."
Actually, that's worse than bragging with skills he doesn't have. Lil Wayne called himself the best rapper alive. Despite I am not a hater, he sure is not. But at least he is bragging about doing or being something. What MIMS raps about is that he is basically without talent, but still the best because he is hot. And when you're hot, you don't have to do anything and still be popular, according to him.
By the way the I of MIMS' logo is the silhouette of German rapper Bushido that he used without permission. It's as if even his logo wants to say: "I am ' uncreative. But hey, I am hot." - Martin_Canine

The Contenders

11 I'm Awesome - Spose
12 I Might Go Lesbian - Manika
13 Treat You Better - Shawn Mendes

This is neckbeard levels of nice-guy cringe. - Sop

14 Want U Back - Cher Lloyd

This song is annoying-AnimeDrawer85

15 Pretty Girls - Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea

I miss the old days of Britney Spears. I may not be a fan of her, But I DO think some of her old songs were good. And Pretty Girls was annoying. It's like saying that Being good looking Is everything when It Isn't. This is as annoying as Double Take's "Hot Problems" and wanna know what's worse, I hate both songs, along with other Meghan Trainor, Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Robin Thicke and 1D songs(why modern pop?! Why?! ). - MLPFan

I miss the old days of Britney Spears. I may not be a big fan of her, But I DO think some of her old songs were good. And Pretty Girls was annoying. It's like saying that Being good looking Is everything when It Isn't. This is as annoying as Double Take's "Hot Problems" and wanna know what's worse, I hate both songs, along with other Meghan Trainor, Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and 1D songs(why modern pop?! Why?! ). - MLPFan

16 Work - Rihanna
17 Like a Princess - Double Take
18 Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor
19 Bow Down / I Been On - Beyonce
20 I Can't Give Everything Away - David Bowie

David Bowie? Being a narcissist? This is the most untrue thing I have ever heard.

Or else we will or fing hate you

21 Fancy - Iggy Azalea
22 I'm the Best - Nicki Minaj
23 Started from the Bottom - Drake

Very apt that this song is on the list. According to Drake, starting from the bottom means getting a cruddy job while living in a well-to-do middle class upbringing. Boo bloody hoo. And that's only for one verse. The rest of the song just is him bragging about how great he is and how brilliant his lifestyle is. Ironically, for a song called 'Started From The Bottom', it is far more concerned with his way of life at the top, as opposed to the bottom, of the greasy pole. To be fair, if he had delved a little more into his life at the bottom, his work on a popular sitcom would be discussed along with more of his aforementioned middle class raising. Presumably that would have made the song more of a joke, as the whole 'started from the bottom' charade would have evaporated instantly. So instead we get endless narcissism about how great his life is, which would only appeal to a small fraction of his listeners. Awful song, and utterly narcissistic too. - Mrveteran

24 I'm Too Sexy - Right Said Fred
25 So Gangsta - Trae
26 Win Again - Nicki Minaj

She'll be great in bed

27 Too Cool - Meaghan Martin

Unworthy of having that awesome surname - Martinglez

28 Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO
29 Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd

I'm sorry, but you guys are not the "black Beatles in the city"
I wonder if the actual Beatles themselves had trash rap songs produced by metro boomin?

30 I'll Show You - Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's music nowadays is so bland and dull. I do not know how many people like him nowadays, his music is so boring. Many people at my school like him. He tries too hard to apologize, but he keeps doing bad things. Recently, a fan wanted his autograph and guess what he said? "No". He treats his fans badly, how can people like him? -AnimeDrawer85

I forgave Justin... then he made this BS. - Swellow

31 Master of Puppets - Metallica

How is this song narcissistic?

32 Sue (Or in a Season of Crime) - David Bowie

Somebody obviously didn't like Blackstar! - higgsboson2142

Look, when you did this on 2016's worst list, it was fine b/c that was your presumed opinion. Now there is proof you r a troll. NONE OF THESE DAVID BOWIE SONGS R NARCISSTIC! - ProPanda

33 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius
34 Boss Ass B**** - Ptaf
35 Blackstar - David Bowie

So bad the whole album going on

36 Tis a Pity She Was a Whore - David Bowie

So offensive I am never lister long to this again

He is calling a women a whore

37 Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

Okay, I'm confused. How is Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan on a Most Narcissistic Songs list? - Draco

Number 1 on Rolling Stones for no reason

38 The Sound of Silence - Disturbed

Do you mean the way they were covering it, or did you just think Disturbed wrote the song? (Sounds Of Silence was written and performed by Simon and Garfunkel)

I won't hold it back - This is a dreadful cover. The instrumentals are barely there, and even when they are, they don't even try to be metal in the slightest (saying it's "metal" is disrespectful towards metal itself). Don't forget that the lead singer puts no emotion into the song, making him sound extremely bland and vanilla in comparison to the amazing passion Paul Simon put into his song.
And call me a "nostalgia-tard", I'm just stating my opinion. Disturbed can't touch Simon and Garfunkel at all. - Swellow

39 Perfect Isn't Easy - Bette Midler
40 Bohemian Rhapsody - Panic! at the Disco

An absolute photocopy of one of the greatest songs ever

Absolute photocopy? It's called a "cover".
At least it's not Kanye West. - Swellow

41 Purple Rain - Prince
42 Eyes of the Insane - Slayer

Same problem as Metallica's "One".

43 To the Top - Submarine Man
44 I Want It All - Ashley Tisdale

Wait a minute this song doesn't count because it is from a movie and the character is supposed to be narcissistic that is why this song was in the movie

45 Lazarus - David Bowie
46 Girl Loves Me - David Bowie
47 I Am Woman - Helen Reddy

This is a pro-female song that is actually right.
Take that, Tumblr feminists. - Swellow

48 Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley
49 Can I Get a Witness - Sonreal

This guy seriously can't sing for his life. Oh, he can't defend modern pop music for that matter. I was actually glad when I heard a pop music song that would defend it, but no, it's just Sonreal's crappy bragging of "But I'm the man". - Swellow

Yep, seems accurate.

50 Alone - Falling in Reverse
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