Awful Animation #16)

Puga What the hell? It's hard to talk about this 2 minute 8 seconds video without talking about it's background. Nickelodeon are turning this animated show into a fully developed series, and it's appealing to the lowest common denominator and will be Breadwinners 2.0 What's so bad about it? Let's see. The short starts with our two main characters whose names are never revealed, I'll just call them Moose and Box. Moose and Box are strolling through some park, when Box wants to have a twerk party! Let's just have a "This got Dated" counter and have it go up to one. The style of this short is 8-bit. It works at first but then it becomes unnessecary. Anyway, Moose gets a note that Princess Hamburger has been kidnapped. Yeah, this whole short is played out as if it's a video game. It's pretty neat and honestly the best thing I can say about this short. Anyway, the Damsel in Distress cliche probably would be the only plot in this show if it got picked up as a show. I can't really see much else happening from the four characters in this short .

Box doesn't want to go save her for the 843rd time but Moose makes her change her mind in 5 seconds. (I'm guessing their gender by their voice acting, which has the same quality as The Wand of Gamelon) They set off on an "epic journey" through forests and deserts and anything else that Mario did first when the camera cuts to the antagonist whose name is, I'm not kidding, DR. HIPSTER. I get that some people hate hipsters but that was that the most original thing the could come up with? Btw, "this got dated" counter has reached 2. Anyway, his opening line is "I listened to that band before they existed". Sure, why the hell not. Anyway, he takes a selfie (Tgd:3) and says #thriftteam or some other nonsense (Tgd:4) Anyway, he's waited like a week until he can eat Princess Burger and then when he FINALLY decides to do so Moose and Box wrap themselves in a present and say it's stuff hipsters like inside. They say it's some camera and stupid glasses (Tgd: 5 and 6) and Dr. Hipster waters his mouth, opens the present and finds MooseBox. What a twist!

Moose punches him in the eys which apperantley makes him blind and takes Princess Burger, replaces her with a bomb. Question: where did they get the bomb from? I'm pretty sure hipsters don't have bombs WITH THE FUSE LIT just hanging around in their house. Hipster thinks bomb is burger, he blows up, It's said that Burger has been rescued for the 37th time or something (Tgd:7) they have their twerk party (Tgd:8) and Burger gets kidnapped again. The End. This has ALL the cliches, in both Nick shows and general cliches. The "before it was cool" hipster. The damsel in distress. The proscanitating villain. The up and at 'em hero. That, combined with how modern and idiotic it is, means this will be Breadwinners II. I mean, 8 dated jokes! 8!
Annoyance: 3/10 Awful Audio 5/10 Boringness 0/10Confusion 4/10 Disturbance 5/10 Envious Ending 7/10 Flanderization 1/10 Gaping Plit Holes 8/10 Ludacris Low-Budget 1/10 Mauling Morals 0/10 TOTAL AWFUL POINTS: 34/100
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