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For those who don't, Paul Beenis aka Videogamedunkey is a game "developer" from Dunkey's classic Game Dev Tycoon video. For fans of Dunkey (and Paul Beenis) have fun discussing your favorite games made by the great Paul Beenis.
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1 Hooker F*****

It's sad Beenis didn't make a sequel for this one, but then again this one already has pretty much everything you can ask of a game. The graphics are very important in this type of game, and Beenis handled them well. Inspired a lot of japanese developers in its time and you could even say it's the precursor of games such as Koikatsu, Custom Maid 3D or Honey Select. Very solid and fluid gameplay, just check out this masterpiece already.

I remember being a young child excited to finally buy this game after saving up two months allowance. The game is so nostalgic, and reminds me of my childhood. Me and my father used to play it until he tragically passed away. The story blows me away, the combat and gameplay is phenomenal, I still listen to the soundtrack every week. Paul really knows how to make a great game, and this shows. It was a shame the company went bankrupt. I made so many memories from it. If you haven't played it, do yourself a favor, and pick up a copy. You will not be disappointed

By far, THE BEST game in the legacy of Paul Beenis. Hooking the maids to the crane was amazing, especially dropping them from heights. The best game. You haven't lived until you played Hooker F*****. Get your lazy butt up and get this awesome game.

Brilliant masterpiece and the one to get Paul Beenis on the map. Without a doubt a video game classic. Critics at first were skeptical but soon people realize how good this game was. The gameplay was brilliant. The story was one of the best. It was sad, touching and heartwarming and just so good. Why Paul never made a sequel and instead exploit the Kill Butt series, I'll never know.

2 Kill Butt 3

Everything I liked about Kill Butt 2, but now it's Kill Butt 3! Loved the new customizable difficulty system and the enemies are great as well.

The gameplay was astounding, I loved the smiff smiff wild 2 reference in the lava planet, and it was just perfectly made for portable play on the gameling. 8/10, very enjoyable.

Sad that kill butt 3 2: 2 -2 was never made. but don't cry because its over, smile because it happened. Paul beenis really hit a goldmine with this series, it has mono sound, amazing graphics and steering wheel support, etc. a game of the century really setting a standard in the gaming industry with its innovative gamplay and immersive and engaging storyline. it received stellar reviews from critics and fans alike and is a historic landmark in the history of gaming and even culture as a whole. has a little something for everyone 6.5/10

Your not a true fan of paul beenis games until you play this game. this is what made paul creenis blow up and I can see why, this game delivered a whole new level of story telling to gaming and the graphics at that time were mind blowing! I can always remember myself as a kid playing this game and just having a big smile on my face at every second of gameplay, truly a masterpiece.

3 Beaverball

Could have done without it - Creenis really went off the rails into some kind of sick, twisted animal fantasy, rather than continuing the routine work of his elders and upholding and supporting his superiors - meaning the people he was learning from, and the lineage his teachers were serving. I guess I'll never fully understand why Creenis threw out the Prima Strategy Guide when he made this game. But I loved its sequel, Beaverball : Revenge.

Like, come on? Another Paul Beenis classic. This game was awesome with incredible gameplay, extraordinary graphics for it's time and the main character is so loveable. Beaverball is a perfect game for those who enjoy nothing but fun gameplay.

In my opinion Beaverball is a great game, one of the classics.

Beaverball has a bit for evrybody very nice.

4 Kill Butt 4

Everything I liked about Kill Butt 3, but now it's Kill Butt 4! The story explored some aspect the fans weren't expecting and this confused some, but it’s a curiosity that nevertheless demands a look-see for a fresh take on a legenday saga, the Killbutt saga.

A very underrated gem. Though KB3 was a massive leap forward, and brought a beautiful story, with incredible gameplay and mechanics, it was still very rough around the edges. At launch, glitches were a bit of a problem, and KB4 sought to expand on KB3 and perfect everything it introduced. The story is a beautiful goodbye to the series' former lead hero, "Some Badass", and really sets him off with an emotional climax. KB4 also smoothed out and streamlined all the gameplay elements from #3, making the game a joy to play. Overall, KB4 is not nearly as big a leap as KB3, but that wasn't really a bad thing, and it ended up being one of my favorite games ever

Kill Butt 4. First game you think of when you think of Paul Beenis. The lead developer/designer, Paul Creenis, had 3 Kill Butt games to figure out how to make one, and it shows in Kill Butt 4. It was one of the first RPGs to have real time battles. I think a very underrated aspect of this game is the economy. It has an insanely accurate stock market for the time. If Paul Beenis was still around, I feel like people would talk about the KB series more and realize that KB4 was the best.

I feel as though Kill Butt 4 is one of the best creations by Paul Creenis. Paul really went all out here and this game left a lasting impact on the gaming community and future titles to come.

5 Smiff Smiff Wild 2

While I didn't care for Wild Wild Smiff that much, Smiff Smiff Wild took everything about it and made it better introducing 3d graphics and fun action pack western gun brawling. Will Smith should be proud for having this game a part of legacy. Let's just not talk about it's sequel (Wild Smiff 3: Diff)

The best western game of all ages,a classic that reinvented de genre created by the mastermind Paul Beenis, a must play for every generation of gamers, tell a incredible history that imerse the player for start for finish 10/10.

Every Paul Beenis game before this was just the lead up to this ass-blasting experience of a video game. Just purely amazing.

Man, when Will Smith turned into a genie, that's when I knew this game was gonna be good.

6 Typing for F****

Using the power of the steering wheel, you can easily type your way through this emotional game. The game gets incredibly hard later on, but you shouldn't give up. The ending is worth playing for.

Despite this games' low reviews, the game is easily one of the best games made by Paul Creenis. I thoroughly enjoyed the game, yet I believe the difficulty spikes were unfair and could be ironed out.


This complex specifically orchestrated video game emphasized detail above all in order to calibrate the notion of reciprocity in the form of driving an actual car in order to type. I impressed all my friends when I invited them over to play Typing for F****. But I failed all my driving tests and they took my permit.

The added steering wheel support was very revolutionary for typing games. It should have set a new industry standard at the time has it not been the failure of the Dreamvast at the time of its release that greatly hindered its performance.

Awesome game with a somehow amazing ability to use steering wheel support to exceed gameplay. However being in the Dreamvast, not many people know about. This is Paul Beenis' last good game before he fell under the radar.

7 Killbutt Racing

When they said they were making another killbutt game I thought it was gonna be killbutt 3 but you know what? this is just enough to satisfy me, this game was a great competitor to mario kart because of how good it was! and it was one of the first games ever with stearing wheel support and that was revolutionary as hell! the best part is the custom tracks, the custom tracks were so fun to use and just trolling your friends with was the best part about it, so well done paul beenis games you made a masterpiece.

It's a very, very beautiful spin on the beloved Paul Creenis classic military-fighting game we all knew and loved, on which we can now experience the adrenaline rush on a whole new different level, and takes the graphics to new heights and sets the standards for future 'Kill Butt' installments. Utterly dashing and breathtaking.

Best racing game, hands down. Fun, exhilarating and a great to get your friends angry as you beat them on your custom tracks. I remember putting hidden traps in my courses just to mess with those who raced against me. Such a fun game.

Just a genius move turning the classic military shooter into a racing sequel. I remember playing it as a child, it was just too cool

8 Bool's Realm 64

I think the guys at Rare learned a lot from this game, as we could obviously see when they released Banjo Kazooie the following year. Bool's Realm was the most immersive game of Creenis's repertoire. He fine tuned the story so that every aspect was deeply symbolic, from the 12 minute length of the game, to how long the tutorial lasted, to where it was set (think: medieval Zimbabwe), how many musicians were playing, what tones, notes and harmonies, the direction from which the flutes were held, how they traversed and ended. All of it.

When I first booted up Bool's Realm for the Nintendo 64, I expected a run-of-the-mill medieval RPG but was pleasantly surprised every time the game introduced it's new mechanics. That stated, the character development of this game is, without a doubt, the most impressive aspect of this diamond in the rough. Thank you to Paul Beenis.

A lesser known Paul Beenis game but still very fun. It might have aged not so good but with the fan made remaster online, it makes the game more fun and assecible to those who haven't played it yet.

Nicest game in the Commodore 64. The story, while seemed like written by a 2 year old, is still entertaining.

9 Kill Ass F***

Now this game is overrated but it isn't bad. I feel there are much better Paul Beenis games however, explaining why it is low on the list.

My favorite classic Beenis game, due to the nostalgic value it holds for me. 10/10

Killbutt, but more gore. I love the brains splatting on my screen every time I kill someone.

League of Legends is a terrible game

10 Killbut 3:2

Everything I liked about Kill Butt 3, but now it's Kill Butt 3:2! An underrated classic for sure.

Killbutt 3:2 is pretty good. I won't recommend this to your granny though.

How is this not rated higher? a true masterpiece from a fallen dev company

A true classic definitely a masterpiece

The Contenders
11 Jar Jar Binks Dances

Mr. Beenis should've never rented this original character to George Lucas. I know that the times were though and you can't make games for free but what "The Phantom Menace" did to my beloved tragic hero is beyond the pale. This awful movie cast a long shade and destroyed any hopes for future games starring Jar Jar Binks. They turned him into a goofy caricature with no depth. Jar Jar is so much more in the game and he should've been so much more in the movie.

This game was my childhood. I always wanted a Star Wars game, and when my parents gifted me this masterpiece, I was thrilled beyond measure. I don't even have to *play* this game, I just have to watch the beloved noble hero of the George Lucas trilogy execute some slick moves.

I love this game. When I was a young lad I loved Jar Jar Binks and when my parents gave me this game I cried. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever witnessed and up until this day nothing has ever topped the experience of first playing this game.

Not really a classic of Paul Beenis but it was fun while it lasted. Just felt the whole Star Wars lore wasn't made for him. Good thing he noticed that too.

12 Killbut 3 2: 2

A true sequel to an already outstanding sequel, sadly the media didn't get the grasp of it, hence the low scores. But don't let that fool you, this is a solid game.

Upgraded version of matrix game. Got bad reviews because critics didn't understand it. 10/10

Greatest sequel to a sequel to a sequel's sequel ever made, and that's saying something!

Classic, I always burp nut to this gem

13 C***F***D***S***P***

Critic reviews were positive, though fan reception of this title was a bit cold. In thise fans are wrong: This game is what Beenis is about and to deny this is to deny his legacy.

Beautiful game, remember playing this for hours as a kid. I had so much nostalgia for it. 12/10 would play again and again

People slept on this game, truly the pinnacle if Beenis career

BEautiful game, takes me back to my childhood

14 Last Hope

The saddest thing about this game is that despite it being an obvious pluoy for Paul to keep his company afloat, with various things removed from the title such as any sound whatsoever, it had artistic vision that was unlike any of his other projects before. Really shows that even in his more difficult times of game development, he can still create something interesting, and it just hurts a lot to me, as it really was symbolic of his abilities as a creator. I just wish people of the time saw this despite it's shortcomings, and according to these comments, people agree with me.

You know, last hope was really misunderstood by the critics of today. In the same way Hideo Kojima would pour his heart, soul and philosophy into the games he would masterfully craft, Paul Beenis took me through a very similar experience. The barebones nature of the game calls back to Paul's early beginnings and the lack of content resembles Paul's life at the time, and how meaningless it became after being shot. Playing the game on my old ninvento game sphere reminded me of when I switched on my pc for the very first time and played wild wild smiff, returning to Pauls roots, though it was now a tainted experience left a profound bittersweet impact on me and I felt so greived when Paul Beenis filed for bankruptcy. I know that if he was still with us today, he would be making revolutionary games in the industry like Kill Butt royale or God of Beavers. May he rest in peace.

This game had absolutely no sound, leading it to be critically​ panned, but the gameplay was fantastic. It wasn't revolutionary like Kill Butt 3, but it was certainly Paul Beenis going out with a bang. They wouldn't have survived anyway, so they went out doing what they loved: making games. They couldn't afford sounds, so they made a game without one. It might have been a critical and commercial failure, but it holds a special place in my heart. Rest in peace, Paul Creenis, and your beautiful late company.

This is the last game to be ever released by the once great Paul Beenis games
The story involved a man who had to find his bubberducky to fix his disease of cancer
but when he finds out that his bubberduck was betrayed after sacrifing his family to the Demon Lord, Ba'al, he breaks down in tears, and is killed by Mexican/Spanish guys surrounding his cabin.
The last thing that was heard on-screen was the Mexican/Spanish guys blurting out, "No No No Maderfacker! I subsribe to you 2 times, I give you 2 money! "

T'was a sad deparing gift.

15 Kill Butt

This is the start for paul creenis's great adventure, now this game is stuck between good and bad, the story and the graphics were not the best but that doesn't mean it's not fun this game is so large and you can get creative with it it's like zelda were you play it for over 300 hours and then you watch a let's play and go "I didn't know you could do that"this game was a great start to paul beenis games.

How it all began. Kill Butt was the beginning to Paul Beenis Games.

How it all began, the original

Great Gramphics. Great Grameplay.

16 Beaverball: Revenge

The first beaverball was fun, but was limited by the hardware. Beaverball: Revenge improves the formula perfectly. It's basically super monkey ball but better. Sure, story mode is unnecessary, but the gameplay was made much more fun with an actual physics engine. 9/10 It has a little something for everyone.

Don't want to poke the hornets nest by saying this, but I really think this one is better than the original Beaverball. Not great, but definitely a higher rank than ok.

I have to admit I was never a fan of the original Beaverball. Maybe it's just too primitive for me. This game however is a masterpiece. It takes everything Beaverball did right, makes it even better and translates it to 3D perfectly. It even added an amazing story! Whenever I have a discussion about what game series translated to 3D the best. Many people bring up Mario or Zelda yet Beaverball gets neglected. This is probably because even though it got great reviews it did not sell because it was released on a dying console. Which truly is a shame in my opinion. Beaverball: Revenge never got a sequel because Paul Beenis games went bankrupt and Paul Beenis killed himself.So I really hope a company picks up the rights to this game and remasters it so a new audience can enjoy it. #remasterBeaverballRevenge

I have to agree with my fellow reviewers when I agree that of all the various Beaverballs, this was the Beaveriest. It broke taboos, punished the player on a personal level, and exposed the injustice of the prison industrial complex on a societal level. #remasterBeaverballRevenge

17 Call of Duty

Every time Call of Duty is released with no changes, its an original experience every time

No honestly this game is just bad

Its just call of duty for the wii

"New engine, Better games." 7/10

18 Knack 2 Knack 2 Product Image

good game
-Adolf Hitler

19 Super Mario Bros. 2

Paul Beenis Is literally just a mech powered by a copy of Super Mario Brothers 2

Game of the Year every year baby!

Again! every year!


20 S***hole Hopsital

Absolute classic.

21 Dance Dance Mans 64

When Dance Dance Mans 64 was released, Beenis had finally made his dream project. However, it was panned by both audiences and critics. Coming back to the game now, you can see how it holds up today completely. The dancing mechanics are the best I've seen in any game. The boss battles and soundtrack are god-tier, rivaling games like Tarzan for PS1 and Grush. The sword level... Who could forget the sword level... Not even Red Steel is as good as the sword level. It was clear that the game was too different and ahead of it's time. It is the true definition of a cult classic, and it is a pure 10/10.

A personal favorite of mine. I used to play this one back in the day, when people were raving about the other games of the time. So glad I managed to get a copy of this game, since it really is the best game Paul ever released.

This has to be the most underrated Paul Beenis game out there. I remember buying this for my original Nintendo 64 and playing the hell out of it. 10/10 game would reccomend

Honestly the best game to come from Paul beenis 11/10

22 Wild Wild Smiff

Another one of the classics from Paul Beenis games, in my opinion, the game that started it all.

it's a mastapeece

23 Chan's Finest Hour

How hasn't anyone brought this one up? This was way better than Wild Wild Smiff!

You know he ain't gonna be in Rush Hour 3

24 Bingo Boys by Beenis

Never fails to make me nut. 10/10

Not one of his most popular games, though the game was never fully finished, I would recommend you pick up the copy that was released

25 Hooker F***** 2

Hooker F***** 2 was a great game. it focused more on the Side Characters instead of the Main Character, which brought some really interesting Dialogue and Side-Quests. The game play is as great, if not better than Hooker F***** 1, The Story is better than Kick Butt 3 and Kick Butt 3: 2, The Music makes every scene better and fits with what's going on in within the Story, This Fan-Game is exactly what Paul would have made if the company had not gone bankrupt, 9.9 out of 10, It's not perfect, the amount of realism to the Characters just doesn't make sense when the player goes around killing everything in sight.

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