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For those who don't, Paul Beenis aka Videogamedunkey is a game "developer" from Dunkey's classic Game Dev Tycoon video. For fans of Dunkey (and Paul Beenis) have fun discussing your favorite games made by the great Paul Beenis.

The Top Ten

1 Hooker F*****

Brilliant masterpiece and the one to get Paul Beenis on the map. Without a doubt a video game classic. Critics at first were skeptical but soon people realize how good this game was. The gameplay was brilliant. The story was one of the best. It was sad, touching and heartwarming and just so good. Why Paul never made a sequel and instead exploit the Kill Butt series, I'll never know. - cjWriter1997

This is an absolute classic. The graphics are better than any game ever made, the story is emotional and gripping, and the soundtrack is the best ever. Kill Butt 3 was good, but this is the best game Paul Beenis ever made and he should have made a sequel.

Paul Beenis made me put down the razor. - Jackamalio

It's been rumored that Paul beenis's death was faked and that he plans to make a comeback. If this is true than he should with a sequel to this amazing masterpiece.

Best game ever 10/10 it's better than Super Mario Bros. 2 and Knack 2.

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2 Kill Butt 3

Yes, considered to be Paul Beenis' magnum opus. I feel this game is overrated. Like I said, KB4 continued the series to incredible new heights. I just hate how Paul Beenis just kept making sequels to this game. Why not Kill Butt 4? - cjWriter1997

Kissing noises mastapeice

The best

Itsa master peeceee

3 Beaverball

Like, come on? Another Paul Beenis classic. This game was awesome with incredible gameplay, extraordinary graphics for it's time and the main character is so loveable. Beaverball is a perfect game for those who enjoy nothing but fun gameplay. - cjWriter1997

4 Smiff Smiff Wild 2

While I didn't care for Wild Wild Smiff that much, Smiff Smiff Wild took everything about it and made it better introducing 3d graphics and fun action pack western gun brawling. Will Smith should be proud for having this game a part of legacy. Let's just not talk about it's sequel (Wild Smiff 3: Diff) - cjWriter1997

5 Kill Butt 4

Now I know, this is kind of controversial being that Kill Butt 3 is considered by most a classic but this game is underrated. Sure, Kill Butt 3 made a whole new level to storytelling in gaming but KB4 exceeded it to new heights. In my opinion the last good Kill Butt game and the best. - cjWriter1997

6 Typing for F****

Awesome game with a somehow amazing ability to use steering wheel support to exceed gameplay. However being in the Dreamvast, not many people know about. This is Paul Beenis' last good game before he fell under the radar. - cjWriter1997

7 Killbutt Racing

Best racing game, hands down. Fun, exhilarating and a great to get your friends angry as you beat them on your custom tracks. I remember putting hidden traps in my courses just to mess with those who raced against me. Such a fun game. - cjWriter1997

It's a very, very beautiful spin on the beloved Paul Creenis classic military-fighting game we all knew and loved, on which we can now experience the adrenaline rush on a whole new different level, and takes the graphics to new heights and sets the standards for future 'Kill Butt' installments. Utterly dashing and breathtaking.

A game for your grandma. They should've made a normal Killbutt game with the budget of this terrible, terrible product.

8 Bool's Realm 64

A lesser known Paul Beenis game but still very fun. It might have aged not so good but with the fan made remaster online, it makes the game more fun and assecible to those who haven't played it yet. - cjWriter1997

9 Kill Ass F***

Now this game is overrated but it isn't bad. I feel there are much better Paul Beenis games however, explaining why it is low on the list. - cjWriter1997

My favorite classic Beenis game, due to the nostalgic value it holds for me. 10/10

10 Jar Jar Binks Dances

This game was my childhood. I always wanted a Star Wars game, and when my parents gifted me this masterpiece, I was thrilled beyond measure. I don't even have to *play* this game, I just have to watch the beloved noble hero of the George Lucas trilogy execute some slick moves.

Not really a classic of Paul Beenis but it was fun while it lasted. Just felt the whole Star Wars lore wasn't made for him. Good thing he noticed that too. - cjWriter1997

The Contenders

11 Killbut 3:2

A true classic definitely a masterpiece

Underrated masterpiece

12 Beaverball: Revenge

I have to admit I was never a fan of the original Beaverball. Maybe it's just too primitive for me. This game however is a masterpiece. It takes everything Beaverball did right, makes it even better and translates it to 3D perfectly. It even added an amazing story! Whenever I have a discussion about what game series translated to 3D the best. Many people bring up Mario or Zelda yet Beaverball gets neglected. This is probably because even though it got great reviews it did not sell because it was released on a dying console. Which truly is a shame in my opinion. Beaverball: Revenge never got a sequel because Paul Beenis games went bankrupt and Paul Beenis killed himself.So I really hope a company picks up the rights to this game and remasters it so a new audience can enjoy it. #remasterBeaverballRevenge

Beaverball: Revenge should've won Game of The Year but no Sonic had to go ahead and take that title

13 Chan's Finest Hour

How hasn't anyone brought this one up? This was way better than Wild Wild Smiff!

14 Last Hope

This game had absolutely no sound, leading it to be critically​ panned, but the gameplay was fantastic. It wasn't revolutionary like Kill Butt 3, but it was certainly Paul Beenis going out with a bang. They wouldn't have survived anyway, so they went out doing what they loved: making games. They couldn't afford sounds, so they made a game without one. It might have been a critical and commercial failure, but it holds a special place in my heart. Rest in peace, Paul Creenis, and your beautiful late company.

15 Kill Butt 6

While certainty not the pinnacle of the Kill Butt series (That title goes to Kill Butt 4) this did introduce advanced new technology that even game itself didn't know what to do with. Things such as steering wheel support was mastered on later titles in the Paul Beenis family. It's story also didn't hit the emotional level that KB4 reached but it was an extremely important game for what it introduced. Unfortunately, Creenis didn't build off such advancements and simply kept reiterating on Kill Butt 3, which led to the company's eventual doom.

16 Buttassbitch

This one sold like hotcakes, I remember it took me days to get my first copy after Paul Beenis sold out immediately. Wish it was mentioned more, it's straight out of my childhood. It sold fantastically and for good reason: the visuals were years ahead of its time. Creenis always knows that the magic of a good video game "is in the graphics."

How is this mastapece the lowest rated game? this game is much better then classics like bools realm and jar jar binks dance which really says something about the average intelligence of the reviewer. If anything this should be number 1 and it should switch spots with hooker killer. good day ya gooofs

17 S***hole Hopsital

Absolute classic.

18 Kill Butt

How it all began. Kill Butt was the beginning to Paul Beenis Games.

19 Dance Dance Mans 64

Very underrated classic from Paul Beenis Games

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