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1 InterPals Penpals

Currently is the best Pen pal website with more than 3 million users and very fast.The interface of Interpals is not corresponding quality of the website and there is no proper app, its really not understandable for a website in the first 6,815 (Alexa Ranking) websites.

Interpals has own forum you can get more information and ask questions to others. - eduardobr61

Excellent Site! By far the very best!

Hi please am looking for nice friend
My nam's eric kenou

it s great

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2 PenPal World

One of the best penpal websites there is more than 1 million users interface of Penpalworld is good but very childish I have no experience of use but its seems to be fast and good quality website. - eduardobr61

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3 Hi! Penpal!

HiPenpal growed up very fast comparing to interpals and penpalworld founded much later and has really good interface and is the best for Asian pen pal friend. - eduardobr61

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4 Penpaland

Language exchange based website,on penpaland you can learn/teach language and make friends from travel destinations.

Another feature is "Penpaland Answers" You can ask public questions and wait for best answers.

Available in more than 7 languages. - eduardobr61

It's a good social networking type penpal website and has a good potencial to be famous

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5 Penpal-Gate

Penpal-gate is quite well online corresponding website and number of members each day growing up and good option for who looking for new friend. - eduardobr61

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Another guest penpal website, there is no social networking futures like photo albums,instant messagindadding friends etc. Good for who likes classic type penpalling. - eduardobr61

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7 PenpalsNow!

Penpalsnow is not social network type penpal website there is no instant messaging neither adding friends there is only old style e-mail penpalling good site for who likes to speak with random strangers. - eduardobr61

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8 Penpal Tradition

Penpal Tradition is the club of genuine snailmail correspondence, but is also aimed at helping people from all around the world develop a long-term penpalling with online members, through private messaging system and available in English and French. - eduardobr61

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9 Global Penfriends

This is a penpal website that has been around since 1995 - family friendly and specialises in Postal and Internet friends Worldwide. Highly recommended with lots of great reviews.

For me, this is a trusted website.

Really great

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10 PenPal Schools

Its not excatly penpal website but its really good for who want to learn new language there is a lot of course however you can sign up as teacher or student. - eduardobr61

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11 Penpal of the Week

This website is as like as blog website to help other to find real pen pal friends(changing letters really) - eduardobr61

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