Top Ten Jacksepticeye Series

Jack(Sean) is one of my favorite youtubers and has made me laugh countless times. Here are some of his best series.
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1 Happy Wheels

This game brought so many memes and just brought out the most enthusiasm and energy from Jack. It just shows how much Jack loves this game with all his heart and cares about it deeply.

You can tell Jack was sad he had to stop the Happy Wheels series and how he could never get burnt out on the game. Remember, SPEED IS KEY! By the way, screw you, Billy!

2 Grand Theft Auto 5

It's kind of a shame that he didn't move on to multiplayer much after that. 66 videos!

3 Skate 3
4 Reading Your Comments
5 BeamNG.Drive
6 Subnautica

Very good game. I like how Sean did videos on almost all of the versions, and now he is making a series about the second, which is awesome!

The game was amazing! But watching his reaction to the game made it even better!

Great game with some relatable humor. What more could you ask for?

7 Kerbal Space Program

Amazing! My favorite series because there's so much you can do. You can mess about, go to other planets, or make satellites. It's just awesome, and the way Jack played it was amazing.

8 Undertale

The best series I have ever watched on the channel. It's funny, heartwarming, and just all-around amazing.

When you watch him playing, you can really tell that Sean absolutely loved it, and that his whole heart was in the game. The voices he gave all the characters were the best possible voices for the characters, and I mean that. Whenever I see Papyrus, Sean's voice for him automatically comes into my head.

If you don't think you would like Undertale, please give it a chance and watch Jack play it.

There is no best series, but this is one of the top no matter how you look at it. However, Jacksepticeye is the thing you should want to watch and not a specific game because otherwise, you could just look up "top 10 video games." Jacksepticeye is the experience here, not a specific game.

9 Turbo Dismount
10 Detroit: Become Human

This is extremely underrated. I'm a technology nerd, so along with Watchdogs, this goes unfairly high on my list of favorite games.

Best story line ever! It is a choice-based game set in the future. You need to watch it for yourself!

Great story line, action, and character development. But throw Jack into the mix, and it is hilarious.

The Contenders
11 Goat Simulator

This game got me laughing my ass off. It's hilarious, plus Jack's amazing commentary!

This game is so original and is so funny!

12 Night in the Woods

This series should be higher up on this list instead of just his popular series. I loved every second of this playthrough.

Jack was awesome at this game. I loved every voice he made. I still hear them when I play!

Really enjoyed watching how Jack played it.

13 Life Is Strange

Excited to see where season 2 goes and if Chloe and Max ever return.

14 Papers, Please

I enjoyed every episode of this series! I love the game as much as he does.

15 Kindergarten

The commentary in this game, though! His struggles through it and his role-play were just spot on. I'm obsessed with this gameplay series of Jack's.

I love Sean's voices for the characters, and this is a very great game.

I love both 1 and 2! Not only did it have me laughing my ass off, but it actually had me invested in the story! I love the way he voiced all the characters and made their personalities spot on!

16 God of War 4
17 Minecraft

I've just grown so addicted to this series! Even more than PewDiePie's series!

18 The Escapists
19 Cuphead

Not only is the game itself great, but so is Jack. His relatable humor, struggle with the game, and amazing enthusiasm just add to the concept of this amazing game. I've rewatched his gameplay so much, I can never get over it.

Not only was his rage commentary amazing, but his love for the game caused every viewer to fall in love with him and the game. I completely recommend it.

20 Doki Doki Literature Club!

Don't judge this game by its cover. It is evil!

21 Uncharted 4
22 Prop Hunt
23 Bully

This was definitely one of the best. Why is it so low?

24 Until Dawn

I loved this series so much that I was sad when it was over.

25 Antisepticeye
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