Top Ten Possible TheTopTens Award Nominations for 2016

The Top Ten
1 Best Male User of the Year (velitelcabal, PositronWildhawk, htoutlaws2012 and keyson)
2 Best Administrator of the Year (Finch and Admin)
3 Best Female User of the year (Britgirl, Keycha1n, BlueFrostofThunderClan and kontrahinsunu)

Kontrahinsunu. Here's a message for you.
You always been a good sister, eve though you are the most oldest and annoying to us siblings. You always been in our side and never broke the rule in our sisterhood. Rule #2: Never let your sister down. And you didn't do this. (Sobs) You have good advices to our lives and it improves us to be more mature than we are before. Me,Gabby and Katy, we are so proud of you. I hope you win and I hope you get together with Jared, lol.

4 Best Retired User (Kiteretsunu, Turkeyasylum, BlueDeveraux and HezarioSeth)

TurkeyAsylum. His blogs were a great inspiration.

5 Top Earning User (Alexandr, MatrixGuy, admin and htoutlaws2012)

If I had to choose then I would choose htoutlaws2012.cause admin isn't a user like others,MatrixGuy has been on topten for many years(he's great) and about Alexandr I think he's retired.I don't see him much.So I guess it would be htoutlaws2012 since he is a active member.

6 Most Creative TopTenner of the year (keycha1n, Catacorn, Disney1994 and SamuiNeko)

They are all so creative I messaged all of them a while ago and they are very nice but if I had to go with one it would probably be keycha1n or catacorn.

Catacorn or samuineko, but probably catacorn because samuineko retired.

7 Best Newcomer Of The Year (Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak, ModernSpongeBobSucks, WonkeyDude98, and zxm)

I've been nominated for Best Newcomer of The Year? I'm quite honored. Thanks so much for nominating me, htoutlaws2012!

I am a newcomer but I expected that I'm not a possible nominee...maybe next year!

Bboymakinwitthefrekfreak! Such a great sense of humour!

8 Country Representative User of the Year (Britgirl, velitelcabal, Puga)

Britgirl representing England, velitelcabal representing Philippines and lastly Puga represents Ireland and Northern Ireland.

I'd probably respresent Canada, though I'm American. A lot of people think I act Canadian, so go figure. Also, Matthew Thiessen.

9 Nicest User of the Year (RiverClanRocks, Britgirl, Martinglez, CastlevaniaFanboy128)

RiverClanRocks. No contest, because Britgirl isn't that active this year.

(I am so flattered right now, somebody actually nominated me)

10 Anime Fan of the Year (ModernSpongeBobSucks, CastlevaniaFanboy128, Tia-Harribel, Elric-san)

If it were 2015, it would have gone to Boris, but this year, it goes to ModernSpongeBobSucks.

So here we have, yours truly, an SAO fan who has made strong contributions to the anime category with two anime lists and lots of anime images, a Castlevania fanboy who really likes anime and has had a fair share of some anime lists and contribution of anime images as well, a female user who has caught my attention with her underrated anime lists and anime character images, and finally, another female user whose recent Kokoro Connect post shows her potential as a user and her astounding love for anime. Now cast your votes!

The Contenders
11 Users of the Year With Best Animal Codename (Catwalk, Birdechosplash, Catacorn)
12 Fastest Earning User of the Year

Htoutlaws2012 deserves to be here.

13 List of the Year (Best Songs of 2015, Top 10 Award Winning Disney Songs, Top 10 Feared Supervillains)
14 Best User Of The Year (Britgirl, CastlevaniaFanboy128, htoutlaws2012, and PositronWildhawk)
15 Donald Trump Hater of the Year (ModernSpongeBobSucks, Skullkid755, Nateawesomeness, Martinglez)

ModernSpongeBobSucks. It's too obvious that since I'd go for Trump, I'm annoyed by his multiple anti-Trump comments. Though I wouldn't stop him from doing so.

Who hates Donald Trump the most out of all these users? Cast your vote now!

16 Metalhead of the Year (Ryanrimmal, Ananya, Metal_treasure, Angrybyrd)

I don't know Angrybyrd.but I know Ryanrimmal,Ananya and Metal_treasure.I think Metal_treasure deserves to win the award because almost everyday he/she makes some lists about metal.

17 User to Be Friends With (MLPFan, WitheredBonnie, PeachyBlast, jerk4life, bugger)
18 Top Fanboy/Fangirl (Cosmo, PatrickStar, Pony and bobbythebrony)
19 Music Analyst of the Year (WonkeyDude98, Swellow, Zach808, SwagFlicks)

This is hard...but it goes to Andrew (WonkeyDude98) because he has made more.

20 Sports Analyst of the Year (DoroExploro13, FerrariDude64, Froogylowlo, htoutlaws2012)
21 User to Look Out For (WonkeyDude98, Swellow, Martinglez, SwagFLicks, Zach808)
22 Anime Image Uploader of the Year (ModernSpongeBobSucks, Tia-Harribel, CastlevaniaFanboy128, htoutlaws2012)
23 Most Underrated User (Btd, EvilNuggetCookie, DynastiSugarPop, ProPanda, Swellow)
24 Artist of the Year (keycha1n, princesskiana, samuineko)
25 Most Improved User of The Year (peaceswagtv, WonkeyDude98)

Well, I have no idea who peaceswagtv is and wonkey and catacorn have always been consistently amazing, so they didn't really improve, just expanded their greatness to a whole new level. I'd probably give this to SwagFlicks...

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