Why Are So Many Good Users Hated?

I honestly don't know why. Sure, there are the users like SelfDestruct. But then there are great users, like Nintendofan126 and simpsonsdude, that get unfairly attacked by getting added lists like these. Just look at Puga, the poor guy who is hated by a certain wise guy for no reason. Or SevenLizards, who was hated for apparently not liking Arthur. See, the thing is, there are trolls in the website everywhere. Ok, the troll problem on this website might never go away, but we need to take extra precautions on trolling. So, we can spread happiness instead. I know this list was deleted, but it has a lasting impact on TheTopTens. The admin even said that it was infamous! You know when things are bad when even the ADMIN hates that list. So please, it's time to end the flame wars, trolling, picking, bullying, and fights. This is a great website indeed. But if there will be more of this negativity, then people might actually leave the website. In my opinion, trolling is the biggest issue on TheTopTens. If we can all live in harmony, we will be less negative and more positive. So, there ends my post. One more thing, Keep on and carry on!


Very accurate. - Therandom

Great post! - Therandom

MrsWiseguy sent me a hateful message once too, and yes, I did reply, explaining that things get to me and that I do take things to heart. I hope she realizes that some people like me can't just brush things off and are affected by hurtful words. "she" has not yet replied, but I hope it's a message all trolls can learn to understand. The world won't ever be all harmonic, but let's all do our part in spreading our positivity in the ways we can and know how to. - keycha1n


Good post. - Pony