Top Ten People Who Don't Deserve to Be On the Most Overrated TheTopTens Users

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1 PositronWildhawk

As much as I don't mind PositronWildhawk, unfortunately, I think he is overrated. I'm not saying he is bad. I just think he gets too much attention. Although I do think I am kind of a bit overrated as well, but just not as much as PositronWildhawk. No offense.

I hope I don't sound stupid for saying this, but I think there are other users who deserve more attention than him. He's not a bad user, he's just overrated. Also, why does he get more attention than htoutlaws2012? No offense.

So he's underrated? Overrated doesn't always mean bad, right? I mean the only reason he's even on this list is because everyone likes him. So an underrated user should be here at the top.

2 Britgirl

She seems like such a sweet woman, but I do believe that once a user gets lists dedicated to them (EX: Top Ten Reasons why Britgirl is the Best User) then they seem quite overrated... She definitely deserves fans, but to that extent is insane! No offense to her whatsoever though, still a really nice person and great user!

I don't mind Britgirl, but her getting more attention than users who have worked harder than her such as htoutlaws2012 makes her overrated. Why does everyone talk about her and not htoutlaws2012? But remember, I am not saying she is bad. I just think she gets a lot of hype.

3 Simpsondude

Most of these users are overrated, but what some people seem to forget is that overrated doesn't necessarily mean bad, which is why that list shouldn't have been taken down, but Simpsondude is not overrated at all. If anything, he's actually underrated.

He's underrated, and a great user, he deserves more attention.

4 FunnyUser
5 Kiteretsunu
6 Garythesnail

He's really funny. One of my favorites on the website.

This guy makes really good lists.

7 EpicJake

I worked for followers. At least I worked and not just "be nice".

He may have been called a hypocrite but he's not a bad user.

Why did someone dislike my comment?

8 Pug

I was only on the site for a week when I was put on it.

9 Puga

He's such a great user and has good post series!

10 JaysTop10List

Ugh. One of the worst users on this site. Deserves to be on that list.

I have to admit, I'm kind of overrated but not that overrated to be on a list like that so I really don't deserve to be on there

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11 Sillykitty
12 OtakuGamergirl

The list is totally upside down of undergrounded users like her are on the overrated users list.

13 Egnomac

Britgirl and Positron are two wonderful people who I've known for over a year now and am pleased to count as personal friends. However, everyone has taken Egnomac's list out of context. He was not attacking the TopTenners themselves, but the users who make useless ranking lists. When that list was first published seven months ago, it received very little attention - I remember checking on it to see if any flamewars had started - but for whatever reason, new members are now using it to attack each other and thus feel important and popular.

14 Visitor

There really is a user named visitor. And nog everyone was a visitor before. So people created there accounts once they found the site.

He is not one person. It is everyone who doesn't have an account on this site.

Every user on this site was a VISTOR before. So if you call visitors overrated, your basically calling youself overrated.

15 Turkeyasylum
16 PatrickStar
17 Alexandr

Just why? Alexandr and MatrixGuy are very cool, smart and friendly. They are my first true friends on this site

He is just great!
He deserves the attention his lists gets
The king of thetoptens

18 MeaganSaysHi

I will stuff my bananas up their butt until it comes into his/her's mouth and watch her suffer.

Which idiot put my sister on the list?!

19 BigBrotherSucks
20 Mrcoolface

People hate this guy just because he hates anime? Seriously? It's just his opinion!

Mrcoolface is the most underrated user here.

I never heard of them. They should be at the top.

21 nintendofan126

I was wrong. Nintendofan126 wasn't a bad user. The real idiot is sevenlizards

What did I ever do, to get on that list?

22 OhioStateBuckeyes

He is actually one of the most underrated users here.

He doesn't deserve to be anywhere near that list.

23 xandermartin98
24 cosmo
25 MatrixGuy
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