Worst Types of People on the Internet Ep:1 CoD Fanboys


Anyways here it is folks. I doubt many people will read this since I'm a relatively unknown user but I still think I need to do this, so let's get started. Since CoD BO3 is coming out, a whole new wave of CoD fanboys are coming. There are 3 types of them. They peaked at BO1 and BO2. Since I used to be one myself I know a little more extra about these guys. Now I'm only talking about SOME of them. Not all of them are bad.

The 1st type: They're the ones who get into the games. Not too bad. There mild but will still defend CoD but not too rabid. They can still be saved.

The 2nd type: Now these are the "gamur gurls" you know, those sluts who think wearing glasses and playing CoD makes them a nerd. The ones who chew on the controller showing as much cleavage as possible. But the normal "gamer girls" the fit in with either type 0 (normal gamers), type 1, or type 3.

The 3rd type: This is the point of no return. You can't help them get out, but they'll help themselves to get out. Now, I was one of this type. Type 3 CoD fanboys are either noobs or the people who think CoD is the greatest game ever and will hate every game which is slightly better than them. The noobs are the radicals who always get killed but still love the game. Hackers, to me are considered noobs too since they aren't good enough to play without hacks. Then the Radicals.... They will defend CoD with their last breath. They can be anyone! Most of them are either 5 year olds who shouldn't even be playing anything above E-10 or preteens-young teens who think they play "good games". They are the most cancerous ones.

Type 4: Yeah a type 4. They're the ones who make the MLG montages. They're not all radical CoD fanboys. Some just make fun of them. I am one of the type 4 (MLG 420 bleze it fgt type).


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