Top Ten Things Americans Have That Canadians Want

Don't get me wrong, I am a proud Canadian. Always have been. But, there are a few things that America has that we're a little jealous of, if we're being honest here. Of course, we have free health care. Let's not forget about that, now.
The Top Ten
1 Cheaper cell phone rates

Our rates are ridiculous when compared to what Americans pay. The services offered are far inferior, also.

2 A wider selection of grocery products

Walk into ANY section of any American grocery store and, if you're familiar with the selection in Canadian supermarkets, you'll be shocked at how much more there is to choose from.

Grocery is monopolized in Canada thanks to our government protecting their friends

3 Overall cheaper prices

Everything is cheaper. Everything. It makes me want to cry, sometimes.

4 A more understandable system of government

Most Canadians don't really know what's going on with the government. It's the truth. It's mainly because we have no idea how it works.

5 Our own tropical islands

You guys have Hawaii. We have Prince Edward Island. Hardly everybody's choice for a destination.

I think there is actually a tropical region in British Columbia due to a volcano

6 A stronger sense of national culture

Yet America doesn't HAVE a culture. We are a melting pot of different backgrounds, so there's nothing I would really consider "American" besides our flag-waving and maybe our original fast-food chains.

This one might get me in a bit of trouble. But it's pretty much true. We hijack so much of culture off of the U.S. and we mistake it for our own. This is not the case all the time, but it is a frequent occurrence.

7 Better looking women
8 More sports teams

This is mainly concerning the NHL. Quebec City deserves their team back, Toronto COULD use a second team, and Hamilton is always a possibility for expansion. Look at how well it worked when Winnipeg got their team back. It could happen again, people!

Hamilton would be a great candidate for an NHL team. But Toronto would want one too.

9 Alaska

Just give it to us. Please?

10 The same planet-wide respect

The world, in general, respects America for its military, government, and overall way of life. Canada, on the other hand, is just a bunch of overly-apologetic French lumberjacks. Not exactly the look we were going for.

Both countries are very diverse and have done a lot to help people and other countries, but it all boils down to some key lifestyle differences. For a start, Canada has free healthcare and less racial bias.

Canada really fades into the woodwork next to America. You guys are just too cool and tend to keep to yourselves. Unlike us. Mind you, if you did get the same recognition, it's the good along with lots of bad.

The Contenders
11 Better entertainment

Canadian-produced television is so inferior. So inferior. And our government enforces that a certain percentage of what is broadcasted on television is Canadian-based entertainment. It stinks.

12 Faster internet
13 Less taxes
14 Soul food
15 High-speed rail
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