Worst Things About North Korea

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1 Concentration camps

Almost 30% of the entire country is in some sort of Concentration camp. Imagine the feeling you get, if a soldier comes to your door and says,"You are under arrest for being the eleventh cousin of someone who stole a piece of string."

Concentration camps are cruel. No one deserves to go there. In fact, Kim Jong Un should be placed in his OWN concentration camps

I think theirs is worse than what the Nazis made.

2 No freedom of speech

This is one of North Korea's issues. It's probably fear kicking in. If North Korea allowed freedom of speech, they might learn a few more things and advance their country. I'm not saying they'd have to ditch Communism, but they could take suggestions from their people.

I am Korean, and I am writing this comment in 2018 September 22th.
I personally think North Korea is trying to defend themselves by threatening other countries by their nuclear weapons. Which we call self-defense.

This country is the real life Panem from The Hunger Games, except the Capitol is just the dictator and his family. I hate Comunism, I hope these poor unfortunate people get blessed.

3 Nobody is allowed to leave the country

I can agree this is quite problematic. This might be because they're afraid of some of the disloyal citizens defecting.

You can't go around the world if you come from this country.

If I become a world traveler, I will not visit North Korea.

4 Kim Jong-un Kim Jong-un (born 8 January 1983) is a North Korean politician who has been Supreme Leader of North Korea since 2011 and the leader of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) since 2012. He is a son of Kim Jong-il, who was North Korea's second supreme leader from 1994 to 2011, and Ko Yong-hui. He is a grandson... read more

This pig is mental, he is trying to kill everyone on the whole planet.
Someone needs to stop this pig or else.

Shame you can't turn back time to go back to any century before this.
or go to another humans could live on planet without him

A fat dangerous freak.
North Koreans have to worship him. that's probably why religion is illegal.
A North Korean girl band have recently moved to the south.

Oh for crying out loud just spike his food with Fugu.
He has gone back to nukes.

5 Very little food supply

After some research done for no reason on North Korea, I learned that most people have to give Kim Jong-Un all their food (don't know, probably as a tax or just for no reason) so they have to eat rats.

A famine struck there in the 1990's. If they had experienced farmers help the government farms, they'd do much better.

Here, there are more guns than food.

6 No freedom of religion

Since North Korea is a Communist country, it's natural for them to condemn religion. Don't take this to your surprise.

And many North Koreans are loyal to the government and love their country.

People should choose the religion that resonates with them, not one created by the government

7 Limited internet access

The internet over there is just a huge pile of propaganda, only the government and the spoiled dictator get the real internet. Only... what do they do with that?

North Korea has cell phones, but the internet access is something they're still working on... Only time will tell.

I've heard somewhere that their internet is 'best net' instead, hah, 'best net' in your face

8 Corruption
9 Few places of entertainment

If their government builds more places to have fun and dine out, they'd gain more respect from the people.

I don't think there's such thing as entertainment in North Korea

10 Military spending

I totally agree they overspend on military. It's the main reason why they aren't more westernized than they are.

What do North Korea and The United States have in common? Well, a needlessly military budget of course!

Very threatening. They try too hard to maintain their military even if they're short of funds.

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11 You can't trust your own family members

You have to be brave.
You need total bravery to go there.

12 Hatred towards the USA and its allies

North Korea probably hates everyone (including Japan) because Kim Jong Un is afraid of being assassinated.

May Karma come upon you, Kim Jong Un!

13 Isolationism

Most worst country to live in. I rather listen to Ariana Grande, south korean pop much better than going to Pyongyang North Korea.

Their only allies are Russia and China, and they're shaky with China...

No interaction with the outside world.

14 Kim Jong Un wants to kill everyone
15 Communism

No longer a communist country. Anyway Anarchy and Capitalism is worse.

Communism is the worst ideology ever I know. So much crap in North Korea

16 Dictatorship
17 Oppressive laws
18 Nuclear weapons

I hate Nuclear weapons in North Korea! It's very bad and worst ever
Nuclear attacks country in USA, South Korea and Japan!
America will attack North Korea and remove nuclear weapons!

19 Hard for tourists to enter

Who wants to visit, I don't believe in Hell, but North Korea is Hell.
Laws on haircuts.
By law everyone must vote and can only vote for one if you vote for another you have broken the law.
Have you seen images of houses they have photos of one of the Kim's in the house. I dunno if all the houses are like that.
Only in the capital Pyongyang people live a bit more normal and that's for the higher class, richer. Proper food, drive, use internet in Pyongyang.
For farms its mandatory to use human poo.
Tourists have tour guides and must adhere to every instruction.
The whole family are sent to death camps for breaking the law.

20 Sending young women to prostitution

Kim Jong Um make military men take young
Women age 15-25 then decides which ones are pretty enough
To become sex slave and ugly ones: get killed.

So dangerous! I rather listen to Taylor Swift or Britney Spears and going to Seoul mich better than Pyongyang and their leader in north korea

21 Smuggling military secrets and nuclear weapons with Pakistan
22 The Pleasure Squad
23 Executions of innocent people

Imagine if a policeman told you that your tenth cousin does not adore Kim Jong Un so you are under arrest.

24 The cartoons
25 Goose Step
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