Top Ten Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Shouldn't Win the 2016 Presidential Election

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1 She lies

I absolutely agree that she's a liar. Hilary lied pretty blatantly about Benghazi, claiming it was caused by a YouTube video, only to be confirmed later that the attack on the US Embassy was coordinated by terrorists. Hilary also lied about using a private email server as her government email, which was probably hacked, which is really bad because those government emails have classified information. Hilary then literally went and deleted emails to hide evidence, and also said there weren't classified emails on her server, which ended up being false. I just don't trust someone that dishonest to be president.

Believe it or not, she lied in some parts on the presidential debate, I watched the Univision edition of the debate, and here's what I got...

After the debate, Univision had a lie detector test and the one who lies the most gets a medal based on the facts that are true or not...

Debate 1:
Trump - 2nd Place (Silver) and 1st Place (Gold)
Clinton - 3rd Place (Bronze)

Debate 2:
Trump - All of them

Debate 3:
Trump - 3rd Place (Bronze) and 1st Place (Gold)
Clinton - 2nd Place (Silver)

Clinton might be a liar, but almost on the debates, believe it or not

2 People are just going to vote for her because she would be the first woman president

I'm not trying to be sexist; Clinton just is an incompetent liar. Gender doesn't matter: if we had a competent woman running, I'd vote for her, and if we had a competent man running, I'd vote for him. Clinton is simply not competent, so I won't vote for her; I'm not the misogynistic troll that the liberals make me out to be. People are just going to vote for Clinton to make a point, and I'm not in this to prove a point. She's not competent, so why vote for her?

The sad thing is, 40 percent of the voters will vote for the Dem, no matter who it is, and 40 percent of the voters will vote for the Rep no matter who it is. The entire election is about the remaining 20 percent of the voters, and you are correct, many of them will vote for her only because she is female and for no other reason, and no matte what else may make her unfit for the office.

Hillary is the most qualified candidate regardless of gender. Some will vote for her because she's a woman, some may vote against her for that reason. It's reassuring to me that you Republicans, by virtue of this posting, are already counting out Fiorina. That woman is nails on a chalkboard annoying...

3 She is worse then Obama

Is obama really that bad? In my opinion he did a lot for the united states. He gave healthcare to a lot of people, and he was a peaceful person, trying to end violence. Not getting the bad rep here. Also, the last four years have proved how terrible of a choice Trump was, and I don't mean Covid 19 (he was an enormous idiot doing nothing good except obsessing about China and talking about how good he was, and abolishing everything Obama did, making healthcare worse, completely not dealing with covid correctly, and causing the life expectancy to go down in America where pretty much every other country's went up)

I would rather see Obama be re-elected once again than to see either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump win. (I think presidents should be allowed to do more than 2 terms again).

Although I think that Trump is worse than Clinton.

She is. And Obama has forced people to have healthcare, tried to take guns away, allowed illegal immigrants to come in our country and live, taken full credit for killing Osama bin Laden but Bush started that search, faked a school shooting, faught to keep terrorist on death row alive, cause the unemployment rate to increase, he's a hypocrite (he claimed citizenship in another country to pay for his college), exc...

4 She's a criminal

I hate Donald Trump. He definitely never should have been a choice, let alone the Republican candidate.

Hillary Clinton is actually WORSE and I am flabbergasted to know how much people support her, even after all of this controversy surrounding her. At least Trump is somewhat honest, albeit idiotic. To Clinton, lying is her main specialty and she excels in doing it over and over. No wonder she was considered unethical by a judge 40 years ago. And don't get me started on the Benghazi incident, e-mail scandal and the deaths of several key politicians who've had evidence of her deceitful personality and schemes.

While I hate the fact that Donald Trump won, I'm glad Hillary Clinton lost.

Thank God for the electoral college. Otherwise we would have a worse president than Trump! I can't believe that the majority of the US wanted HER?! To be president? Oh yeah I forgot they wanted Obama because he was the first non white president. Makes sence they'd want a female in office

5 She is worse than anyone in the election

Trump would be kind of a jerk, but he would be 100 times better than Hillary at doing EVERYTHING.
The government and especially the economy would work better, people would have jobs and we would have fewer terror attacks, who cares if the prez is polite or not?
Besides, Hillary is pretty rude herself.

She might as well start world war 3 because she is planning to send some of the military in Russia which cold just start up the cold war again and then force them to attack causing a real war to break out. She also may say that she is going to help out the poor people and all of that with money and such, but she only really supports these huge rich companies, like the Goldman foundation, so she is even lying about helping the poor and gets a lot of money for it. You may say that she will be a great president to help women's rights, but it's not like Trump or anyone is against that, and besides what rights do women not have. She didn't even help out the poor lady who got raped and all she did was give the man who raped her a lighter sentence than what he deserved. She refers to all the woman who had been victims of sexual harassment as "Trailer Trash". In all I'm saying she's an awful person and I honestly would LOVE to see her politically defeated by Trump! Trump may have some inappropriate jokes about women, but really how does that, in any way, affect America? Another thing about the Clintons, we have already voted for her husband and then if she gets voted then her daughter will also most likely run for president. Do we really want to keep voting for the Clintons? Because wouldn't that make us a monarchy, and didn't we fight to free our country of that? I may just be a 14 year old girl, but I know what I'm talking about. Hillary is not a good person and she may as well lead our country into destruction, so by all means, I ask America to think before you vote!

6 Will say anything to be elected.

She says she wants equality but hasn't done anything to prove that in the past several years. She was in the white house and still didn't prove it.

She's against abortion, then she's for it. She's against gay marriage, then she's for it.

Trump too I mean how many times has he switched sides? He's no real republican!

7 She is not trustworthy

She is not trustworthy and has been in multiple scandals such as file gate, 1994's watergate, pardongate,and of course Benghazi. There's even more I just don't have the patience to write these long lists of scandals. She also claimed she was under sniper fire in Bosnia wich was proven to be a lie, she then said that she "misspoke ". This is why I don't trust her, I feel like everything she says is a lie, and I believe her to be extremely corrupt. She reminds me of the old wicked stepmother in Cinderella, but our story dosnt end happy like Cinderella or maybe it does time will tell.

Her e-mail goof makes her really untrustworthy. But trump and how he scams people (trump university) makes him untrustworthy too!

You don't say?! (Makes creepy Nicholas Cage face)

8 She is married to Bill Clinton

Why do get this when you you search why Bill Clinton. Why bill Clinton is awesome

Another thing that that could be seen as a good thing.

Wasn't the first Clinton bad enough?
We don't need another moron in office

9 She lied about Benghazi

She deleted all the emails that the American Ambassador sent to her. In 2012 election people started to blame Obama for Benghazi, but Hillary came out and said it was her mistake regarding Benghazi and she will fully take responsible for it. We have to raise the question that what did she did wrong that made her to say that? She must do some careless or bad that caused the dead of 4 people. She has never mentioned what she did or didn't do that she has considered her mistake. She has seemed to hide or cover up the truth about Benghazi.

She has been cleared of any wrongdoing by eight committees, all led by Republicans. She testified eleven hours before the committee, which found absolutely nothing against her. In any appearance she has made during this campaign, she has been more than ready to take over the job. What specific lie did she tell about Benghazi? No one can answer that question, because the lies don't exist.

Who the crap lies to the families who lost their sons and daughters?! By far one of THE worst things she's done

She's a murderer...pure and simple

10 She defended a child rapist

She was a lawyer appointed to defend an accused rapist. She asked the judge not to put her on the case and the judge denied her request. In the U.S., everyone is entitled to legal representation in court. No matter how heinous your crime, you can get an attorney to represent you whether or not they want to. It's not fair to blame a court appointed attorney for doing what they are required to do.

"You're an immature bigot.

You hate republicans"

I've stated I hate both candidates & say how it is for both of them. YOU people are being the immature bigots & going on how Hilary sucks when I've SAID THAT while saying trump sucks too. But have fun electing THE HUGEST BIGOT IN THE UNIVERSE & causing WWIII, the 2nd Great Depression, and forcing the USA to regress rights process for 50 + years because he decided to be republican because everyone hates Obama now because of the stupid republicans (& I'm calling them stupid because it's THEIR FAULT so little got accomplished).

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11 She wants the Arabs to take over

"She want to make peace with terrorist she even said that if"
That could mean you know, that she'd like the USA and terrorist to come to an understanding to STOP them from wanting to attack us, not that she like them to rule us, or whatever.

Though, that might be as possible as building a wall around Mexico & expecting Mexicans to pay for it...

This is because she's a stereotypical liberal, to admire Muslims due to "diversity" although the majority of even normal moderate Muslims highly abhor Hillary's views and stances.

That's stupid the only real person that should be prez is bernie. Literally this is no lie everyone at school wants him and to be honest she is in noplace to win. Bernie is taking charge. Who cares if tour a women. She dis something unacceptable to rhe us she shoild be in jail

Actually that's Obama. Hilary wants to sell us out to the communists, which is just as bad.

12 She's a coward

If she's a coward how come she didn't stop talking when Trump interrupted her in the debates

Yeah, why do you think she Brazile and Shultz rigged the primaries?

13 She is old

She is in good health and six months younger than Donald Trump, though.

She is younger than both Trump and Bernie Sanders, and looks younger than Fiorina.

She's younger than Trump.

14 She represents the establishment

Cause her husband got head while she was out there being a retard

15 The Democratic Nomination was set up for her to win

Bill moved all posible strings to keep others from running. She was almost beaten by and old and under financed socialist, who at least, is not a bad person.

16 The world will end

While the world won't end I don't think, but if she gets elected I will lose all faith in humanity. Or something.

We don't need another war! What's wrong with you just ask to leave America then whatever isis is ( see what I did there) will stop

Her goal and aim is not peace, but her way. Unfortunately, "hey way" is rife with greed, murder, and power.

It would be worse with Trump. He would probably destroy all time and existence.

17 She is democratic

Are you kidding me? While not all Democrats care about the middle class, the majority of them do, unlike Republicans. Most of them are just trying to find ways how to get rich people richer, and poor people poorer. Again, there are some great Republicans that weren't like this, and actually cared about helping people, but most are horrible. Look at Reagan, he believed in trickle down economics, even though it's failed many times in the past.

While I agree with the Republicans on some issues, it's just hard to take them seriously on almost everything.

"What's your view on food stamps? " "I hate them. Most people just sit at home all day, not looking for jobs, and they just wait for their paycheck, and they're all fat and lazy and icky."

"What's your view on immigration? " "Well, I think that we should take all illegal immigrants, and ship them somewhere else! "

"What do you think about the separation of church and state? " "Oh, it's awful! All of our ...more

Modern day liberalism is full of delusion, and Hillary's views are no exception. Liberals in general hate to use truths and facts to defend their evidence. Many instances of liberal college students have been recorded with people attacking their views with facts and empirical evidence, with the liberals breaking down and having a hissy fit due to their opinion being challenged.

Democrats nowadays are so annoying! The democrats before were good but Hillary and her ideals are just stupid!

I am a confederacy supporting republican. Who ever put this here is a republican thanks man

18 She caused tax overflow and the increase of gas prices

Gas prices among other items are always low during an election year. They want people to be happy. It doesn't matter who is president. As soon as the election is over prices will go back to normal. Do your research before you speak. If is better to be thought of as a fool instead of to speak and prove it.

Gas prices are now at $1.68 a gallon. Last I looked, Obama is still in office. Disproven again, Republican trolls. How much are the Koch brothers paying you anyway? Gee, I thought they were supposed to be smart businessmen...

19 She's racist

More proof trump is racist:
Trump has called for a nation wide implementation of NYC's "Stop and Frisk" policies, which resulted in an 80%+ rate of targeting blacks and latinos.

But oh no, it's only Hilary, right? 'He's just joking! '

Yep, she is. She won the Margaret Sanger award, called a KKK guy her "mentor", and grew up in Arkansas in the '40's and '50's. Whatever she says, she, deep down, is a racist.

Attention Clinton Supporters! Hillary is also planning on an immigration ban

Trump is also racist

20 She only cares about women

She all talks about woman & their rights & how to help them! Hello, what about the problems men face? Like a man and his rights with his child vs a woman? No, all she talks about woman, woman, and WOMAN! Does she not care about men? What a FEMI-NAZI!

Ok when had she talked about how to help men? because most the time, she just goes on & on about helping pacifically woman!

She is so sexist!

21 She will bankrupt the country

Do your research before you comment. Donald Trump has over 500 of successful businesses. Only a handful went bankrupt. He personally did NOT file bankruptcy. Let's face it there are tons of businesses that just don't make it. It could be the location or the management. There are tons of reasons why businesses fail. Don't focus on the handful that failed but look at the bigger picture. Look at how many successful businesses he does have and how many jobs he has created. How many successful businesses does Hillary have? How many jobs has she created? Does she even know how to do a budget? Do your research and see how much money Trump has spent on his campaign that he funded himself. Now search how much money Hillary has spent on her campaign and whee the money came from.

This would probably be true because Hillary would steal all the money. She did this to buy Chelsea a couple million dollar apartment and pay for Chelsea's wedding all with stolen money. Trump said, "And I want to tell you, they hate the Clintons, because what's happened in Haiti with the Clinton Foundation is a disgrace." Sadly, Hillary stole money that was to be given to benefit an earthquake in Haiti, and used it for Chelsea's wedding.

Ether way with Donald troll or this bimbo. Donald troll went bankrupt several times, while she thinks that paying more money to working people to 'help them pay their bills' wont cause problems! Ha! Of course everything will cost more if that happens, so that won't help people!

She has planned numerous expensive programs, and her only plan to pay for them is to raise taxes on the wealthy, who already pay 70% of all taxes.

22 She's sexist

She's not sexist. This list on the other hand is downright offensive.

"No she isn't you are sexist"

YOU don't even no the person who added this item or anyone on here really. How can you say that?

Hilary on the other hand, has called woman who came out that her husband raped her (the woman) 'liars' when her filthy husband cheated & lied to her before. What a pathetic tool to bill!

23 She supports abortion

Yep, she's just a wonderful, caring person, "fighting for us", and as she's said: "I've spent my whole life fighting for children"...that are out of the womb. Otherwise they're a worthless blob of cells that has no value, despite the fact that in a week, it could be out of the womb. Yeah, and she won the Margaret Sanger award.

I hate this site it's full of sexist asses. So fetus > a living woman? All you just want to punish a woman for having sex, but a guy is just fine because he can't get pregnant. I wish I could punch all you sexist asses!

"Oh look, a butthurt liberal! Doodie, come back and troll more - 1337"
That's funny, since he's the one that flipped out over an opinion & is going around saying 'abortion is communist' lol! But we should leave the butthurt conservative alone, as it's cool to hate everything obamas for, amirite?

What's unforgivable is when pregnant women abort their own babies. Screw you Clinton

24 She is an idiot

There is a major difference between being smart and being wise. Sure, Hillary might have attended an Ivy League university, but that is not a substitute for having wisdom and common sense. There is more than enough evidence of her dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Hardly. She attended Yale, met with amazing people such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, and Mother Teresa, was active in politics from an early age, etc. She is in no way "stupid," as you put it.

She is extremely stupid. How did she accidentally leak those e-mails? And trump, I'm suprised he passed kindergarten.
"I know words, I have the best words! "
"I have a great relationships with the blacks! "
"Look at my African American over here! "

25 Bernie Sanders is better

Guess who Bernie wants to win?

But yea, he's way better than the two buffoons are left now...

Right, let's raise taxes even more!

He is openly socialist which honestly is better than any kind of liberal scumbag ever

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