Most Popular AFL Teams

List of the most supported clubs in the AFL. Not by membership (Hawthorn lead), not by club revenue (West Coast lead), but by the number of supporters of each club.
The Top Ten
1 Collingwood Magpies

Hate the magpie army? Well come to one of our home games hear the ROAR of the fans in the 2018 preliminary final Richmond vs Collingwood when the Richmond cheer squad used the drums all you could hear was the Collingwood chant! Go pies

This isn't a subjective list because Collingwood IS the most supported and popular AFL club and has been for a long time. I do not support this club but there's no point denying fact.

The most popular, yes, but the best ACTUAL team? No. Supporters are loud, annoying and scream at the ref and bully anyone who goes for a different team.

West coast are munted and need to stop getting happy gas at their bloody dentist because it clouding there brain collingwood is obviously has more fans.

2 West Coast Eagles The West Coast Eagles are an Australian Rules Football team . The Eagles are based in Perth, Western Australia, dawning the colours of navy blue and gold .

Original interstate team. Experienced success and a huge amount of finals series. Unlike many other teams, the eagles have never really hit 'rock bottom'.
By far the most supported team and most profitable team for 10 years running.

How is collingwood 1st! Dad and one of my bros go for collingwood and mum, my other bro and I go for Eagles so majority rules. Let's beat that NASTY COLLINGWOOD

Not many clubs have 22,000 more members than seats at their stadium. The Eagles also dominate the WA sporting landscape and are arguably the most followed AFL club in the NT as well.

The Eagles are definitely second behind Richmond in members, but are easily the best team outside of Victoria.

3 Richmond Tigers

Unbelievably, Richmond is still one of the most popular teams in the league. The historical club from punt road has won 1 final in 20 years, and with a whole generation passing, they are still the 4th most popular club in the AFL

Greatest club in the comp,with there well established roots and a now such a well run professional club with the best people at the helm the sky is the limit. Go Peggy and Ben and the rest of the board down to the all the players. Eat em alive.

For 40 years have not been to a Richmond game and been outnumbered. No matter who we play or where we are on the ladder.
Simply the biggest and the reason we are so hated by filthy Collingwood.

First and only club to reach 100,000 members in a season, and we've done it twice in a row. No other club, and certainly not Collingwood, even comes close.
As of 2019
Richmond - 103,358 members
West Coast - 90,445 members
Collingwood - 85,226 members

4 Sydney Swans

Moved from South Melbourne, the Sydney Swans hail from the most populated city in Australia. This means they have a lot of followers. And although the swans don't have as 'die hard' fans as the eagles or magpies, they do have a lot of them.

Swans are the best and have been one of the most consistent teams in the 21st century. Also west coast sucks.

I have moved from the Eagles to Sydney Swans because of how hard and fair they play.

Perfect Footy team and it's little difficult to improve the perfection

5 Hawthorn Hawks

Most successful club in recent history, but hard to support a team with such ugly colours.
Hawthorn are the 6th most popular, but have also taken the mantle from collingwood as the most hated club in AFL history. The 2nd team of an AFL fan is who is versing hawthorn.

A really good club, amazing players, and win often, GO HAWKS!

I chose hawks because most of my family goes for it

Because their amazing and are an independent team.

6 Adelaide Crows

The pride of south Australia. The crows pull in the highest average home crowds to their games (2016), soon to be overtaken by west coast upon the arrival of Perth Stadium in 2018.

There the best team ever

Crows are the best team

This team sucks. overrated players, stealing players from over clubs, they have the worst fans ever and can't play football at all. even my old football club can play better than this crappy team

7 Fremantle Dockers

West Coast's little brother. Fremantle due to its culture and colours is the most popular team amongst female AFL supporters. For the 4th youngest team in the league, the dockers do well with fans.

Worst team of all time 25 years no cup Eagles have won 4 only 2 Brownlows (same guy) Eagles 3 no coalmens Eagles 3 the worst team ever

Worse then Adelaide
Worse then Brisbane
Worse then Carlton
Worse then Collingwood
Worse then Eagles

Worst team ever without a doubt

3 on 22

Gaff, Shuey, Yeo VS the Dockers Eagles would win

So suck it losers

Eagles and collingwood are the most arrogant team in this country MATE eat em alive freo especially the eagles they think there good but they ain't MATE iv'e seen this for 60 years MATE as well as collingwood MATE tigers and freo rule MATE!

I like dockers more than eagles because eagles are the most arrogant team I have seen in 60 years MATE!

8 Carlton Blues

Carlton are arguably THE historical heavyweights of the AFL. Their logo, jumper, club song and culture hasn't changed one bit in 100 years of history. They are, overall, the equal most successful club with 16 premierships but are currently one of the worst teams in the league.

There good as up the blues even though they might lose there still trying there hardest

Won the most amount of premierships and have significant rivals within the league.

Third most popular club in the league, behind Collingwood then Richmond

9 Essendon Bombers

Carlton 2.0. Essendon are the other historical heavyweight based on culture and tradition. And the only other side with the most, 16 premierships. despite just ending the clubs darkest time in history in 2016, essendon have remained up the ranks as an established and supported AFL team.

The 2000 season was one of the best seasons of afl history! We know the bombers really medium in the 2019 season but 2018 was wired

See the bombers fly up up to smash north Melbourne because they suck suck

There aren't many Essendon fans I know

10 Port Adelaide Power

Similarly to Fremantle, the power are the little brother of the Adelaide Crows. However unlike the dockers and eagles, the power has developed such a strong culture and rivalry that at times, it has been well and truly ahead of the crows as the most popular South Australian team.
The power do very well for a 18 year old footy club

Port is one of the oldest footy clubs playing in the AFL currently. If one counts SANFL premierhips, the Power is the most successful club in the competition. (VFL and SANFL premierships won prior to joining are acknowledged by the AFL)
They are definitely no "little brother"

Power is the best I have been going to every game since I was 1 and in 13

They are awesome and play well

The Contenders
11 Geelong Cats

Based out of the small city of Geelong, the cats have been the best and most consistent AFL team of the last 10 years, winning 3 premierships and a 4th (2008) premiership stolen from them.

How are they so good out of a small town? Because they're the best!

Because they're awesome! Go cats! Go cats! Go cats!

They were almost unbeatable in 2019!

12 Western Bulldogs

Originally the Footscray Bulldogs, they have been a rather unsuccessful team in the past 60 years, with their last premiership, however this, and their supporter base can all change and grow depending on the 2016 AFL Grand Final, where they face the Sydney Swans to make a historic premiership from 7th position on the ladder.

They are tough and will bite and snarl their way through

The bulldogs should be 1st because they won the FINAL! and they are not mean at all

This team is one of the most hard working!

13 North Melbourne Kangaroos

Sub 2 camozplayz please and NORTH RULE we one the year before 2000! I would love 2 have sex with 1 of dem

North is better than all the afl teams

This team should be number one!

The guys on the team are sex as

14 St. Kilda Saints

Why the heck is Brisbane above St.Kilda? Brisbane won a couple of premeirships and have been just begging for that previous form ever since. St.Kilda was an absoulute BEAST in the mid and late 2000s.

Also, why are North Melbourne above ANY of these teams? North has probably the least good players out of any club and have nearly barely any top 8 results in the last few years.

Historically a very strong club, perhaps the only reason for a 'lacking' supporter base is the fact that the saints have only won 1 premiership, a long, long time ago. The hidden saints fans are waiting for success to resurface.

Why are we so far down we should be higher than Fremantle who are a joke of a footy club

Life long. St Kilda. Fan. Will get there. One day. Hopefully I m still alive. Been waiting. 51 years.

15 Brisbane Lions

A once popular team, with the support of a largely rugby orientated state, the lions are experiencing one of the lowest points in any clubs history. Consistently getting belted week after week, year after year, for the last 8 years in a row.

Lions are really good now they were 2nd last year and are second right now at present. Go Lions!

The Brisbane lions may have lost for 15 years but look now suckers 3rd on ladder

Best in the comp. Many young guns that will win a premiership

16 Melbourne Demons

A team that theoretically should be THE most popular team in the game, dawning the name and location of the home of football that is Melbourne. The demons are the original AFL team, alongside geelong, however ever since 2006, they have been helplessly bad, glimpses of hope in 2016, however, show a positive revival of the club for its future.

Hopefully 2017 will help them improve in the popularity ladder.

Trash the worst team t
there holes and dum a bay can play better then them

Best taem in the world of the others go melbourne trash to all!

17 Greater Western Sydney Giants

Started in 2012, the giants spent their first 4 years as a club getting bashed up by the big boys. However now, just post being knocked out of a preliminary final in 2016, are STRONG favourites for not just the 2017 flag, but to win multiple premierships in a row. Due to the AFL's drafting system handed to the Giants by fortune, the team of Western Sydney could build an unmatched and unrivalled dynasty of an AFL team.

We are the best Yeah

You're the crapiest team in the world and your Toby green better learn not to eye gouge that’s the only reason I don’t like GWS
For now booo

There the BEST! #neversurrender

18 Gold Coast Suns

Similar to the Giants at first hand, starting 1 year prior in 2011. However, the suns have had all aspects of their football development fall face first, with the highest amount of injuries by any sports team ever over the last 3 seasons, and a team expected to have to undergo a 2nd rebuild in the last 5 years.

19 Brisbane Bears
20 Fitzroy Lions
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