Most Popular AFL Teams

List of the most supported clubs in the AFL. Not by membership (Hawthorn lead), not by club revenue (West Coast lead), but by the number of supporters of each club.

The Top Ten

1 Collingwood

Collingwood has the best fans

Hate the magpie army? Well come to one of our home games hear the ROAR of the fans in the 2018 preliminary final Richmond vs Collingwood when the Richmond cheer squad used the drums all you could hear was the Collingwood chant! Go pies

Best team ever. Go the Pies!

They are the best biggest fan ever

2 West Coast Eagles The West Coast Eagles are an Australian Rules Football team . The Eagles are based in Perth, Western Australia, dawning the colours of navy blue and gold .

Eagles will win, no doubt about it. Stuff the other teams, we're flying high dude.

The best team

There awesome go eagles

Eagles are an awesome team!

3 Richmond

Oh we from tiger land

I don't like the Tigers but they are definitely a challenger for the most popular team

2017 and 2019 premiers. And 2018 counts as minor premiers

Better then Collingwood

4 Sydney Swans

Swans are very good, win 2020!

I was born in Sydney and I love the Sydney Swans

the best

Best team ever!

5 Hawthorn

I chose hawks because most of my family goes for it

How good are they

Go you bloody legends LOVE YOU even though we have been bad lately next year is a complete different we will show everyone what where made of


6 Adelaide Crows

Crows are the best team

There the best team ever

Crows rule


7 Fremantle

They are good

Worst team of all time 25 years no cup Eagles have won 4 only 2 Brownlows (same guy) Eagles 3 no coalmens Eagles 3 the worst team ever

Worse then Adelaide
Worse then Brisbane
Worse then Carlton
Worse then Collingwood
Worse then Eagles

Worst team ever without a doubt

3 on 22

Gaff, Shuey, Yeo VS the Dockers Eagles would win

So suck it losers - Glenashton

I like dockers more than eagles because eagles are the most arrogant team I have seen in 60 years MATE!

This is a bruh moment.

8 Carlton

Their best is worst then the Eagles worst - Glenashton

Best team ever

There good as up the blues even though they might lose there still trying there hardest

We are better than the swans

9 Essendon

See the bombers fly up up...

The 2000 season was one of the best seasons of afl history! We know the bombers really medium in the 2019 season but 2018 was wired

Listen, collingwood suck

Essendon should be way higher even N.1

10 Port Adelaide

Love em


Power is the best I have been going to every game since I was 1 and in 13

Listen I don’t go for power but I still think it is a quite good team for 2019

The Contenders

11 Geelong Cats

Cats are number 1


Because they good as

Because they're awesome! Go cats! Go cats! Go cats!

12 Western Bulldogs

Power houses

GOAT team

Bulldogs are the best team ever


13 North Melbourne

Our tam should be no :1 instead of 14

Sub 2 camozplayz please and NORTH RULE we one the year before 2000! I would love 2 have sex with 1 of dem

So glad they signed larkey for 2 more years
up the kanga's


14 St. Kilda

We will get a final one day.
I can feel it.

Life long. St Kilda. Fan. Will get there. One day. Hopefully I m still alive. Been waiting. 51 years.

We have way more supporters

Keep up the hard work bruhs

15 Melbourne

Best taem in the world of the others go melbourne trash to all!

Trash the worst team t
there holes and dum a bay can play better then them

The team that should be the most popular is THE DEES!

A team that theoretically should be THE most popular team in the game, dawning the name and location of the home of football that is Melbourne. The demons are the original AFL team, alongside geelong, however ever since 2006, they have been helplessly bad, glimpses of hope in 2016, however, show a positive revival of the club for its future. - AFL

16 Brisbane Lions

Best team ever. 3 times in a row

The Brisbane lions may have lost for 15 years but look now suckers 3rd on ladder

Best in the comp. Many young guns that will win a premiership

They the best

17 Greater Western Sydney Giants

We are the best Yeah

Started in 2012, the giants spent their first 4 years as a club getting bashed up by the big boys. However now, just post being knocked out of a preliminary final in 2016, are STRONG favourites for not just the 2017 flag, but to win multiple premierships in a row. Due to the AFL's drafting system handed to the Giants by fortune, the team of Western Sydney could build an unmatched and unrivalled dynasty of an AFL team. - AFL

There the BEST! #neversurrender

You're the crapiest team in the world and your Toby green better learn not to eye gouge that’s the only reason I don’t like GWS
For now booo

18 Gold Coast Suns

love em

Similar to the Giants at first hand, starting 1 year prior in 2011. However, the suns have had all aspects of their football development fall face first, with the highest amount of injuries by any sports team ever over the last 3 seasons, and a team expected to have to undergo a 2nd rebuild in the last 5 years. - AFL

19 Tasmanian Devils

There coming

I first tassy team

20 Brisbane Bears
21 Cairns Taipans
22 Storm Bailey
23 Stormy Weather Also called Climatika in French version. She is a villain who can controlling weathers using her parasol. Her civilian self is Aurore Beaureal, one of Kidz member of weather forecasting. Her akuma is in her parasol. She is a character from Miraculous Ladybug .

Unknowm team sorry

24 Bacchus Marsh Cobras
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