Top 10 Preposterous Help-Self Books for Someone to Publish

While you're looking for guidance you should look these up. This is approved by... Me

Did you know? Did you know?

The Top Ten

1 Hu 2 Writ by Veri Ilitirat Peersun
2 The Quick Guide to Become a Hobo & Be Unacceptable in Society or How to Fail in Society

1.Burn your money and house
2.Live in the streets and fire your insurance
3.Quit your job
5.Profit - RedAce66

3 Choosing the Best Countries to Invade by George Bush
4 Aim Low to the Depths of Hell! Sinner!

The guide on how to become a sinner and become buddies with Satan himself! - RedAce66

5 Your Penis Will Never Be Big, and It Will Never Be

A guide made by Asians! Contains the guide you need to make your penis big! - RedAce66

6 How to Conquer Russia in the Winter with the Guidance of Hitler

Don't get delayed to the point that you reach Russia in winter. Start your operation at Winter, and you'd be able to invade them during the Spring of next year.

Napoleon would also be a great author for that... - DieGedankenSindFrei

7 How to Get Women, the Cavemen Way
8 Brain Surgery for Kindergartners

A guide to perform a brain surgery and why you should experiment it on your friends! - RedAce66

9 Making Nukes with Kim Jong Un!

Have the page you need to make an nuke plus 50 different pictures of crater and bombs! - RedAce66

10 I Want to Make Stupid & Juvenile Lists Like This on TheTopTens! a Guide to Make Stupid Lists for Dummies
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