Turkey Vents: Frozen Fan/Hate Bases

Turkeyasylum So, you all know what Disney's Frozen is, right? Well, if you don't, just phone a friend. Just kidding. Frozen is a Disney movie made in 2013. It quickly gained a fan base of 8 year old fangirls, and a few critics. But, a hate base quickly responded to Frozen being claimed better than Lion King. The hate base is annoying as heck.

So, we usually get the displeasure of looking through TheTopTens today, and seeing at least one Frozen list. The lists may be something like "Reasons Frozen Is Better Than Tangled" for the fan base, or "Reasons To Hate Anna" for the Frozen hate base. But some people have nothing better to do but just fangirl or rant about the movie. They should just suck it up, and watch Frozen, and decide if they like it or not. While I can agree Frozen is overrated by the fangirls, the hate base actually makes it underrated, as it's actually quite a good movie. But, there are a couple other Disney and Pixar movies that are better, such as Up or Tangled.

The list of "Things You'd Like To Throw At Elsa From Frozen" is an amazing example of both the fan and hate bases of Frozen. ArchAces told me about the list, and I saw the list, and I was shocked about the list. Of course, we get the perfect example of Frozen fangirls. We get the girl typing in all caps on why every item is bad to throw at Elsa. But, we also get the hate base, who is replying to her on every comment, and telling her to get a life. They also use "this sucks because it sucks!" as a common excuse on why to hate Frozen.

Message to the Frozen fan base: You guys shouldn't be on the Internet. You're very young, and you should be doing different things, such as homework. You've got a long life ahead, so just stop typing in all caps. You do like Frozen, but it's not your duty to brainwash everyone to liking it.

Message to the Frozen hate base: You guys aren't any different from that fangirl typing in caps, except you're older. You are being hypocritical, and you're not using any good reasoning. You're telling the fangirls to get a life, now look at yourselves. You don't like Frozen, move on.

Honestly, the Frozen wars are much worse than the console wars. So, why would you want to join in with a bunch of insane fangirls and a bunch of insane haters? Move on.


I think I should move on. - JaysTop10List

I remember seeing the wars go on... - visitor

To be honest, I don't want to watch Frozen because I've heard some of the songs and yeah. Although I won't call it the worst film of all time. - IronSabbathPriest

I know a girl named Elsa. Poor kid, every where she goes, people ask her, "Do you want to build a snowman? " or telling her to let it go. - PetSounds

Couldn't have said it better myself. It's a good movie and offers entertainment. Just leave it at that! - keycha1n

*claps* - RiverClanRocks

It's not the worst film, but it sucks. The fans should just stop. - visitor

I'm Always Neutral - Devonchi

I was on the neutral side, but then again, I used to love pissing the Frozen fans off. Now I leave them alone and I don't see why I ever even bothered with this film in the first place. - MontyPython

You Too?! - Devonchi

I hate it. I thought it appealed to 7-year old girls. - PizzaGuy

I second this. - visitor

Most of the hate fanbases I'm in are because of the people around me. Most people just shove it down my throat cause they know I hate it. - MrQuaz680