The Conquest: Episode 7

Turkeyasylum CerealGuy: Previously on The Conquest, the remaining 20 contestants went into an extreme sports relay! While some had an easy time, others had some struggles! But when Team Potato Block lost, Toptensjackson1 had framed Rog- I mean BlueDiamondFromNowhere, and got her sent home! So, who will go home? How will SuperHyperdude try to get revenge on SevenLizards? Fnd out now on The Conquest!

Alexcousins: Hey, guys! I'm up, and it's 9:00! Finally, we got to sleep in for once!

Britgirl (In a weak voice): I'm feeling a little sick...

Britboy: Same here...

Simpsondude: How come you aren't sick like the rest of us?

SevenLizards: Yeah! Are you immune to the everyday suffers people face with the common cold?

SuperHyperdude: Speaking of suffer, you are going to suffer for saying I suck!

OtakuGamergirl: Guys, just calm down...

Alexcousins: It was the Vernor's, thay's why I'm not sick! I have an extra bottle, want some?

All: Yes!

Alexcousins: Pick a number 1-10.

SuperHyperdude: You're playing with our health? This could be life or death!

Alexcousins: OK, I will just give it to Britgirl!

Britgirl: Want some, Keyson?

Keyson: Sure.

Britboy: Can I have some, too?

Britgirl: One sip...

(Britboy drinks most the bottle)

Britboy: Anyway, I'm sorry for trying to hit on you, I think you're realizing on your own who you belong with... Keyson. So, friends?

Britgirl: Sure, but ONLY friends.

SuperHyperdude: Hey SevenLizards, I'm gonna get you a gift! A knuckle sandwich!

Andre56: Hey, can I have one, too? I'm hungry!

PositronWildhawk: Hey CerealGuy, who you got with you?

HezarioSeth: Yeah, who?

CerealGuy: My friend, Mumbizz01!

Puga: Bark! Bark! Bark!


CerealGuy: Because Letdot52 is here!

Wolftail: Why? Is he coming back?

CerealGuy: Nope! Just here to say something.

Letdot52: So, Puga has been tested for rabies, and... he does not have rabies.

Andre56: Yes! I'm not gonna turn into a bunny!

SelfDestruct: Hey PW!

PositronWildhawk: What? Are you gonna talk more smack?

SelfDestruct: Yes! I will win! I didn't come out of mum's basement for nothing!

PositronWildhawk: No, you won't if you're that arrogant!

SelfDestruct: Gr!

CerealGuy: So, your challenge is...

Mumbizz01: A twerk contest!

JaysTop10List: A say-what?!

Mimbizz01: Just kidding, it's a trivia quiz! And only one person on each team can do it!

Username34: Phew!

Funnyuser: Good!

Toptensjackson1: Could you change it back?! Please?!

Everyone: NO!

Simpsondude: Why would you want to twerk?!

CerealGuy: Anyway, the number 10 will select who does it from each team.

CerealGuy: HezarioSeth, Wolftail, and Alexcousins, come on up! You're doing the challenge!

(Confession)alexcousins: If I screw this up, I could lose, and be booted off!

CerealGuy: The rest of you, Mumbizz01 will keep you company!

CerealGuy: So, here's how this works! Go ahead, and pick a buzzer! When I ask a question, press the buzzer and answer for a dart! At the end, you will throw darts for points! The person with the least loses!

Wolftail: Let's begin!

CerealGuy: Question 1: What is 2+2?

Alexcousins: I know! 4!

CerealGuy: You had to press the buzzer!

Wolftail: It's 4!

CerealGuy: And wolftail scores!

Alexcousins: Come on!

OtakuGamergirl: At least I'm not on Toptensfraud1's team!

SuperHyperdude: I would hate to be with him...

SevenLizards: Look, I'm sorry for-

SuperHyoerdude: That was downright mean! You are gonna have to earn your respect back, mister!

SevenLizards: JUST FORGIVE ME!

(SuperHyperdude rolls his eyes)

Username34: Here you go, SelfDestruct, I took Mumbizz01's wallet for you!


Username34: But-

Mumbizz01: I DON'T CARE!

PositronWildhawk: I wish I did the quiz...

Andre56: Hey, SuperHyperdude, you owe my that knuckle sandwich!

(SuperHyperdude rolls his eyes again)

CerealGuy: Wow, Wolftail, you have 19 points, Alexcousins, you have 1, and HezarioSeth3! Last question!

Username34: It s so... cold... and... dark... and- SNAKES!!! NO!!!

Toptensjackson1: I bet Wolftail's throwing the challenge right now!

Simpsondude: Well, if she does, your team will send your butt out of the show!

Toptensjackson1: Or will they...

Server: Hey, want to watch some Big Brother with me!

Server2: Beats forcing me to watch it, I hate that show!

Andre56: Fine... Although, big brothers themselves suck!

SevenLizards: Turn it !

SuperHyperdude: Are you doing this to spite me?

SevenLizards: No!

CerealGuy: So... HezarioSeth scored 54 points in darts, your turn, Wolftail!

Wolftail: Why can't I hit any good point values?

Britgirl: What character is like you the most?

Keyson: You know, Antonio of Despicable Me 2...

Britgirl: I know that movie...

(Britgirl leans into Keyson)

Keyson: You are so pretty on the inside and the outside.

Britgirl: Thanks. This is real romance!

SelfDestruct: Andre56, go get me some snacks from Mumbizz01's bag!

Andre56: Sure! (Comes back with them)

Andre56: I got the snakcs! Let's est!


Andre56: What's that?


CerealGuy: You've got 1 shot, alexcousins!

Alexcousins: Please, get me a 100!

(Alexcousins shoots a 100)

Alexcousins: I won for the team!

HezarioSeth: They won AGAIN?!

Username34: Finally! Out of Solitary confinement!

Andre56: It was a rough experience, at least I was with you through the confinement!

PositronWildhawk: Then, how was it solitary?

CerealGuy: Congrats, Team Britgirl Is Super Hot! You guys win an all-expenses paid trip to Dick's Sporting Goods!

Britboy: Haha, Di-

CerealGuy: We all get it!

Simpsondude: But I don't like sports? Can we just-

CerealGuy: NO!

Toptensjackson1: Hey guys, guess what? Wolftail threw the challenge!

Garythesnail: Really? How?

Kiteretsunu: That's a bit bogus...

Funnyuser: Why would she do that? She betrayed me!

Keyson: Wow... never thought she would do that, until now...

(At the elimination)

SuperHyperdude: Hey, guess what? We took the money for the sports store, and spent it on a new hot tub!

Kiteretsunu and Garythesnail: Yay!

SuperHyperdude: For our team only!

Funnyuser: Really?

CerealGuy: So, for immunity today, you get shards of glass?

Wolftail: Where's your budgeting plans?

CerealGuy: Let me just say, it's a bit soggy...

Keyson: What?

CerealGuy: Anyway, congrats to Keyson, Kiteretsunu, Funnyuser, and Garythesnail! Here's your glass!

Them: Yes!

CerealGuy: Now, who will go home?

(Comfession)Toptensjackson1: Of course I will beat (bleep)ing Wolftail!

(Confession)Wolftail: Oh, crap...

CerealGuy: Congrats, Toptensjackson1! You're safe!

Wolftail: But, but...

CerealGuy: JUST GO!

Toptensjackson1: Be sure to talk to some of your friends to get a gig to dance, in your own exotic ways!

(OtakuGamergirl gives Toptensjackson a punch)

Toptensjackson1: Ouch!

(He proceeds to give her the finger)

Toptensjackson1: Whatwas that for?


CerealGuy: What will happen next on The Conquest? Stay tuned to figure out!


This is making me look like a villian... I like it! - visitor