Reasons Why Being an Author is Hard

I am a aspiring author and absolutely love doing it, but there are time where I just want to through my pen and paper or laptop at the wall. These are some of the reasons why.

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1 Consistent Lack of Faith in Yourself

I've always felt consistent with my writing and ideas. Never doubted myself. I kind of was too prideful in some cases. There's a balance you need to access. - cjWriter1997

This will come with any artistic career or hobbies. - CDShark

2 Not Much Money Comes Out of It

Nowadays, most people don't even read books anymore. It's all online, People own tablets and download books from there, etc. - TheLoudHouseSucks

Unless you're extremely lucky, you won't get rich of of writing and it can take many years to do so. - CDShark

A truly passionate writer will write for the love of writing and not for how much money can be made from it.
Money shouldn't be used as a incentive to write. At least not the main incentive. - Britgirl

3 You Have to Sacrifice a Lot of Time

Exactly, and I'm only 68. #GRRM

4 You are Gifted (Cursed) with a Critical Eye

Everything you read, watch, or listen to will have new meaning when become more involved in the writing community. - CDShark

I've always been a critic, with or without writing. - cjWriter1997

5 People Don't Think It's Hard

It was tough at first for me. Now I have a lot of ideas planned in my head as days go by. It makes my writing easy. The hardest part about it all, is simply knowing when to finish that scene. Too much of good thing can be bad. It was a struggle at first but now I'm quite good. - cjWriter1997

6 Writer's Block

Doesn't really get me anymore. - CDShark

7 You Sort of Have to Communicate with People to Sell.

There are ways around this, but to have the most successful experience you will need to communicate with strangers. That can be hard for people who would rather be alone and secluded. - CDShark

8 A Possible Slow Decent Into Madness
9 The Solitude
10 People May Not Believe in You

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11 You Could Damage Relationships
12 The Feeling that Nobody Understands You
13 Nearly Everything Has Been Done

Finding that niche is extremely difficult. You need an edge.

14 Writers Cramps
15 Executive Meddling
16 Plagiarism Accusations
17 The Industry Is Going Downhill

Demand for books is shrinking, so your job can be in jeopardy - whattheheckamidoing

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1. Writer's Block
2. You Have to Sacrifice a Lot of Time
3. The Solitude
1. Consistent Lack of Faith in Yourself
2. Not Much Money Comes Out of It
3. People Don't Think It's Hard


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